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  1. its been soooo long since i watched a c-drama. been busy all those k-drama. watched this only because of ariel lin at first. nice recaps. i watch raw too cause i understand chinese but i doubt i can write so well like you lol.
  2. lol you guys talking about his mask. when i watched all i could think about is how he can remove and put back so fast. also the mask is so fake. it look like just a normal facial mask with some face powder lol
  3. haha totally agree. while watching it ytd night for me i was also super upset whyyyyy must BJF do that so damn irritating as if not enough bad characters in the show. thankfully both our mains are super smart! also the part DFS act as LYK was like lollllll so fake hahahha. 10 more eps to the end. cant wait but also dont want it to end.
  4. Finally just watch finished ep 35 and I must say it would be another most awaited ep cause they reunited again!! Here's some spoiler for u guys I flim while watching earlier.
  5. finised ep 27! i must say next tuesday one they confirm reunite! went to the book to double check haha.
  6. translation : master chen, dont like that. many people are looking. ahhh~~~ hello qiy (china website) tai wan people, i am ariel lin. thanks everyone for the support, continue fighting! qn : after 5 years went back to historical drama. whether are you letting everyone wait too long? i have already went back to my own lifestyle, thats why i can adsorb more, can focus more on this role. that why.... sorry~~ even though cute but always being said (shy), at different age, can try to present different kind of cuteness. interviewer ask her to say the famous drama line, as she says she is shy, ask ariel to say abit hesitant but still did >< qn: when acting out this portion, did both of you practice it first? nope, this type cannot rehearse. we just practice the standing actions a little then..... i felt BIn Bin (CY) is a very easy catch on acting person. so yea i just tried bravely to portray when a begger quick brain reflexes when in trouble, then being pull by him, make him just follow me. i pretty daring to do so, but he also chose to react the way his character is supposed to be, richard simmons master chen lol. qn: when acting this scene, were you shy? totally not! i think the man at the back was even more shy. (was it cy?) when you put your mind to it, you will feel like you are out to prank and bully him, so you totally wont feel shy anymore. qn: how do you view LYK and CY? i feel when a guy really cares about a woman, he actually have a lot of expression. you dont listen to his words, eye gaze and body reaction is the most truthful. thats why how he catch her when she fall, then she fake faint, aiya dont know if this has already been released. when he find food for her, and entice and lead her to the kitchen, because of the actions not the words. thats why in this interesting parts of the story you can peek into life. i really want to say , its not head heavy feet light (means only front part nice and ending not nice) drama, but from start to end its very exciting. i ownself also cant stand watching 2 eps and stop and wait. so im waiting to watch all at one go. but if you guys cant wait (full the full eps to be done) dont wait. ahhh i watched ariel lin shows since im in primary school (2005, and now im working alrdy), she still super cute and gorgeous.
  7. he is currently finding DFS to treat his father illness. so he puts finding HBQ off. he didnt knew she is so nearby
  8. somehow there is 2 versions and different ending. the link does work https://www.sto.cx/book-40565-1.html its where DFS became king and he let the 2 mains be together. very briefly glance through the ending
  9. She just pretty weak in fighting. But she is smart knowing how to earn money fast to redeem herself from DFS debt
  10. I doubt there will be any much MRF scenes till she is found by CY and comes to see herself also. But then again, in the book she doesn't die whatsoever. Just not very much in the picture with HBQ anymore, since she has to protect her evil mum.
  11. The link doesn't seem to work. But yea I heard about another ending too on YouTube like someone say she will be pregnant and married. Not sure if they will follow true to the novel but so far been accurate. Yup it is
  12. Yup here you go for the novel ending. As for MRF she didn't get a very good ending because of her relationship with HBQ
  13. just pmed you my translated summary ending, hope you liked it! cant wait for tonight ep to be out!
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