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  1. Agree with you so much! Raba is looks magnificent in that dress! and lovelovelove that she doesn't seem as if she's uncomfortable too. Loving this new confidence in her bearing. Now, I just need to know where gg is that day. Maybe he had an event too and they shared the same hair and make-up team again, and then they'll post pics at different days again and the microscopoe girls will bebusy looking for hints that they were together again and we'll be here on the forum discussing and being delulu again... Ggggaaaahhhh... Stop me! My delusional mind is going at it again...
  2. Hi @LoquatsLove would just like to ask if you happen to know what happened to the guangre forum on here? Can't seem to access it anymore.... 

  3. Hi @angelangie gonna post here what I just asked. But do you happen to know what happened to the guangre forum here on soompi? 

    1. angelangie


      Do u mean the shipper forum....an unexpected down times, the admin is trying to recover it ASAP, need some times to maintain it back

    2. AliceSwift13


      Oh thank you! I thought it was lost forever! Thanks so much for the reply! Will wait for it to come back! 

  4. Hey all! Been lurking again! Just wanted to post this: Ps. Thanks so much to tangaurelia! Best yt channel for reba's eng subbed vids!
  5. Need help! Found this vid on fb, and I need to know if the pic on the 0:53 mark is real and, if it is, is it really gg in the background?! Coz that arm is definitely mm's! Here's the link!
  6. Woah... I'm way behind everybody! Stopped watching at ep13 for now 'coz I started rewatching eternal love of dream again... (for the nth time ) will probly catch up soon! See you then!
  7. Eng translations are up! Thanks so much to tangaurelia for this! My thoughts after watching: Mm is mature enough to become a wife! She's starting to do more 'adult' things.- adulting if you will. And she definitely knows her own mind. She is 28 now, so it's about time, but I'm liking this more mature her now. (not too sure if juvenile als are)
  8. Also lovelovelove this yt channel a lot! Been subscribed for about 3-4 years now, and 'she'/'they(?) never disappoint with the translations!