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  1. Aw thank you for translating the interview!!! He does seem like a quiet and shy kind of person. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi there. Can you tell me the gist of the interview? I'm assuming that he's responding to questions about the movie - just wondering if anything interesting came out of it. Also I didn't realize how deep his voice is. thx
  3. Thanks to you I've learned something new. I hope there will be a new movie (that modern one where he's in a hotel) on the screen soon.
  4. Thanks @themarchioness! This might be old. Are you done watching Pretty Li Hui zhen?
  5. Has anyone seen his interview which was posted on March 12th on YouTube? I don't know how to link here.
  6. Is anyone watching a fun/ rom com/ mystery drama with happy ending that you could recommend? I really liked "I will never let you go " because it was fun and fast paced... Still sad about the ending.
  7. I finally saw the trailer for this (oh my general). It looks more interesting than the other one that someone recommended (go princess go) - that one was silly. Thanks for the recommendation.
  8. I might check out o2o for ZBB but yang yang's perfect character is a bit too saccharine for me. Peter Sheng seemed flat / cold - like the other fantasy drama where he's the king? Someone recommended it cuz it was funny but I thought it was so weird.
  9. Has anyone seen 'Angel Wings'? It's an oldie with ZBB in supporting role. Looks like a tear jerker so I might avoid it.
  10. Thank you! I'm so happy to find this forum and discovering ZBB.
  11. Thank you! That 10-arrows comment cracks me up! ZBB's smile is really magnetic and engaging...seriously.
  12. Looking forward to your summary / comparison wth the novel. Again, wish there is an English version of the novel. Can you ping me when you post it?
  13. Same! Only I don't understand chinese so i will just look at him.
  14. Thank you again and again for the funny comments, thought, time on these recaps. I'll follow you to the next drama - only if it's funny and romantic and the ending is solid.
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