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  1. I think it’s because GTY already knew the protocol , CB couldn’t help him it was all up to grandmother and ML. GTY with a bad reputation and already having children was a big no no , grandmother would never approve . So with him plotting and planning to marry ML in a manipulative way was necessary to ensure a higher chance for a successful outcome . As far as RL , GTY didn’t set out to trash her reputation , proof is by letting her own brother be the witness instead of someone else .
  2. I haven’t been so aggravated as I am now for not being able to understand Mandarin .. lol ... the trailers for ep 39 & 40 has made me very agitated and impatient ! Lol .. someone please help me out of my misery by translating ,at least some bits of it .. Thank you in advance ❤️
  3. Omg ! Lol ... thank you for this ! How did Molan react to this splendid affair ?.. coz she’s the one I really can’t stand ... lol
  4. For the people who have read the novel and can remember ... can you describe GTY and ML wedding according to the novel ? Was it grand ?
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