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  1. Brazen, foolish, greedy, over stepping her place. She's a conniving snake who deserves punishment of death for even trying to kill an innocent baby.
  2. Not in the palace i don't think, in the Zhang's house which is really big bcause Lord Zhang is the brother of the emperor or some other very important relative,
  3. Haha guys if you're looking for a somewhat accurate translation of the preview the one where Kang Yi Mo is being her richard simmons big nosed self just look into the comments on this in youtube, posted it but for some reason can't copy and paste without having to edit a bunch. My translation isn't like 100% on point but it's enough to get solid grasp on what is happening.
  4. Will see, will see because I'm hoping ML will comethru and save so that her wielding her massive sword and cutting a man will not be wasted. Someone on this thread told me a weibo netizen commented that she doesn't die. Here's to hoping.
  5. 为什么他们要如期对我们..... "WHY THEY DO DIS TO US" this is torture. Can't deal. Now. Must. Wait. Patiently. For. The. Trickle. Of. oNE. ePiSoDE. At. a. TimE. WHeeyyyyyyyyy writers, just why did you have to do this.
  6. TRY YanXi palace it's good in a different way to this drama. Highly recommend, major second lead male actor syndrome. Legit watched this even though I had finals during my binge. Guilty as charged.
  7. Guys. The nice lady better not die in child birth. Legit this thread will be chaotic tomorrow when main ep 59, 60 get released.
  8. “granny hasn't been harmed yet" WDYM bro I don't want Granny to get hurrrt. She's my fav, only cause she calls out richard simmons as it is just because she can. Yeah it's Madam Kang's husband's concubine's daughter I believe... someone correct me if I'm wrong but basically the only reason why Jiao Er (from what I deduced from previews) is forced to listen to Kang Yi Mo, is because "her mother's life is in my [KYM's] hands" I really, really hope not for ML's sake. It's too hard to come by friends in Bianjing capital! Especially since she's actually semi respected in social circles. AND WHAT WILL happen to Minglan, who is heavily pregnant, has become involved in the birthing process, and cut a richard simmons with a sword {the whimp uncle in the preview}. Surely not.... THOSE DAMN WRITERS BETTER NOT LET ME DOWN MAN. I WILL BE ACTUALLY IRRITATED IF SHE DIES IN CHILD BIRTH. Honestly, would rather QH to die than her. He's getting irritating.
  9. MEEE TOOO.... I will be so unsatisfied if XT and Shitou don't end up together. I'm so happy for ML that she has at least some loyal, trust worthy people to have her back. It seems like the tides are turning with the social circles, as every1 is seeing how genuine ML is, QH's wife and that Auntie that yelled at ML in her court yard. Does any1 know where I can get my hands on the english translation of the Chinese book???
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