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  1. I still can't over from their selfies at wrap up party it's just so beautiful Also I luv how they posed exactly same as d way they did at press conference
  2. Couldn't agree more Even when in last BTS there were lot of ppl u can see d unsaid interaction b/w them They were attracted to each other no one can tell me otherwise
  3. I know wat ppl are thinking after d rumour pics came out But I still ship HB and PSH no matter what because even if I want to close my eyes I still can't deny d fact that BinShin behaviour shooting period were more dan just co stars dey were definitely feel sumthing for each other weather dey accept it or not I believe they holding back their feeling coz Shin-hye is in relationship even in d last BTS they were so happy wid each other there is sum unsaid happiness b/w them I shipped dem n will always ship them until one of dem get married No one know wat future holds for us so I m wid my ship
  4. Thank u for d help Btw did you guys noticed in second kiss BTS they rehearsed kiss which was not needed I guess also they kissed before director said action
  5. Hi-5 I m watching their interviews with or without subtitles I m this much crazy I can't get over their kissing scene dey literally ate each other lips
  6. So true they practice each n every scene there is saying dat practice make person perfect it fits perfectly on these two
  7. HB was right when he said JW was in hurry and eat her lips he didn't do this in changing room kiss only but did in rain kiss as well also Shin-hye responded well to his kiss
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