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  1. is the last pic the actor who played Sheng Hong from the story of minglan?!
  2. so this is just a remake of legend of zhen huan? why are they doing the same emperor and harem...AGAIN? I would've liked to see a story about a different emperor and/or dynasty. Man. To me Legend of Zhen Huan is the best ( i love Yanxi but Zhen Huan...whew a whole nother' level) Sun Li as Zhen Huan was amazing, especially to see her grow into the women she came to be in the later years. A remake like this will have to go above and beyond, but I am sad to hear they didn't think more creatively and do a new dynasty or emperor. Bleh.
  3. Okay, can we talk about how proud SH was that Minglan acted her part in the final play? When Minglan told him it was all an act, the smile he had lmao. Ah a proud papa I see. Even scolding GTY for not telling ML the plan and if she were to get sick later its all his fault. Lmao GTY calling himself a fox, and minglan fox ancestor. lol ugh this series was so freaking good. I followed from the beginning and the pay off was worth it. Also at the end with ChangFeng using the fan for ChangBai, but he's blowing too hard and Cb like "wtf bro!" lmao. The little comical moments you catch are truly funny. Everyone looking at Shitou when he ran over to Xioatou lmao. WE STAN LOVING HUSBANDS IN THIS HOUSEHOLD! This series really warmed me. In 3 months, I'll rewatch this and Yanxi Palace. I love rewatching good dramas lol. It's been fun ya'll. See ya in the forums of another drama!
  4. Is 73 the last episodes for uncut (Viki)? I keep seeing people say it’s been extended (God I hope not) so I wanna know lol.
  5. I laughed so hard when SH and Cb pushed out Gu Big Madam maid. lmao CB threw the baby rattler, and SH poked her out with an umbrella. It was so cute but funny lmao. OKAY MY HEART BROKE! When Rong'er called Minglan mother. Ugh! Too much cuteness. I can tell Minglan was very happy but sad (how ROng'er came to call her so under duress with their home being surrounded) being called Mother by her daughter. I love this drama.
  6. Episode 70 & 71 not only highly the loyalty that Minglan has when it concerns her friends (besides that traitor richard simmons Molan), but also the new relationship that was forged with Sheng Hong. When Minglan was brutally honest with her dad, when Grandma was poisoned, I think that opened up SH to come to terms with who his daughter really is. Throughout these two episodes, while SH was concerned about image, him looking at CB then running to Minglan (which was so funny to me, he's like "damnit why won't my kids listen!) and when Minglan fainted within the palace walls, and by Fan house it was cute. He told Shitou to let him do it, as he helped her up and gathered her for Shitou to also help. In a video of the ending, when see Minglan and SH interacting with one another lightly, speaking and laughing. I think the relationship was greatly improved which i love. I also love how Danniang came to Minglan, truly out of concern and I think her repentance in the ancestral hall is doing her some good. It was so nice to see Danniang show genuine concern for her daughter. Plot aside, i think these last two episodes have really showcase the betterment of the friends around Minglan. QH finally redeeming himself, and his wife Zuhen understanding and being strategic, which caused QH to see her in a new light. I love the idea of ML+GTY & QH+ ZH being friends once all has passed. Considering how strategic Zuhen is, I think her and Minglan would make good friends. I am glad QH is opening himself to his wife, and i am also glad that his mom and dad told him "we still need to be friends and support GTY". The growth that is being showed in just two episodes is amazing!
  7. I think the biggest issue in this forum is how people speculate. Some folks may not have the time to go back 4-6 pages and read within the context of a recent comment. Think there should be a disclaimer or something, as to not confuse readers who then already theories and not actual facts or happenings on the show. I’ve seen this happen too many times where something was said, I had to skip through pages just to find the context, only to realize that it’s just speculation and not based on anything meaningful. While I enjoy the conversations, people trying to “translate” and getting the message entirely wrong can be frustrating when it’s not disclaimed that they are just speculating. Its so so easy to misunderstand something from a trailer without subtitles and translations from non native speakers, which then causes the forum to bust with more pages of speculation that people have to skip through only to find out that wasn’t the actual message at all. It’s a love hate thing.
  8. I shed tear when Minglan cried to Grandma when she woke up, saying how she wanted to slice aunt kang up ffor hurting Grandma while she was alone. Truly the highlight of this series is all the relationships outside of GTY/ML. ML and Xiotou, ML and Grandma, ML and Empress. This series has been a treat.
  9. I agree, episode 60 was the episode that really showcased that not everyone are crude animals. The Duke and Duchess of Ying and their daughter, Grandma, Xiotou and Shitou are welcome reminders in a story filled with vultures picking at GTY, ML and the Emperor.
  10. okay i have to know, why the hell do some of ya'll say "richard simmons"? that's a person, not necessarily a verb to describe something.
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