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  1. Hi, I've been lurking for the past few weeks and want to share some of my theories after today's episode. -Maybe there isn't only one person who's behind the murder, but many people are involved specifically some of the orchestra members and the people from the management. It reminds me of the movie 'Murder On The Orient Express' where the detective was looking for one murderer but it turns out that all of the passengers on the train planned the murder intricately. -Maybe Kim Ian was going to expose something against the orchestra's company? The guy in the bucket hat says HYY might have the "thing", maybe it's a document or file or usb. -What Choi Seoju said struck me when she was fighting with Ha Eunjoo, she said "we kill whoever gets on our bad side". -Jang Yoon said Kim Ian told him many times that he has "someone that he loves" and I think there's a possibility that it's actually Nam Joowan and not HYY. -I think there's also a possibility that HYY was really the one who stabbed Kim Ian, but maybe by accident and not with murderous intent. -The "gossip girl" who posts on their group chat will be someone we didn't expect. We're just halfway through the show so I'm sure there are still more twists and turns. There's also that mystery on why HYY can't remember that she already met Jang Yoon before as Jang Dohun, their teacher's assistant on one of her classes. I think that timeline isn't covered by the 3 months worth of memory that she forgot due to the accident. Also, what if Jang Yoon is the one who gets amnesia this time because he got hit in the head? I also just wanna share that during the first week of this show I had a crazy theory that maybe HYY has a multiple personality disorder and Jang Yoon was actually just her other personality trying to make her remember her forgotten memories. As the episodes went by I realized that's not the case, thankfully. I hate plotlines where the characters or scenes turns out to be just a figment of imagination. Lastly, Hong Yiyoung's narration at the first episode that this is definitely not a love story is intriguing. It felt like a warning or a heads up on an impending doom. She even said it twice so I'm keeping it in mind while I'm watching this show. I remind myself not to be disappointed in case the ending is sad or tragic because HYY already warned us at the beginning.
  2. The intro video for PBG's fanmeeting is a tribute to Kim Jinhyuk & Encounter. Cha Soohyun is also mentioned because they included his line from CSH drunk scene where he told her he'd always stay close within 1m.
  3. I can't think of dramas with the same feel as this except the old classic dramas from the 90's to early 2000's. This will probably also be a classic twenty years down the road There's no year-end awards for TVN so I hope they attend the Baeksang Arts Awards and the Korea Drama Awards this year.
  4. I thought this was a photo from Encounter's set until I saw the caption because her style here looks like Cha Soohyun
  5. aaww it's sad seeing KJH's room being cleaned up. Actors must have a hard time saying goodbye to the set and the things that are important to their characters because after their final shoot there, they won't be seeing it again. The set will be completely gone and empty after they clean it all up so if they miss it there's nothing to go back to and visit. If it was me I'd probably take some of my character's things as a remembrance.
  6. Just wanna share the full video of PBG singing Encounter's OST, uploaded by his fansite on youtube: There's a bit of a sad or solemn(?) look at the end, maybe he's also a bit sad that the drama's over I hope he sings "Donghwa" by Ra.D next
  7. @jl08 @roshzanna thank you so much for your suggestions. Definitely considering Korea, and I was also thinking about Cuba but I'm going solo and Cuba just strikes me as a country that's suitable to visit with a companion. Or maybe the drama just made the country look like that to me.
  8. I watched the finale just last night so I didn’t go here since wednesday to avoid spoilers and wow there’s so much to backread. I’m relieved it was a happy ending and that it didn’t turn out as a dream or just an imagination. But I’d have to be honest, I wasn’t completely satisfied. Maybe because I was expecting more, like seeing them get married and go back to Cuba for their honeymoon. Or even if there wasn’t a wedding scene, I was hoping to see them again in Cuba. It would have been more beautiful if they went back to the place where it all started, that’s just my personal preference for the ending so I hope I don’t get bashed for this. And I was also hoping for more intimate scenes. It peaked at Cuba (Morro Cabana and Balcony) on ep 10-11 and then we never got something more than that again. Honestly I was even anticipating for a bed scene because I knew their production team would have made a scene like that beautiful and magical. I guess I just need more of SHK and PBG together, a 16-episode drama isn’t enough for me. Their chemistry is so beautiful I hope to see them again in another masterpiece, a drama or a movie. I also need a magazine photoshoot of them together. Imagine the visuals! One more thing, the writer making them both mention going to Santiago just made me crave for a season 2 or a special epilogue or a movie version. I hope they release a DVD with a lot of deleted scenes and behind the scenes. I’m very satisfied with other things though, like the redemption of CSH mom and KJH mom. WS didn’t try anymore to pester our OTP. Hyein finally lifting those bottled up feelings off her chest and still remaining cool and loyal as a friend. Daechan and Mijin’s cute little side story. And the fact that the two rich mothers didn’t actually try to destroy KJH and his family like most of kdrama evil moms do. All in all this drama is a masterpiece. It would take a long time before I find something like this again. I hope the casts get a reward vacation if their schedules allow. Also I would just like to share that I’m turning 29 this year, and I just got an idea from Kim Jinhyuk. Just like what he did, I’m planning to go on a trip to commemorate my last year in 20’s and to welcome my 30’s. Still deciding what country to visit.
  9. @gumtaek OMG my wish came true!!! I was hoping he'd sing that song because I imagined his voice would suit it!! Also because that song was from Cha Soohyun's perspective so it would be nice to hear him sing it as an answer. I hope he'd sing more encounter OSTs on his other upcoming fanmeets
  10. You're right, hahaha, omg. Imagine if they messed up with his hair
  11. @Jemrie she looks tiny beside Bogum!! So cute! just imagine if she wasn't wearing heels, how much smaller would she be beside him. ❤️
  12. I get what you mean about his ep 1 hairstyle in Cuba And speaking of his long hair. It's amazing how he didn't really intend to grow out his hair for a role and he just personally wanted to sport a long hair while he wasn't doing any dramas and then months later he was casted for Encounter and they were able to use his long hair for his character. and then finally he had a haircut.. in Cuba. I wonder if he went to a local hairsalon there or his own stylist cut it
  13. I meant when will they stop calling each other's names with "shi".
  14. I want them to start speaking in informal way/banmal. Jinhyuk did once when he was saying goodbye to Soohyun after she dropped him off at the bus station after the new years eve. It was fluttering!! When will we ever hear them drop the "-shi" in their names
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