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  1. Ah never mind .... apparently people with that illness can still feel love, but only for a very few people.
  2. I am very curious about how the relationship between the main couple is going to be like... I have not much knowledgeable about antisocial disorder, but according to sources those suffering from it can't fall in love. So I'm interested how this drama is gonna handle that... if the FL will fall in love with the ML and if she does, HOW?? The FL is so stunning , WOW~ I looooove her fashion, such a stylish classy woman !!! She looks more of a wealthy socialite/ heiress/fashionista than a children’s book writer lol but I'm not complaining. I have HIGH hopes for this drama!! If chemistry between kim soo hyun and seo ye ji is as good as the chemistry between kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun (who also btw was very fashionable) i will be so happy... it might even be better who knows from the poster and teasers the chemistry between kim soo hyun and seo ye jin looks very promising...so sizzling!! I think they will make a very hot/sexy couple that will be on fire!!!
  3. Looking soooo forward to this one if the chemistry between Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Jin is just as great as the chemistry between kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun (or who knows, even better) I'd be super happy!! I'm sorry for this question i don't want to offend anyone, i'm just genuinely curious...I basically know nothing about antisocial personality disorders (only the basics I know)... it's a serious illness, so... can people suffering from it fall in love? Ofc since ' It's okay to not be okay ' is a drama the FL will fall in love with the ML even IF IRL people with antisocial personality disordes can't fall in love. I'm not saying that people with that disorders can't fall in love IRL, I have no idea if they can or not... so anyone who knows, I'd be thankful if answering I am guessing tho that people with antisocial personality disorders can fall in love, but that they can't love him/her as much as they love themselves? I could however be totally wrong, I am in NO way looking down on people with that mental illness (or any kind of mental illness for that matter) because its not their fault they are suffering from it.
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