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  1. The actress who played hua lan, already played her main lead in colourful bone Finally i'm going to say goodbye for this forum.. it's been entertaining and insightful to read all the comments here
  2. Agree with u about molan. Though she got the worst fate for main wife, still her crimes shouldn't be forgiven so easily
  3. I never read the novel and don't plan to do so.. I agree with u.. for those who don't like the dramatisation, personally i think it's all about preferation. So far TSOML doesn't let me down Usually i watched cdrama after finished since i need to know is the ending sad or happy first. But wiki said it's happy ending so i decided to watch it without waiting. And here i am, stuck with this cdrama LOL.. waiting everyday for the raw eps
  4. I admired SH acting. When he said that this is ML true nature. And ML replied she is a person who remembered people who did good to her And asked him, do you remember my mother's face? Her birthday date? Her favourite color? Let's continue doing this house's matters in muddled way, why bother ask.. then ML leaved SH cried silently. That scenes really touched my heart How deep he regretted his actions
  5. Sorry i don't agree with you. Since empress told ML about the assassination before ML told empress about her strategy
  6. Oh i don't remember if she's there in nif2.. but danniang is there in nif2 as xiao yuanxi's mom SH in nif2 as the emperor
  7. I feel the same with you. General sheng's sister shouldn't help ping (the concubine) at all whatever the reason. Causing someone's death?? And then just walk away like nothing happened.. what she'e thinking And i applaud ML for knowing if that's ED trap for them. And directly goes to palace to advice empress
  8. Gu ting ye's stepmother for me. The way she used other persons behind her mask without them knowing. For me, it's the worst Doing something while prentending all the time. Venom snake
  9. I think it won't end at ep 79 for viki. Since ep 61 is equal to ep 65 tv series I really really can't wait for tonight episodes.. i love it so much last night episodes.. i'm so curious to know ML conversations with empress. It should have something to prevent empress' family downfall
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