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  1. This is my first time posting on soompi but I'm obsessed with this drama and wanted to talk about it so bad with someone. I want to answer some of the question from @misaengfan 2. I think there's this greed that make Joonsang refused to operate on Hyena. He is an opportunist man who run Hospital like business. And there is many cases of hospital refused to operate on dying patients when the risk is high, and letting a 9 year old child who will have furious family member if something goes wrong or having Hyena who doesn't have any family to defend her if anything goes wrong in operation table, I think we already know the which one the answer is for Joonsang. He is not neurologist surgeon so of course he can't operate on hematoma cases, his specialty is spine injury. Only Hwang Chi Young who can operate either of them. So he forced Hwang Chi Young to choose the child rather than Hyena. So Hyena died is the perfect cases to showcase the Sky Castle greed and dirty mind and of course will be the perfect reason for Joonsang to finally snap and realized of his greed when he indirectly let his own daughter die. 3. Yes it seems distasteful that the adults seem quarrel like a child for serious cases like Hyena's murder yet this is why this show is under genre of Black Comedy. The adults quarrel, the greed that ate up the Sky residents, the uncomfortable feeling of calm, that is the essence of black comedy.
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