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  1. The way everyone teased Junghyun in that commentary. I loved that BJO chose him as the hoobae she favours the most and KIK was super happy for him! The rest of the cast also congratulated him. He was so happy.
  2. Hi! Lol. The Pooh pajamas got sold out!!! I've just watched JH & HS's joint insta live and I have thoughts. They behaved as if they were alone... and that made the whole situation awkward, funny and suspicious.
  3. Hi! I'm not going to talk about the finale because I didn't like it BUT did you see this man's INSANE performance today? He recited a tongue twister for over a minute with perfect diction and vocalization! Knets are praising him to the moon and back.
  4. I've been listening to this song (I love it!) and, as I was reading the lyrics, I thought it matched with one of my theories. "Even if I'm born again, you're the only one I love" This part of the song kinda comfirms that JBH is KSY's reincarnation and that SY and CJ will love each other even after they live their first life. So, I've been thinking... what if CJ & SY are souls that are meant to love each other and reincarnate multiple times and fall in love time and again? I've been thinking this is the case because they met during the first snow (this
  5. Hi!! OMG. Soompi wouldn't let me join with my gmail account. I'm so glad it's working now. Yes, @aislingI read somewhere that his dad died when he was serving and that he never really forgave himself for not being there when it happened. It's genuinely a traumatic experience that must have triggered his depression when he played a terminal character in "Time". He had a really tough life, so I'm glad he's happy again and collecting achievements.
  6. We're getting an interview! Btw, now that I see those School 2017 clips, I remembered that 2 of the scenes from Mr.queen are School 2017 callbacks. This one (in Mr. Queen SHS says the line, though): and this one: The translation here is different, but he's saying "It's the first day from today". Btw, Sejeong & Junghyun had a very similar vibe to Junghyun & Hyesun. SJ & JH are still in contact, so I hope the same happens with him and Hyesun.
  7. Hi! I’m so happy you joined the thread, guys! Thanks for tagging me, @aisling! The topic has been inactive since Junghyun went on hiatus himself for almost 2 years. It’s so good to see him smiling again! It was hard to read sad news about his health back in 2018. I remember when the extras who worked with him in Time were worried because he could barely walk, and now he’s shining bright again. I love that he chose to make a comeback and that he’s been killing it. Junghyun has been part of 2 of the top10 most popular cable dramas in the history of Korea (in one year! WOW ) and he’s
  8. The first time I saw him was in Jealousy Incarnate (his first drama). I didn't pay attention to his looks because he was playing a teenager and I thought he was one. I remember thinking "if this actor polishes his skills, he'll be a big star in the future" because he had a super strong screen presence and charisma. Whenever he had scenes with big actors like Jo Jung Suk and Gong Hyo Shin, I was surprised because he managed to naturally keep up with them. Then I saw him in School 2017 but I couldn't tell it was the same actor (he looks very different from one drama to another) and that's when k
  9. YES! He was outstanding. This is the closest he's been to his acting in "Time". His performance was super intense and detailed. Kim Jung Hyun is an acting genius and I'm SO glad he's finally getting the recognition he deserves. I'm over the moon with the combination of these two powerhouses. SHS and KJH are setting the bar so high for the upcoming dramas and their casts. Mr.Queen really had it all. I'm gonna miss it and the cast a lot when it's over. LOL. I'll call it the KJH effect because it's become a thing: as soon as his characters get development, the audience gets full
  10. What I think would work here is the merging of the 2 souls. If BH voluntarily gave up his memories from the future in order to stay with Cheoljong as Soyong (after having solved his issues in the future by doing something to Han in the past) that would make SY/BH one person and the story could work. Cheoljong wouldn’t be staying with a fake SY, he’d partially end up with the real SY who would be a combination of BH’s personality and SY’s personality, feelings, memories and body. Technically, BongHwan is in a vegetative state, so his life in the future can end any minute, and staying alive thro
  11. Ignore them. What matters is that Kim Jung Hyun is receiving a lot of praise from the media & most of the audience. There's one article that calls him "irreplaceable presence" and every time an episode ends, there are at least 2 articles about his excellent acting. There will always be people who don't like his acting style or his characters, but that's never kept him from making the majority of viewers fall in love with his roles. Honestly, SHS plays the titular character, so yeah, she's the main focus of the story and the one that shines the most. If the titular character wa
  12. This is the right place to vent. I HATE the cousin!!!! When he said "You should be mine" and leaned in to kiss her, I almost bumped my head against the screen. I can't believe he disregarded Soyong's feelings like that. Even if she hadn't married the king, what makes this this this think that she would have been his?! What nonsense was that dialogue? SY doesn't have feelings for this dude. UGH.
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