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  1. My bad, I was looking really quickly and thought it was our SYJ but it was SJH
  2. Such happy news! I was looking forward to their new project. And I hope they both will accept this drama
  3. How dare he pointing the gun at him. He is facing the power of good hair + capoeira moves, it's clear who is going to win ahahaha
  4. There may even be involved the character who hasn't been shown yet, who knows. So many thoughts, I feel like a detective. I need two more episodes to be sure
  5. It's like Game of Thrones, you never know which side will be the winner. I'm also worried observing these two episodes - everything is going too smoothly for our Avengers Team, something will definitely be off His character is such a breath of fresh air in the world of k-dramas And look at his hair - I'm jealous.
  6. Wow, what a cast! Looking forward to watch this drama. I can definitely say that the acting part of this show won't dissappoint the viewers, it's for sure.
  7. Just watched the episode without subs, so desperate I am And I'm so glad that our team is finally full and working together! And SS is such a beast, I was so impressed by his martial art skills. Hae Il's reaction was so me when I pass my exams As for the preview, tomorrow's episode looks so promising. Park with a sword, count me in. Woman power on full display
  8. @jeonghyang awwww thank you so much for the tag I'm new to Soompi Forum, so it really means a lot! So sad that the drama has ended I will miss this cute drama and its characters! They made my Wednesdays and Thursdays brighter.
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