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  1. Hey y'all! I just watched ep. 9 today without the English subtitles. It was so emotional and intense. I'm very proud of MaDol for being noble by letting Kang Soon go. He realized and understood now that she loves Yoo Baek. To be honest, I was team MaDol at first because of his history with Kang Soon being friends since childhood. Sometimes we don't date or marry our childhood friend or sweetheart. I didn't like Yoo Baek before because he was an arrogant, rude son of a gun. As Yoo Baek changed for the better, he started to grow on me. Kang Soon is definitely Godsent in Yoo Baek's life. She saw goodness in him and encouraged him to become a remarkable gentleman. She taught him love, humility, and compassion. I hope that YB and his mother will reconcile and spend more time together. He only has one mother. I still like MaDol, but he is better off keeping his friendship with Kang Soon and be with someone else who will love him for who he is. The only thing that I don't like about this show is that it only has 11 episodes and the time slot is bad.
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