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  1. I don't know how to add photos here but here's the link for translation of Character Map. Link for HD: (https://imgur.com/a/kv8WmBj)
  2. B-Class (Comedy) never dieeeeee!!! (i don't know how to add gifs here yet haha) Second leads were quite annoying / pushy. It's like they never felt sorry at all -- . Nevertheless I'm now very sure that the leads were lovely to watch, I like their chemistry!
  3. With its first two (of four) episodes I already like it. I like that its light, and there's not much poor/rich emphasis. Also, them being complete strangers (no childhood connections haha) is a plus! Btw, hello guys!
  4. Hello, someone found KeyEast Drama Line Up for 2020 and Voice 4 is on the list! Given the ending too, it's possible to have Voice 4 but OP says it's not presented as news yet. Source: Twitter
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