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  1. Yeah at first I was dissapointed with this kind of plot but I have by now warmed up to it, so I'm definitely not dissapointed anymore! Now I'm soooo excited and can't wait it to air (Aaghh June please come faster!!)
  2. I don't know why, but Ha Ji Won had some great kisses with Hyun Bin in Secret Garden. After that, all her kissing scenes were lame xD At least this scene in Chocolate they made it look very passionate despite not actually showing their lips really connecting fully...
  3. When I heard of the news that Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won would star in a drama together I was very excited... I haven't watched any Lee Joon Gi dramas besides "My Girl" but there he was the second lead but I heard he is a great actor + he is extremly good looking! That man ages like fine wine~ I will get around to watch Moon Lovers in the future since he looks hot AF in ancient clothes and long hair As for Moon Chae Won, I love her character in The Princess' Man , she's an great actress! When I read the plot of this drama I was however dissapointed.., I wanted a romantic romcom or dramatic romance (y'know heart fluttering romance between two nice people). But now afterwards I am warming up to this plot ^^ It might be interesting , the push and pull kind of relationship... like Tom and Jerry as someone mentioned! Also, can we expect a hot making out session between the leads?? Couples with this kind of dynamics usually end up making out/ end up in bed together after all the push and pull (cuz the push and pull will add so much more excitement to their marriage , and full of passion will will come!) I just hope Lee Joon Gi's character will not be completely heartless, that he will eventually show some hint of emotions/ feelings...
  4. maybe Go Hae Ri is supposed to be reckless and such, she's a rookie agent after all... so therefore it's more excusable she is behaving like this (but still a bit annoying neverthless), the reason the writers made her like this is maybe because they planned later on developing her character to grow and become more dependable /reliable, and by the end of the show she's a great and professional agent... One can at least hope It's great sometimes to see huge character development, that someone is the start of the series unlikeable and stupid but as the series goes on he/she slowly but surely turns for the much better (but not turn great over just 1 ep, it takes time...) l really hope that this is the case for Go Hae Ri too, that she slowly but surely grows to someone awesome and badass. Would be such a shame if the writers will until the very end not let her grow just because they are afraid that she will steal the spotlight from Cha Dal Gun from time to time
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