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  1. The way everyone teased Junghyun in that commentary. I loved that BJO chose him as the hoobae she favours the most and KIK was super happy for him! The rest of the cast also congratulated him. He was so happy.
  2. Hi! Lol. The Pooh pajamas got sold out!!! I've just watched JH & HS's joint insta live and I have thoughts. They behaved as if they were alone... and that made the whole situation awkward, funny and suspicious.
  3. Hi! I'm not going to talk about the finale because I didn't like it BUT did you see this man's INSANE performance today? He recited a tongue twister for over a minute with perfect diction and vocalization! Knets are praising him to the moon and back.
  4. I've been listening to this song (I love it!) and, as I was reading the lyrics, I thought it matched with one of my theories. "Even if I'm born again, you're the only one I love" This part of the song kinda comfirms that JBH is KSY's reincarnation and that SY and CJ will love each other even after they live their first life. So, I've been thinking... what if CJ & SY are souls that are meant to love each other and reincarnate multiple times and fall in love time and again? I've been thinking this is the case because they met during the first snow (this
  5. Hi!! OMG. Soompi wouldn't let me join with my gmail account. I'm so glad it's working now. Yes, @aislingI read somewhere that his dad died when he was serving and that he never really forgave himself for not being there when it happened. It's genuinely a traumatic experience that must have triggered his depression when he played a terminal character in "Time". He had a really tough life, so I'm glad he's happy again and collecting achievements.
  6. We're getting an interview! Btw, now that I see those School 2017 clips, I remembered that 2 of the scenes from Mr.queen are School 2017 callbacks. This one (in Mr. Queen SHS says the line, though): and this one: The translation here is different, but he's saying "It's the first day from today". Btw, Sejeong & Junghyun had a very similar vibe to Junghyun & Hyesun. SJ & JH are still in contact, so I hope the same happens with him and Hyesun.
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