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  1. On another note, there's nothing wrong with loving villains. They are usually more entertaining and interesting than the hero. I love myself a good villain (Sherlock's J.Moriarty is my particular fave), the problem is when people go out of their way to justify the villain's evil actions. No amount of sob stories can make an evil guy less evil and that's why (ideally) villains should go to jail and good people should be free. That's the only issue I have with all this LH worshipping.
  2. Well, I finally got to watch the episode with subs! It was a bit underwhelming and repetitive, but I'm glad that the story is back on track. I want to see how SN and WS bring down the Empire. It's obviously corrupted beyond repair, so I guess everything will be over in the finale. "The Prince is hurt. How can you say that fate is on our side? Is there something wrong with you? Who cares about becoming a stupid Empress Regnant?" This kid. I love her. ANS!! I love him. Even though he's playing a corrupt police officer, I love the cameo. MYR, SKH, and ED are all pretty terrible. I want all of these characters to pay dearly for what they've done, especially YR who seems to suddenly care about Wang Shik for no good reason. They are horrible women who have harmed innocent children for their selfish motives. They deserve to burn in hell. "Get away from my woman" SN is not his woman because she doesn't want to be his anything. What she wants is what matters, not the papers. Also, when is he gonna stop treating her like a possession? He sounds like a caveman. LH was obviously trying to take WS to the mental hospital where he tortures people. He's truly inhuman. Thank gravy SN saved him from that. Too bad the ED and LH had a plan B. I'm sure WS will manage to survive somehow. I don't know how though. "No. You'll be in danger too because of me. I can't allow that." And this is why I love WS. He's always thinking of others before himself. As for WS being reckless, I believe he's doing the right thing. LOL, all those guards are very incompetent. No one could stop him? Anyways, if WS hadn't shown up, they would've killed DS and he loves the kid. It's just his instinct kicking in. He cares more about DS than himself. I'm glad DS will be able to know that WS loved him this much. His mother was awful to him and I'm glad the kid will know someone loved him and protected him all along even if his mother did not. If WS dies, it will wreck DS and that's the moment I fear the most. This show looks ready to wrap up next week. I don't think there will be an extension.
  3. This is the 4th time LH tries to kill SN. 1) During the wedding, 2) the cliff, 3) when he ordered his guards to kill her if they found her at the palace and 4) today. He tried to kill her while imagining SH. Does this mean that he still resents SH? Why? And he believes he has a right to be angry... unbelievable. Why should SN respect him if he didn't? What makes him think she should just suck it up and forgive him? I'll wait for the subs because this episode was entertaining. Preview:
  4. Thanks for the pics and clips!!! I don't know if I'll watch the ep with subs, tbh. I'll def fast forward the Emperor scenes because I can't stand the character anymore. Here's the preview for tomorrow. Looks like Wang Shik and SN will never catch a break in that palace...
  5. Haha, I think WS is just gonna wear that defiant expression for a few seconds and pretend to be submissive afterwards. Then he'll throw some logic at him: "I'm this family's Chief Guard. What am I supposed to do when I hear that the Empress is in danger? This is my job. I'm your loyal servant and would never dare betray you, Your Majesty" and LH's gonna buy it because he buys everything WS says. Thanks so much, @nakatsubebe . I love JNR to bits and she mentioned Cha Ji An! If you guys don't know who that is, you're totally missing out on Hello, Monster. Seo In Guk, Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara in one of the best written and intriguing kdramas in the history of kdramas. JNR's Cha Ji An is my fave female lead ever. She is so underrated. Her character is really smart considering the fact that she's surrounded by scary brilliant people and she's quick to catch on. She's a strong yet vulnerable girl looking for answers about her past. Seo In Guk & Park Bo Gum shine in the drama too, of course. It deals with the whole nature vs nurture debate (Are monsters born or made?) and the Lee Hyuk-type characters on it are brilliantly written and portrayed. SIG & JNR played the OTP and they have the same type of subtle and slow development WS & SN have because their characters are too busy for romance, but I loved their interactions a lot too. Super recommended. Btw, is anyone else reading these recaps? They are the best. I LOL while reading them multiple times. She (I think it's a girl/woman, but I don't remember) uses spot-on reaction gifs. (warning: she doesn't like the baddies at all) http://strawwolf.tumblr.com/post/180740980999/the-last-empress-ep-1
  6. Look at this gorgeous Sunny & Wang Shik MV. The subs are in Vietnamese but the video is super beautiful and clear. I love that the maker included WS's "Don't worry. I'll stay with you" at the end because it made me realize that this scene could be seen as a perfect metaphor/foreshadowing of the future: WS dying (leaving), SN convincing him to get operated when he has almost no time left (her holding on to two of his fingers) and WS surviving (him staying with her). I'm gonna stay hopeful. source: http://wooyoungbby.tumblr.com/post/182355211436/still-i-couldnt-dare-laugh-in-front-of-the
  7. @sonequeen01 Here. I had deleted it but it appeared when I tried to write a new post. I had just watched the episode when I wrote it, so I was too riled up. I wanted to avoid potential conflict, and that's why I erased it, but here it is. Sorry if it upsets anyone. I feel this way, though. I genuinely dislike this character and I don't want him to get a happy ending at WS's and SN's expense. He doesn't deserve it and I'm tired of the glossing over of his crimes. It feels like the writer is forcing me to unwatch what I've already watched. This isn't a misunderstood teenager we have here. This is a truly dangerous grown-up man who completely disregards the value of human life. No one should defend his actions. He has a mental illness, yes, but (like @foreverempress explained) he still made the choices that made him like this and should be held accountable for his crimes. I can't help but put myself in the (real) victims' shoes. Why should WS let him get away with what he did to his mother and him? I don't support revenge, but I do want LH in jail forever if WS dies. Why should SN sacrifice her life to redeem a man who tried to kill her and never respected her in any way? How is LH any different from the multiple criminals with far worse sob stories who have to serve time for their crimes? I don't sympathize with them, therefore I do not sympathize with LH. I don't get why good people have to suffer so that this guy can get a happy life he doesn't deserve. The writer better send him to prison or I'll blacklist her forever.
  8. @katakwasabi & @ktcjdrama you guys are right. I completely forgot about that because there are so many things happening at the same time on this show that I sometimes zone out, tbh. Sorry. Yeah, I don't want a cop out either, but the writer is so adamantly trying to make him look like a poor victim that I think he'll just die a normal death. IDK haha. Maybe he does get regular check ups but the writing forgets about this type of details all the time, so a sudden terminal illness plot twist wouldn't surprise me at this point.
  9. Yea, that's right. *changes topic* I feel like I relate so much with Princess Ari haha. She's a nerd who can't help her curiosity. She just needs to knowwww. I love her and I want her to share lots of scenes with DS from now on. They are so adorable.
  10. Agreed. They are all very dumb and careless. They are painfully bad at being villains, tbh. I would totally watch this sequel. I thought I was reading too much into it, but I guess I wasn't the only one who thought of it. I think he's got a brain tumor. It would explain the mood swings, increasingly violent behavior, and also that sudden "confusion" he felt before fainting. Btw, that scene at the ED's garden was terrible in every possible way. I kept hoping it was just LH's bad dream because the entire sequence felt fake and badly directed. Why was absolutely everyone who works at the palace there?
  11. The stars were from WS. The moment I saw SN's smile in the preview, I could tell this was OTP content. So, I truly believe there's no way of giving LH a conventional happy ending. No matter how you look at it, he'll be facing a long time in jail for his crimes. Off the top of my head this is the list of crimes he has committed : 8 attempted murders against SN (x2), WS (x2), YR, his grandmother, his ex-wife and child, and his ex-chief guard - in SH, SN, and GED's case it's also aggravated because of the family relationship, false imprisonment and torture (YR and KJS), forgery (the GED's will), 1 kidnap (SN and SN's family), 1 hit and run (WS's mom) - which was made even worse because he took the body, hid it, and tampered with the evidence. I don't know about SK's legal system, but where I live, LH would be sentenced to life in prison. The public disapproval will be huge and I truly doubt the monarchy will survive. Another thing, let's not forget that if WS ended up dying because of the bullet in his head, LH would be fully responsible for that too (murder.) I think there may be a few more crimes but I don't remember them right now... Anyway, just because he tried to kill people but failed, that doesn't mean he's a good person or that his crimes disappeared. Even though SH didn't die in his hands, he still left her there to drown. LH is just a dumb and impulsive villain, but a villain in the end.
  12. *changes topic* I'm in love with Princess Ari. She's so smart and cute. Honestly, she's the smartest character on the show and she's only 7! I can't believe she actually kept the evidence to protect SN from the terrible backlash the ED had in store for her. She sensed there was something wrong with the cookies (the scent of peanuts) and did not eat them. She figured out GED's will had been falsified right away. Apart from that, she learns super fast and applies what she learns brilliantly. She's like a sponge and takes advantage of absolutely everything she hears. I'm really glad she's under SN's care because this kid without a proper role model could've turned out into someone 10000x more dangerous than YR and LH together. She's as bright as the sun. And of course, I won't leave out how magnificent the actress who plays Ari is. There are some scenes in which I find myself looking at the girl with my mouth wide open because her acting is sensational. The way she reads and interprets her character… there are no words. I'm floored.
  13. I don't know if LH will lock SN up (I really hope he won't) but I definitely believe that the star display was WS's doing because it was probably the result of a conversation between him and SN. Maybe she said that after arriving at the palace she hasn't been able to see the stars? Or maybe she went metaphorical and said that she hasn't been able to see the stars because the sky looks black to her ever since she got to the palace? IDK lol, but I do believe this scene will stem from a deep conversation between them. This is extremely important. Lee Hyuk had good people in his life and he still chose to become a bad guy. He's the product of a bad environment, yes, but he's also fully responsible for not being able to appreciate the good and kind people he had in his life. Not everyone in LH's life treated him badly, after all. On another note, I believe he isn't even a psychopath, but a full-fleshed sociopath. His violent outbursts, inability to tolerate disappointment and disregard for morals and laws show his sociopathic side. I definitely believe the writing should be more responsible instead of making him into a victim in a helpless quest for love. He isn't just a victim of a sad fate after all. I believe there's no way of redeeming him without therapy or a mental facility. Mental illnesses can only be treated that way, after all. THIS. To be fully honest, LH's redemption arc is failing because the guy is truly unable to feel remorse. Sure, he learned how to apologize (that's a big step) but he still doesn't comprehend the weight and importance of what he's done. He's apologizing without really apologizing. Like, he seems to know that he did something wrong because SN is upset but, at the same time, he still wants to kill Wang Shik. He's focused his energy on getting SN's attention now, but he still wants to get rid of everyone who gets in his way. Instead of showing a gradual and believable shift in the way his mind processes his bad actions, the writer has chosen to make him wear a bunny costume and try to aegyo his way into SN's heart. It's a jarring contrast with who he really is and it doesn't make sense at all. This is supposed to be a redemption arc, but the writer is just patching up LH's wrongs with funny moments and I'm not buying it. Even when I saw him crying for So Hyun, I couldn't feel it, because within the same episode we saw how he and his mother have locked up Kang Seung Jung, and LH just showed up in his room to demand answers from him. Um… how about you free the poor guy? Put him in a less traumatizing atmosphere maybe? But, no, he keeps depriving KSJ of his liberty (which is a very serious crime that should be added to his already large dossier, btw) and continues to worry about himself.
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