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  1. Hi guys, I've been reading your thoughts and messages.


    I was very happy with the first two episodes. In fact, I've re-watched them several times. First of all, as expected, the chemistry between InNa and Wook was PERFECT. And I was looking specifically for something FUN and FEEL GOOD. Nothing heavy or too angsty. I had a LONG busy work week. So I was glad to see a series that is light and romantic. 


    Secondly, I like the writing for both lead characters. Both are multi layered with different sides to them. As others have said, I also don't think she was portrayed as "ditzy" or "stupid." In fact, the writer showed strength to her character in various scenes. For one thing, she didn't quit at the first sign of struggle. Instead, she got home and studied and prepared for the next day. She came wearing appropriate clothing and with a strong resilience to do well at the job. Secondly, when she heard the other ladies gossiping about her, she responded maturely. She didn't start a scene or fight. She simply put a smile on and did her work. And finally, when her poster was being taken down, she again reacted maturely. And when he gave her actual research work, she was happy to do it and did it well. And let's also remember that she got into a law school. Yes, she stayed for a semester. But just to get into a law school isn't an easy task. 


    Now onto our lead male. I LOVE that the writer didn't have him be "cold" and "heartless" who suddenly turns kind later on... Instead, we saw clearly that he has a GOOD heart since day one. In episode one despite clashing with her, he still bought her lunch. Granted, he didn't get a chance to give it to her since they got into a dispute. But just the fact that he took the time to go to a restaurant and pick up food for her counts even when he thought she was acting like a diva. Then, in episode 2, he saw more layers to her. And he even apologized. He also asked her to lunch various times. And he defended her in front of that other guy during the car accident. And finally, he hid the poster of her in the trash from her to spare her feelings. He was considerate of her. And he offered a new beginning with a smile. AND HE CAUGHT HER. He understood how embarrassed she was last time....and he wasn't going to let that happen again to her....Not to mention, he also complimented her work. So he is fair and honest. 


    I love that both characters have good hearts. They aren't "changing" for anyone. They are good people who have gone through terrible times. I'm sure we will get more back story on him to see what happened. 


    I also love the PACE of this series. It's not dragging or taking too long. It was realistic for him to misunderstand her in the first episode since she showed up late and dressed like for an award show just as it was realistic for him to see the stronger side and resilient sides to her. Of course, he gave her a real chance in episode 2. Because why not? She expressed that she wants to work well. She isn't being lazy or unreasonable. She showed up on time and dressed for work and completed her tasks. Also, keep in mind, it's only 16 episodes. I really want to see the ROMANCE between these two characters. 


    The supporting cast/characters are all entertaining by the way. They are refreshing. I didn't fast forward through ANY scenes which is rare for me. I think my second favorite pairing will be Mama's Boy and The Apologetic Girl. Their scenes caught my attention more than the other angsty secondary pairing...I mean it's still early and just one scene. So maybe I will warm up to them later. 


    On Viki, this series is rated as 9.8 so far. And the reviewers from fans from VARIOUS countries are favorable and complimentary. International fans are LOVING the series and the lead actors a lot. We just have to see if K fans will warm up, too. Hopefully word of mouth will spread since episode 2 showed a more EMOTIONAL and DEEP side to the characters for the fans who love the more in depth stories....Also, the Empress is quite the big competition for the series. But it is ending soon. So I'm hoping ratings will improve.


    I did hear that TvN wasn't promotion Touch Your Heart on primetime as much as other shows. Is that true? If so, then the show's ratings will depend on fan reviews and recommendations. Overall, I think the ratings were SOLID the first week. Keep in mind, during the premiere, it was a Korean New Year. A holiday....And the next day, The Empress returned with a new episode. 


    I've been browsing twitter and tumblr, and I'm seeing gif sets and comments in Turkish, Russian, Spanish, English, Thai, and Korean. So I think it's basically an international hit already....







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  2. All of these gifs are AMAZING. 


    And I agree that both actors did an incredible job in Faith. 



    I don't know if need to use spoiler tags for this question since it might be more of an opinion/hypothesis. With all the traveling back and forth between different time periods that our heroine was doing during those 5 years of separation, did she get older by 5 years? Or did she stay the same age since it was sort of traveling back/forth and never staying in one period of time for too long....CY looked older in the last scene because 5 years passed in his time. But it seems that she stayed the same age in the last scene. It's something I've seen fans discussing years back. 


    What do you guys think? 


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  3. Hi guys! Quick question, I know many of you have watched Faith: The Great Doctor. I don't speak Korean. So I've always watched with ENG subs. However, certain subs sometimes give different translations.


    In episode 5 when Choi Young says that he came personally for Eun Soo, does he say because he LOVES her? Or because he LIKES her? I've seen translations with both....


    By the way, I'm a huge fan of LMH. I think Faith is his best work. So I hope to see him starring in MORE period/costume/historical dramas. I think such dramas really work for him.


    Of course, my wish would be to see him starring with Kim Hee-Sun again. But I know that's unlikely since they are probably choosing different types of projects at the moment. I just loved their chemistry a lot. And both are talented actors.



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  4. 14 hours ago, roseseo said:


    Vagabond script wasn’t all out when seunggi said it on his fm hahaha so I think they added more later , from the promo we can see there’s obviously romance and also on wiki they add romance 

    The feeling is so good , can’t believe after six years they going to reunited !! 



    I hope you are right! It would be a shame to waste their amazing chemistry! It's rare to see co-stars reuniting in multiple KDramas! I hope there will be romance! 

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  5. Both actors have said it's a romantic comedy at its core. So I'm expecting beautiful romantic moments!


    Lately, I'm liking the lighter/more fun/romantic type of shows. I think the heavy psychological ones can effect viewers in a depressing way. But if it's light and fun and easy going, it's refreshing.


    Hopefully multiple kissing moments! From what I remember in Goblin, I think they shared 2 kisses out of all the episodes? Perhaps, in this one, there will be more??? 


    What else I like is how they keep talking about the warmth and heart in the series. Definitely very excited to see this!

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  6. Thanks so much for the info, guys! 


    I was browsing youtube. And I noticed a lot of fan videos for the our pairing which is amazing. 


    I have a few days off from work. So I'm re-watching it on Viki. I had to sign up for the 7 day free trial to watch Faith since Viki has made it now only available to Viki Pass users. Does anyone know why? Are the most popular shows on Viki only available with a Viki Pass? 


    In my re-watch, I'm on episode 5 right now. LOVING it. Their growth and development is so amazingly done by the actors and the script/storyline. I think I'm too behind in my re-watch to join the LMH thread viewing discussion. BUT I will definitely check out his thread. One of my fav actors!


    Also, unlike many other KDrama series, I've noticed the closeness between the lead pairing right away which is rare. There was a comfort level.


    In terms of the actors, I'm impressed by BOTH of them. Both have very complicated characters who go through a unique journey in this series. If their roles were played by other actors, I just don't believe they would have done justice to them. Like Choi Young is a serious character at first....Any other actor would have made him "boring" or just "plain." But LMH added charm to him. That you can see what he is feeling....Eun Soo had a LONG character development journey. I really feel like any other actress would have made her quite annoying in the first 2-3 episodes. But Kim Hee-Sun made her sparkly and fun and lovely. 




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  7. Wait....he said no romantic moments in July? But the new promo clearly showed a fantasy or an almost kiss moment? 


    And they are still filming the series now....so I'm wondering if they just added the romantic moments to the later episodes. Perhaps the beginning few episodes won't have much romance....


    Can someone tell me if actors read ALL the scripts before filming starts? Or the scripts are given to them as they film each new episode? 

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  8. 16 hours ago, intrariver said:


    Oh you mean the multiple men looking at OJS?

    It may also just mean because they admire her as a star and not romantic, but who knows. Really hopefully no love triangle or at least that angle kept to a  minimum. Im also more concerned about KJR and his lawyer bff both having had crushes on the lawyer lady when younger, hopefully that part not focused on heavily. No more wasting the main pair in any drama please. :cry:


    More in terms of the guy with the flowers looking at her in admiration. He is positioned quite close to her in the front in that poster. Just seemed a bit odd. And yeah, I agree that I also don't want to see the other female getting attention.


    The chemistry between the leads is already PROVEN to be magical. So they really don't need triangles to spice things up. They are sparkly and amazing enough! Also, it doesn't look like there is a big secondary pairing. 


    AND I'm SO HAPPY that VIKI is showing the series! NOW I CAN WATCH IT WITH ENG SUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Question: Does Viki usually pick the most buzzed shows to air at the same time as the channel? 

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  9. So happy to know there is a thread for Faith!


    I LOVE LOVE this series so much. I can't count how many times I've re-watched it. I'm continuously amazed by the acting and chemistry between the two lead actors. SO GOOD! 


    For whoever has a DVD set, are there deleted scenes on it? Or any big extras? 

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  10. I loved Gu Family Book! And I've been wanting to see another series with these two actors together. Their chemistry was so great!


    Along with Touch Your Heart, Vagabond is another series I'm very excited to see! The trailer looks great! And I really hope there will be romance in the series. I know it's an action drama type of a genre....but I still hope to see romantic moments....Anyone know if there will be a good amount of that????? 


    I'm Jules by the way! Just joined!!!!!!!! 

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  11. I'm so excited to see this series! Huge fan of the chemistry between the two actors! I hope we get more than 16 episodes. There is a lot of buzz about the series because many fans wanted more of Grim Reaper/Sunny interaction in Goblin. Finally, this pairing gets LEAD focus which is amazing since this rarely happens! I've noticed that even the most popular actor duos don't usually star in more than 1 show together. 


    Didn't they start filming only recently? How long does it take to film 1 episode usually? I hope there won't be any airing delays. Especially since one of the supporting actors stepped down. I would assume they had filmed at least 4-5 episodes already??? So I'm wondering what they will do about the scenes that he did film....have the new actor re-shoot those scenes? Or just replace him like they do in US soaps? 


    I'm Jules, by the way! And I'm SO HAPPY to know there is a Touch Your Heart thread! I seriously cannot wait for it!!!! Their chemistry will be as incredible as expected. I have no doubt. 



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  12. Hi, I've just joined the forum! I'm a HUGE KDrama fan!


    I can't seem to find "Shopping King Louie" tv show thread. And I've searched using both lead actors' names as well. It's not in the Directory Thread, either.


    Is there any other way to find it? 


    Thanks so much! I love this series! And I just wanted to see how other people felt about it. :) 

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