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  1. Behind the scenes tour of the set!!! Seriously coolest set ever!! And I love that it's Ms Choi giving the tour too!! LOL https://youtu.be/HBH9x4eVbb8
  2. Started re-watching episodes as I sabotaged myself and caught completely up so in light of that I'm remembering things and I'm starting to wonder. Am I the only one having doubts about whether or not the Emperor actually killed his previous wife? Like we know he didn't technically kill NWS/CWB's mom as she was still technically alive when they moved her to that back woods road (she moved and MYR covered her right back up). But the last we saw of the previous empress when he was there she was still floundering around in the pond when he left so..... not saying that the Emperor is not an evil bastard because well he is and SSR is soooo good at playing crazy evil characters. And I'm not gonna lie I went into this fully expecting to hate the Emperor because of how much I hated SSR when he was in "You Who Came from the Stars" but he's growing on me especially in these last few episodes with how cute he's acting towards Sunny now trying to win her back (and yeah I've jumped on the ship hoping they stay together LOL). So could he be innocent in the finality of her actual death? Or is this just the writer's way of wanting you to feel sorry for him and toying with us? There's something about her death for sure though......
  3. That Paradise Kiss ending BS!! I feel like we need just 10 more minutes and it would have been perfect!! Hyun Bin's acting though!! Homg the scene with him pulling out the key!! He better win some kind of award..... Chanyoel too almost didn't recognize him in this!! All in all loved this one it was just soooo different from everything out there.... the only thing I was over was Park Shin Hye's never ending crying.... I kept waiting for He-ju to get awesome but alas..... shame I woulda loved seeing PSH have some bad asss action scenes playing the game.... LOL Also hello everyone! I know I'm a lameo finding out about the forums only just now!! Woulda been fun to hash things out with y'all every week!! LOL
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