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  1. If her banging on that drum gave her sympathy from the public and had them knowing her mother in law was a devil- i'd be fine, happy actually, but she legit got nothing from doing ALL that. total waste man :/
  2. what is old madam wang saying to the empress dowager here? im assuming its about auntie kangs death https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Hf9ewxiSc?fid=1034:4336103566859820
  3. the ending cards on youtube are the worst thing to ever happen to the site! that damn rectangle box thingy is in the way of me being able to properly watch that kiss scene
  4. does anyone know if she gets her just dessert too? she is pissing- me off. i wanna see her get it like auntie Kang
  5. fierce minglan is comingggg!! cant wait maybe the girl that we saw trying to harm herself in an earlier preview was a concubine that auntie Kang brought
  6. seeing SH cower when GTY came to defend ML had me dyinggg!! i've been replaying that part for a hot minute lool
  7. im sorry to ask but can someone pls translate what minglan says to GTY when he is treating her wound, and what he says back? ep 35 near the 24min mark
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