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  1. I'm a lurker, been lurking around for quite some time now. I finally decided to make an account just to leave my opinion. Call me crazy, but I am in love with Hyuk’s character. Yes, he's a murder and blah blah. I know that Hyuk and Sunni have a very slim chance of being together, but I can't help rooting for them. Hyuk’s character put a deep impression in my heart. All he ever wanted was love...he is a victim of child abuse, and possibly sexually-abuse by his father (who knows what goes behind that door when his father took off his belt to whip him), and everyone he knew is always out to get him or use him for their own benefits. I find it really strange that his father would lock Hyuk up in a room with him and took off his belt. No matter how evil Hyuk’s mother is, she doesn’t hit her children, but I think the last emperor did something very disturbing and disgust to Hyuk. And maybe, Hyuk’s mother had to kill her husband using poison or whatever after she found out. Sure he was in love with the last empress, but I don’t think it was true love like he is experiencing it right now with Sunni. With the last empress, Hyuk didn’t have to fight or win her over. Just like with all the women he slept with, they all invited themselves into his world without making him fight for it. With Sunni, he has to fight for her affection and that makes him attracted to Sunni. He likes challenged woman, and Sunni was able to show him that side of her. Even though he did attempt to kill her. Smh I really want more screen time of Hyuk and Sunni together, so Hyuk can show Sunni his real thoughts, personality, character, and getting to know each other better. He can’t openly show anyone his true personality because it is hidden behind that fool mask that he been carrying for all his entire life. I fast forward the screen time when Sunni is with WB...smh I have a feeling that Hyuk is not dumb or stupid like everyone thinks he is. He was told by his parents that he is not smarter like his younger brother all his life and often got beaten by it from his dad. Which I seriously think his dad sexually abused him. Hence, his twisted mind. He experienced all form of abuses and my heart goes out to him. I’m pretty sure that Hyuk knows that Sunni is using him, but he’s like a child - he wants to gain her affection because he knows that Sunni is real with him. He’s not dumb or foolish, all of his life, he has been a puppet to everyone’s eyes even his citizens. I hope that Hyuk will get a happy ending. I know that the chance is very low...but I would love to see him with Sunni... I’m sure Hyuk would give up his throne and everything just to save Sunni’s life or running away with her. Hyuk’s character is way different than all the k-drama villains I’ve ever met, and yet it captivating me even more.
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