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  1. so this is just a remake of legend of zhen huan? why are they doing the same emperor and harem...AGAIN? 

    I would've liked to see a story about a different emperor and/or dynasty. Man. To me Legend of Zhen Huan is the best ( i love Yanxi but Zhen Huan...whew a whole nother' level)


    Sun Li as Zhen Huan was amazing, especially to see her grow into the women she came to be in the later years. 


    A remake like this will have to go above and beyond, but I am sad to hear they didn't think more creatively and do a new dynasty or emperor. Bleh.

  2. Okay, can we talk about how proud SH was that Minglan acted her part in the final play? When Minglan told him it was all an act, the smile he had lmao. Ah a proud papa I see. Even scolding GTY for not telling ML the plan and if she were to get sick later its all his fault. Lmao


    GTY calling himself a fox, and minglan fox ancestor. lol ugh this series was so freaking good. I followed from the beginning and the pay off was worth it.


    Also at the end with ChangFeng using the fan for ChangBai, but he's blowing too hard and Cb like "wtf bro!" lmao. The little comical moments you catch are truly funny.


    Everyone looking at Shitou when he ran over to Xioatou lmao. WE STAN LOVING HUSBANDS IN THIS HOUSEHOLD!


    This series really warmed me. In 3 months, I'll rewatch this and Yanxi Palace. I love rewatching good dramas lol.

    It's been fun ya'll. See ya in the forums of another drama!

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  3. I laughed so hard when SH and Cb pushed out Gu Big Madam maid. lmao CB threw the baby rattler, and SH poked her out with an umbrella. It was so cute but funny lmao.


    OKAY MY HEART BROKE! When Rong'er called Minglan mother. Ugh! Too much cuteness. I can tell Minglan was very happy but sad (how ROng'er came to call her so under duress with their home being surrounded) being called Mother by her daughter. 


    I love this drama.

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  4. Episode 70 & 71 not only highly the loyalty that Minglan has when it concerns her friends (besides that traitor richard simmons Molan), but also the new relationship that was forged with Sheng Hong. 


    When Minglan was brutally honest with her dad, when Grandma was poisoned, I think that opened up SH to come to terms with who his daughter really is. Throughout these two episodes, while SH was concerned about image, him looking at CB then running to Minglan (which was so funny to me, he's like "damnit why won't my kids listen!) and when Minglan fainted within the palace walls, and by Fan house it was cute. He told Shitou to let him do it, as he helped her up and gathered her for Shitou to also help. 


    In a video of the ending, when see Minglan and SH interacting with one another lightly, speaking and laughing. I think the relationship was greatly improved which i love. I also love how Danniang came to Minglan, truly out of concern and I think her repentance in the ancestral hall is doing her some good. It was so nice to see Danniang show genuine concern for her daughter. 


    Plot aside, i think these last two episodes have really showcase the betterment of the friends around Minglan. QH finally redeeming himself, and his wife Zuhen understanding and being strategic, which caused QH to see her in a new light. I love the idea of ML+GTY & QH+ ZH being friends once all has passed. Considering how strategic Zuhen is, I think her and Minglan would make good friends. I am glad QH is opening himself to his wife, and i am also glad that his mom and dad told him "we still need to be friends and support GTY". The growth that is being showed in just two episodes is amazing! 

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  5. I think the biggest issue in this forum is how people speculate. Some folks may not have the time to go back 4-6 pages and read within the context of a recent comment. Think there should be a disclaimer or something, as to not confuse readers who then already theories and not actual facts or happenings on the show. I’ve seen this happen too many times where something was said, I had to skip through pages just to find the context, only to realize that it’s  just speculation and not based on anything meaningful. While I enjoy the conversations, people trying to “translate” and getting the message entirely wrong can be frustrating when it’s not disclaimed that they are just speculating.  


    Its so so easy to misunderstand something from a trailer without subtitles and translations from non native speakers,  which then causes the forum to bust with more pages of speculation that people have to skip through only to find out that wasn’t the actual message at all. It’s a love hate thing. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, mooose said:


    Are you saying the pretext for GTY imprisonment is too flimsy? I think its a great showcase to expose ED and Wang opportunism. Outside the families no one really knows what went on, so it is believable to me that people would think that the Emperor was just coming down hard on GTY because Prince Huan's faction was out of favour.


    If the writers had used a case was that was more severe, then it would be difficult to explain why he keeps his title and is able to rebound later on. I am not sure why he was imprisoned in the novel?


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  7. 13 minutes ago, zenya22 said:

    One of the best scenes in the drama, I think,  is in the ending of episode 60 when the elderly Duke of Ying carried her daughter who just gave birth and was emotionally and physically exhausted and Duchess of Ying carrying her grandchild away from General Shen and his concubine. And ML brandishing that sword. In a way she was able to do what she could not do when she was a child for her mother and brother. She was not going to let another mother and child die. 


                                 Go Ahead, Make MY Day!!!! 

    I agree, episode 60 was the episode that really showcased that not everyone are crude animals. The Duke and Duchess of Ying and their daughter, Grandma, Xiotou and Shitou are welcome reminders in a story filled with vultures picking at GTY, ML and the Emperor. 

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  8. 1 minute ago, hello210 said:

    Hahaha...the system automatically replaces curse words with “Richard Simmons” or something like that. I had the same reaction until someone on here explained it.:lol:

    If anyone’s watched the argument between Aunt Kang and her husband, please explain what happened with their Shu daughter. From the way it sounded, the Shu daughter didn’t become a concubine like Aunt Kang planned.

    oh lol okay, but replacing it with richard simmons? lmao how bizarre. thanks for the explanation lol. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, thelonetraveller_18 said:


    With all due respect, I beg to differ with you on this. QH is certainly a clown in this case. 


    A man man that understand the value and honour of being a gentlemen will certainly not allow himself to raise above the ranks through the blatant favourtism of the Empress Dowager. He accepted the rank even without the approval of the emperor. Why would someone with honor does that. 


    The empress dowager had insisted on hearing the matters of the court and had overstayed her welcome. The new emperor is neither a lousy Nor weak one in addition to him Saving the lives of the former emperor and the emperor dowager. The emperor had wanted reforms to improve the lives of the people especially when it is highlighted that the former emperor benevolent policies had brought on sufferings to the people. The ED had insisted on continuation of the existing policies, how is she a capable person politically.  There is no reason and it is not right for the ED to be in court at that period. Where’s QH doing his job. No; he kept quiet because he had allied himself with the ED. Where’s the value and honor of a gentlemen there where they are supposed to be loyal to the emperor and the country. 


    Besides QH had criticised the emperor disregarding the law. The ED also disregarded the law by holding on to the seal previously until GTY hatched the plan to get it back. Where’s QH in that case. Why practice blatant double standards towards the ED and the emperor. QH is certainly no gentlemen. All I see is a double standard clown who needs his Father in law to rescue his career, and whose Daughter he had disregarded by telling ML he missed her day and night. 


    I am not trying to be harsh here. QH has his merits but being a gentlemen, I can’t convince myself to think he’s one. 


    PREACH! Let's call a spade a spade. QH actions as of late are despicable. People who have been painting him as some angel, and won't admit his wrongs are becoming so annoying. 

    28 minutes ago, UnniSarah said:

    OmG!!!! Viki hasn’t subbed episode 55 and 56 . What is going on??? :tears::bawling:

    The Mei Daxia team posted on the Minglan site on Viki that they will be celebrating The Chinese New Year. These are volunteers and they are not obligated to work, for free to cater to others, especially during a holiday. Many people celebrate the Chinese New Year and that should be respected. Mei Daxia has worked incredibly hard over the past months getting episodes out and subbed. Give them an opportunity to enjoy their holiday with their friends and families. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, gleek49 said:


    Oh, so that's what you mean. Yeah, like you, I get the same impression from that person, too. Sorry, I was a bit annoyed at that moment so I jumped the gun :D 

    lol no problem, I've been reading through this thread and all of that person's comments are literally just the same thing just worded differently lol I got so annoyed. I recognize GTY has flaws, but in no one do I treat him like that person treats QH. It just go to be very annoying lol.

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  11. Dylan Wang acting, to me is very subpar. I don't get anything from watching him, so I am very skeptical but hopes he can pull it off, as there is pressure on him to live up to the hype. Although Arthur Chen is young too, I think he really sold what made NQ from the novel. Not to mention, I've been seeing other cast members not returning, maybe FuZi and others. I really like them, and I know the person who plays 2nd elder brother has a new drama he'll be starring in that's coming out this year/beginning of next but idk. Will Dylan Kuo also be in season2? i haven't seen any confirmations yet.


    Does China not do contracts for actors? I would've thought that with the series being broken into two parts, they would sign on the actors in a contract so that the same cast would be available for season 2. eh. I think EN2 may shoot themselves in the foot, given how much of a success EN is, the fact that some of the original cast isn't returning isn't doing them any favors. my dad and I really like Arthur and enjoyed watching EN together, but we both said with arthur gone and FuZi gone too, well just read the recaps or series recap when EN2 is done. 

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  12. 15 hours ago, gleek49 said:


    Yes, I like GTY, and I am defending him. QH irritates me to no end so I'm criticizing him. So? Other people can be biased towards QH and defend QH try to find faults in my favorite character, who I think does nothing wrong, to make QH looks good, I don't agree with it, so I'm defending him.

    Oh no! I don't mean you, I mean the person you were talking to before my post, like liniah person or whatever, all their posts paint GTY as some devil, while QH as some angel. That what I mean when I said  that they  have a bias towards GTY. Omg lol sorry for the confusion.

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  13. 3 minutes ago, Suzzy San said:

    I think we all should go watch ep 53 and hear how ML herself feels about QH being too willful.. Maybe we will understand more that QH is just being annoying right now and nothing justifies his actions again.. Well I will say I'm quite biased toward GTY and I don't really care about anything of QH at all. That's my 2 cent.. Sometimes I just want GTY to come home and just not talk to ML at all, even though I know ML will probably just pretend to be cool with it, and I know his love for her won't make him stay angry for long.. He should just stop everything, stop asking her to love him or show an active sign that she cares like being jealous, not because I don't like it but because to me he has done way more and more to make this work that I'm also getting tired on his behalf.. Hahahhaha..ML please, let's come around.. My heart hurts to much that I just cry thinking about GTY now.. He has it hard too guys.. :relieved::bawling:

    Agreed, whether you like GTY or QH, Minglan states clearly that QH did not think about how his actions would affect her, and how he is a cry baby just doing what he wants. Lol

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  14. 1 hour ago, gleek49 said:


    You've been writing "one thing I don't like in GTY" several times now, so I guess it's not really just one thing, isn't it? IMO, GTY did genuinely wanted to help them. There no reason for him to lie about that. What if QH agree? You're implying that if QH agreed, then GTY would just bail right at that moment? Because he didn't mean it??  Even if the kidnapping thing was risky, they could always come up with another plan, or plan the kidnapping plot carefully, both of them were smart enough. Point is GTY WILL HELP HIM! Why are you implying that GTY is a buffoon who just lie on the spot for no reason like that? What makes you think that he was not genuine? Why are you keep painting GTY as this bad guy who's out hurt the innocent precious QH? He didn't tell QH all of those thing to rub it in his face? He was just try to point out to QH what he thought QH did wrong? Why do you keep insisting that GTY has malicious intentions towards the innocent precious QH?

    It's honestly so irrating, like just say you're bias towards GTY and move on. lol the same person, just keeps saying the same thing and its like okay we get it, GTY is the big bad wolf to you, ok alright, what's new. jeez. 

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  15. I've been reading the novel, but is it possible for people who watched the raws to do a summary of the episode? Lol i am so excited. I do not like to watch the raws because I have no idea what'd being said, and i like the enjoyment of getting the subs. However I like summaries/recaps because it's a simple run-through of the episode.


    I mainly comment on the episodes on Viki and do a review from there, but I've been reading this forum, for about a week now and finally wanted to engaged with you all. A saw a trailer of Minglan walking by QH and telling him to stop naming his kids after her (which is very freaking weird, like wtf dude :sweat:) I also saw how you guys stated that GTY presents the idea of an amicable seperation and Minglan is like "if you do this, I ain't coming back. Let's protect each other and watch one another's back"


    These cuteness from GTY and Minglan is wonderful and the fact that GTY does not take a concubine in the future, and just loves Minglan alone is so very comforting. This series has proven to be one of my faves, along with Yanxi Palace.


    Speaking of Yanxi Palace lol it is obvious Yu Zheng has a muse in Wu Jinyan. 

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