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  1. She does not appear in the drama because (see spoiler). I don't recall seeing her in the trailer. Tang San can hear her voice in a few episodes but that's it aside from the maybe two times her spirit/Blue Silver Grass ability she passed on to Tang San saves him.
  2. The ending was almost the same as my expectations, it was a beautiful episode but ended quite abruptly in my opinion. I wish we got the reactions of the rest of the 7 and the teachers to Xiao Wu's identity - in the anime they all declared they would stand with her and Tang San but in the drama they got knocked out before the reveal. It would've been beautiful to see in this live action adaptation as a way to reinforce their team bond. Instead, our last moments with the rest of the 7 and the teachers are not so meaningful (although they did try to help, I suppose). I also thought th
  3. The original trailer's ending named the show as "Douluo Continent Season 1". I don't think the second season's been developed or touched on yet as far as I know, other than the screenwriter mentioning something about the overall story and the ending not being "the end" for the first season. There's some speculation it'll run for 3-4 or even more seasons total. I too hope when season 2 comes out, we'll have the same cast! I'm kind of curious of what season 2 will hold though (I want to see more of the 7 + teachers around!), since the way the anime developed storywise after the final
  4. Just got through ep 39.. what a rollercoaster in one ep!!! Bet the last ep is going to be more of a roller coaster I'm not ready for Shrek Seven Devils to disband... hopefully we'll see them around in season 2. Rip all the romance ended up being pretty subtle too hahaha but I do quite like the overall focus on the wholesomeness of the adventures together. This drama made me watch the anime in the meantime, and the plot differences are confusing my memory LOL. But I must say I do quite like the drama adaptation a lot more with the way they built the character and plot developments.
  5. I wonder how much they're gonna develop Xiaogang and Erlong's relationship. The awkward tension so far and the 7 + Lande being nosy about it is hilarious The fight in ep 25 was amazing! I was going in expecting them to easily defeat them, but I'm glad they don't portray them as ridiculously op (at least yet anyways). It's a lot more suspenseful/fun this way. The CGI for the 7 is so pretty... Also didn't get to post about this yesterday but that part where they inserted the song Xiao Zhan sang but then Oscar got them to stop and they had a music party.. LOL!
  6. I just finished binge watching to ep 36 in one week. Can't wait for the last 4 eps (and the rumored happy ending) to come out Favorite chars are little bro Ban Heng and Prince Akeqi. Hahaha I love how chill they are, it's been a pleasure to watch their screentime. Glad that the leads are smart and straightforward so that there's no hanging over misunderstandings for 10+ episodes as well. I also realized around ep 30 that the little cartoons before the ending credits scroll I usually skip and think are the same for every episode are a hint at the contents of the next episode! This i
  7. Hahaha Oscar was already a funny character with his outbursts about wanting to go into literature instead of being a Soul Master. Finally seeing his martial soul in action has me DEAD. Definitely great comic relief though I'm kind of annoyed with him being around Ning Rongrong instead of hilariously discussing his latest work. Ning Rongrong's brattiness bothers me a bit, hopefully she grows up soon cuz I don't think I can take 10 more episodes of that
  8. According to Soul Land wiki, they're sworn siblings and very protective of each other but get romantically involved as time goes on. I'm guessing it'll be the same in the drama, the poster is of them romantically gazing into each others' eyes (in my interpretation) anyways
  9. Through ep 7 now, after reading Soul Land wiki it seems like there's some plot changes? Or maybe the wiki left out a lot of the details. I do quite like the way the story is playing out so far though, would say the changes are quite nice too with more of adorable Xiao Wu in the spotlight (but then again I didn't read/see the originals so I can't really make a comparison). The author himself said at the conference thing he really liked the way the drama turned out so I'm quite hopeful that the main story is the same and the changes are beneficial enhancements!
  10. Just started watching despite telling myself not to until it's over to binge all the episodes at once after knowing what happens instead of suffering the wait But also it's a multiseason drama so I would suffer anyways agh Episode 1 has me hooked haha rip that plan I guess. Tang San was pretty cute in this ep, also some hint of the pretty landscape that enticed me in the trailer. I'm excited to see how this story is going to unfold, probably going to do some reading on the plot
  11. I personally envision that after Xuanji and Sifeng's 10th mortal life ends, they will return to being immortals/gods in heaven to continue protecting the 3 realms. This comes from the reveal to Bailing by the Heavenly Emperor that if he hadn't intervened in their 10th mortal trial, the trial would've ended already and the scene shows them in Heaven armor (Xuanji's God of War armor and Sifeng's armor in the battle) saying their mortal names and that they will protect the 3 realms together. However, there is still that line where Heavenly Emperor tells Xuanji she could choose to be a god, human,
  12. Li Sheng and Wu Chuchu have been my fav scenes to watch personally! I really love watching seeing them develop into heroes in their own way, with Chuchu becoming more courageous and finding her place without being involved in combat like our heroine is & Li Sheng finding his way despite being always feeling inferior to Zhou Fei in combat with the help of his Qi Men learnings! I just finished episode 40 and as someone rooting for Li Sheng I thought the ending of that episode was shot beautifully! (more in spoiler) The way they act around each other is pretty cute too!
  13. Am I the only one still thinking about Wu Chuchu's little bro? I mean poor kid's probably safer where he is currently than he would be hanging out with the group, just feels pretty bad that he's still been "abandoned" after all this time and just mentioned in a few conversations. Maybe eventually he'll reunite with them in like the last episode hahahaha
  14. Only subbed in Chinese if that's relevant but Happy drama binging hehe
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