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  1. I disagree. Their love for each other weren't damaged. I do feel a believeable fix is possible for them . It shouldn't be returned to it's past state because they are different people now and I feel the magic will be transformed and be better.
  2. There’s massive difference between being a genuinely good person and one of those nice doormat types DR coming cross lately , treat others how they treat you is my motto
  3. I think because she dealing with her MIL and she’s supposed to be a nice one but personally I expected her by now to develop a thoug skin , stay strong , neutral and defuse conflict, but somewhere though the good points of her character started to erode gradually one by one , and we left with half DR we fall in love with .
  4. I am agreeing with u , I am struggling with DR beyond the big event episode , she come cross boring . The writer are not developing the character , they just putting her in increasingly devastating plot ad proclaiming her their tragic heroine .
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