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  1. OMG I love this thinking so much! Kinda even gives me butterflies, I have a daughter myself so I really find this a great quality.
  2. So much awesomeness going on! I've watched to 41 raw on YouTube. Someone mentioned tv version...is there another? I'm so looking forward to after the wedding, this show really has me hooked!
  3. So question, when do raws get posted the fastest or where can I watch live on my phone easily? It's almost 3am Friday where I am and I'm hoping I can plan for it and sleep after lol.
  4. I finally made an account! I stumbled upon this forum on pg 80 when I couldn't stand the suspense of waiting to know what is going on, especially after the boat raid episode. I'm passed the QY understanding point and moved on to the curious about GTY and if he's a good fit for ML. Both him and ML are very strategic and I'm so excited about seeing them work together. I think it would be cute to see them playing Go together as well. I'm currently in my second semester of Chinese and I realized that the language used in this drama is far more advanced than what I'm learning... nevertheless, I make sure that when I watch the raws that I cast to my TV and try to pay attention to the characters. What are the chances my character knowledge increases by the end of this show? I'm also open to recommendations of other Chinese dramas. Admittedly, I used to be k drama all the way till I decided to take Chinese...so I'm behind the curve. I look forward to stalking this forum and any spoilers/sneak peaks/raws that are shared. This has quickly become a passion of mine that I'm worried how I'll take it when the show is over. But for now, I'll live for the upcoming wedding and moments where ML shows how mighty she really is. Side note: GTY seems very haughty in his laughing at most situations... I wonder if it's a defense mechanism.
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