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  1. Thank you dear writter for giving this beautiful love story a happy ending. Watching the finale tonight has helped me put back together the broken pieces of my heart that i felt has been shattered while watching helplessly as our two leads break up in Ep15 (cried my eyes out like i was really part of the break up, glad i was alone watching ) That just shows how good of an actor both SHK & PBG are, superb portrayal of their characters as CSY & KJH. And thanks to everyone for sharing their insights in this thread, i’ve been ‘silently’ with you since day 1.
  2. This is it pancit! 1st of my dreaded last 2 episodes coming in next 6+ hrs. Good luck to the hearts of all of us who will be watching, just looking at the new stills is already breaking mine . Hugs to all in advance... *goes back to lurking mode...
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