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  1. I haven't watched from ep 13 to this day, I'll watch it after they're happy again. so that my sadness has a cure just looking at the preview makes me frustrated, I won't be able to watch it will only worsen my current situation of turmoil for writers, don't forget the promises you made to the audience, there will be lots of refunds if this ends badly
  2. Does this all end with sad ending? then, what is the author's statement? that he will give the audience a happiness not a sorrow? lately, my design was destroyed because it always crossed whether they would end up happy? this is indeed a drama, but it feels real
  3. really strange indeed, seeing them break up because of a mother's love. in my opinion it is not love but selfish, isn't a mother always happy her child? if you don't agree, the father is not the mother after all the ending they have to be happy, if it's not possible the mother will be seen as more evil than the head of the Kim by the viewers and lovers of this drama
  4. i think, if jhk and csh the sad ending they might break it at ep.16. however, they broke it at ep.15 so there's still time to be together again I think this will be a happy ending considering the writer's promise to the audience .. and try to imagine there will be millions of tears and disappointments if this ends up sad or farewell much less dependent, of course this hostel will be blasphemed and its rating will definitely go down
  5. if it ends badly, I think there will be a lot of bad comments about the end of this drama. because, don't writers promise to give something happy? I was afraid, this drama like the memories of alhambra that just finished was not good enough, there would be a lot of disappointment from the fans
  6. I thought, jh was talking to sh, because in the photo in front of sh there was someone dressed together with jh
  7. I don't think they will break up, considering the theme of this episode as if they would struggle to be happy
  8. i think mother jh talking to father jh ? i hope father jh help jh
  9. Is that a photo of Mother Jinhyuk crying? Could it be that he admitted to Jinhyuk that he was doing something that made his child suffer? because it's not Aunt Lee's hair
  10. I think by fighting for love with jh. like in episode 13, he prefers to come to his house compared to ws . and in episode 14 it starts showing to the public without any fear however, I was worried if he really broke up by looking at the closing of episode 14. oh, I wish they had a happy ending after I saw the unfortunate ending of kdrama. hopefully the encounter can cure this anxiety
  11. its crazy if they not together 5 year , and i'am still view encounter
  12. all encounter lovers in Indonesia want a happy ending for them, because it doesn't make sense to end sadly. I hope this isn't a drama twist
  13. Hopefully what he does will be the same as in Episode 13, she prefers Jinhyuk. then the ending will be happy
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