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  1. Hi it's my first time here. I just wanna know since ye jin's agency quickly denied about her and hyun bin. How about her ang JHI? Is it not enough as an issue for them to clear? Honestly this rumor came out of nowhere, nobody ever thought about it until their both agencies came out to deny it. They said Ye jin is in the US now travelling alone. How about Singapore and Thailand? I don't really ship her with anybody but i have this feeling she's with someone else during holidays. And hae in can fit in with that someone else because he was also elusive during those times. No posted pics from his whereabouts. Also ye jin's posts were so limited this time unlike her past travels. Sorry but i find this ye jin and hyun bin rumor so misleading. But i don't mind if him and ye jin can end up together. What only concerns me now is the bashings on ye jin's part. It gives me a lot of headaches reading those hurtful words and attacking her. I think it is the first time for me to see and read something like that about her. She's always be the most love Korean best actress for me.
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