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  1. It might also be because the eps have been shorter lately too? They used to be like 40-50 mins per ep and recently they've been like 30 lol
  2. Thanks for the info, that clears a lot up! I too fast forwarded through PA (partly unintentional, I didn't check version names so ended up watching an episode that was super far ahead in content and then didn't want to go back bc it got spicy). The ending felt too rushed and sudden and not very fitting. Reminds me of HQG also, hopefully this ZLY drama has a well developed ending or the curse of great dramas with poor endings will continue for me.
  3. Really confused about QH's wife. Looked on Wikipedia and it said that he's on his second wife, what happened to the first wife and why did he marry the second wife? I remember her family blackmailed Qi family to marry QH. Also is second wife related to the Shen family whose had trouble delivering her baby? Man this drama is very complex Also I was watching the First Love ver and at the QH x ML horse polo match there was a woman on the side who said something like "I have no interest in the game, but I have interest in the person," was this the first wife?
  4. Huh, so no new eps today but there is a First Love Couple version now, I guess I'll take it. Takes scenes from past episodes I forgot how cute this drama was hahaha
  5. OMG the trailer for ep 62 tv ver..... so hype. Minglan telling GTY about her pregnancy so cute... and then Chang Momo standing up for Minglan and then Auntie Kang tripping HAHA
  6. aaaaaaa so much popcorn in today's eps!!!! Love that slap to Manniang's face, f her. So sad that Changer is confirmed to be dead though, was still expecting some elaborate scheming on part of Manniang that they had to outsmart to find him tbh. But at least mistress meanie is out the equation now. Also ML bringing out the truth in front of Molan's husband hahaha Molan rekt. Died when GTY came to rescue ML from her father's slap and asserted dominance loooooool and seeing grandma be relieved that someone else has ML's back was sweet. Love love love the interactions between Shitou and Xiaotao, makes me wonder how they're going to react or help when their respective masters are having that big fight! Also lol @ the GTY concubine part... idk what he was expecting but rip misunderstandings from things not going to plan
  7. Hi, am long time lurker of this thread, love the drama so far ^^. I believe I remember reading some spoilers in this thread about Manniang and Changge and their eventual revenge/plotting as well as something about Manniang raising her kids to go against GTY or something, but can't seem to find that post (or it's possible that my memory is just bad, lol). Does anyone know what happened in the novel?
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