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  1. So true! I feel so sorry for GTY. The acting is done really well. He has small micro-movements where you see his gaze shift or his smile go stale. It is very subtle in some scenes and then very visible in others where you can see how disappointed he is and how much he longs for her to return his feelings. Come on, ML!
  2. I actually think this is the most interesting part of the show, because QH is everything ancient China teaches a man should be! Loyal to his country, educated, moral etc. But it's all a lie! In order to survive, you can only ever have the appearance of these qualities. Truly living those principles can only lead to ruin. QH is outwitted and out-maneuvered by everyone around him - his mom, Yong family, GTY etc. And all because he tries to live by the principles he is taught his entire life - to be a good person. It's a really nice contrast against ML's female cousin in the countryside, who is everything that ancient China teaches a woman should be - kind, quiet, obedient, loving to the husband etc. And yet both characters end up in often brutal situations. It's a very philosophical lesson that being moral is in itself a privilege. The female cousin could live without manipulating all her life and become a "good" character because her family used money to buy her way through life. Every time her husband abused her, they just stuffed her husband with money. Similarly, QH grew up in a lap of luxury. He has always been a good, kind moral person because he's never been required to be anything else. A starving man doesn't care about doing the right thing when he cannot even fill his stomach.
  3. I don't think people are saying QH is bad, only that he isn't suitable for ML. In an ideal world, QH is the hero who gets the girl. He is pure, honest, kind, intelligent, and honourable - everything that a high-class educated man should be. But the world is not perfect and high-mindedness comes with a price. Ultimately, I think QH is a tragic character. He is in the show to prove the point that in order to survive in this kind of society, you MUST be manipulative. Simply being good and kind is not enough, and principles and ideals alone cannot ensure survival or a good outcome. QH tries and does everything in his power except break the rules in order to get ML. He is everything except ruthless, but it's his unwillingness to be ruthless that loses him everything in the end. His family is high-class in name only without real clout to back that power. When they face real power, they cave and QH is forced to marry. His family loses their standing because they are not good at playing the game. GTY and ML on the other hand do understand that ruthlessness because they have grown up in that environment. They understand that principles alone cannot ensure survival. In the end, ML loves QH because he represents idealism and goodness. It's what she wishes she could be if she had a choice. But GTY is ML's reality. He understands her hardship, her intelligence and resilience in the face of living in that kind of era and society. He is the only one who truly appreciates her manipulations for what they are - a way to survive.
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