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  1. @katakwasabi Yeah you're not exaggerating there when you say you're having fun making gifs that is A LOT! Lol Having the same problem finding a new drama to watch next. Good luck to us finding something just as good to move on to
  2. Omg Yes!!!! I think I remember now haha I should have realised by Byuns long hair...silly error on my part. I'm going to blame it on tiredness Thanks chingu! Definitely planning on a rewatch soon, I don't need much encouraging there lol
  3. So like a lot of other people i'm still struggling to get over this drama and stumbled across this fan mv on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qr5-M3QZMqM But now i'm a little confused... there are some scenes in the video at 0:28-0:40 and 1:13-1:22 that I don't recognise. Jang Na Ra looks like she has short hair like she did in the last episode but I don't remember seeing. Can anyone just clarify whether these are actual scenes that I've somehow missed/forgotten or if they are scenes from a different drama that the creator has added in for effect? and If they are they've done a very good job as it looks very realistic!
  4. I'm sooo excited for this drama. I've been following Kim Jae Wook since Who Are You back in 2013. Finally he gets the lead role. I think a lot of people will agree when I say it's about time he got the girl!
  5. I've watched the finale and found it very bittersweet. I have no problem with Oh Sunny ending up alone, I kind of preferred it that way for a while to be honest. Overall I was okay with the ending. I think they wrapped it up reasonably well considering Choi Jin Hyuk wasn't there to bring closure to Na Wang Siks story. I wasn't prepared for Emperors death tho! I agree with those wanting SSR in a romcom. I've become a new fan of his after watching his performance in TLE.
  6. @Sarang21 Thank you! This is random but does anyone else find it strange, in the flashbacks So Hyun was struggling face up when Hyuk left her in a daze. When he came back her body was moved and was laying face down in the water and we didn't get to see her face. Just confused why they didn't show the actress's face. She was wearing a lot of cloth, It would have been difficult for her to regain balance and pushing herself forward into the water? Just seems like she would have sank downwards? Probably overthinking but I wouldn't be surprised if the writer went full makjang and made it that evil mum took her out of the water and killed the empress later in her dungeon. Imagine if she had the scene set up for when he returned to lead him to believe he killed her. It would give her more leverage to control and black mail Hyuk. Don't think it is at all, but it's fun to theorise and definitely would be interesting if true!
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been a silent lurker on soompi for years now and just never got around to making an account. I'm in love with The Last Empress and I just had to sign up because of it. And Yes, I also want to put it out there, like a lot of people, I'm beginning to warm up to the emperor which I didn't think i'd ever say after the first half of the drama. Shin Sung Rok is amazing. As are all the cast. Anyway, Nice to meet you all
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