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  1. Just to chime in, I know which account you are all talking about. This person created a twitter account on the SAME day as the Touch Your Heart finale aired ONLY to constantly tweet that LDW/YooInNa are not close at all....and that he is much closer to the other actress. Normally, I don't mind. But she kept using Touch Your Heart hashtag to say those things. And that's rude. Her whole account is how Yoo InNa doesn't give LDW any attention....so I replied to her and said "How do you know which actors are close in real life? Do you know them personally?" Because the way that she spoke sounded like a "fact." And then I mentioned that her account is an anti YooInNa account because all her posts are about how she isn't close to LDW like other actress is....and how he supposedly had more fun at other events instead of TYH wrap party. 


    Then, I saw how hostile the person was towards OTHER fans who were kind in their tweets and mentioned that there are plenty of videos showing LDW/YooInNa closeness, and she went off on them....also saying stuff like "I know...this and that" again acting like she knows the actors personally and isn't stating an opinion but a fact. 


    At this point, I decided NOT to waste my time on a hostile person. So I blocked him/her to avoid their constant tweets about OTHER actors while using TYH hashtag that I love to browse daily for stuff about our show and OUR actors....


    So in other words, I don't waste time on rude and unreasonable people....she can like whoever she wants. Just stop using TYH tag to try to get ppl to think LDW/YooInNa don't like each other or are distant or whatever....which we as fans in this thread do not believe....but other new fans might....And I just find such behavior disrespectful....she is jealous and trying to bring down the mood of fans who loved the series and wanted to celebrate the finale.

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  2. Very excited to see tomorrow's finale! My guess is either children or proposal or wedding for our pairing! I'd be happy with ALL of those things! 


    Also, their sofa kiss today was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who wants something more showy can watch Spanish novelas! This was an incredible kiss and more than satisfying on all accounts, in my humble opinion! But I read some tweets asking for more....and I'm like most KDramas don't have actual love scenes. This is as close as you can get.


    AND with a female fully participating! That's RARE! PROPS to both LDW and YooInNa! 

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  3. 24 minutes ago, Mydzblue0421 said:

    Is SK rating  really important?? I dont know pls enlighten me.

    i guess in totality TYH is well received globally, I hope this counts. And LDW aNd YIN has a great following, i hope they have next project line up for them.. 


    Honestly, Touch Your Heart did a SOLID job in Korea. If you look at the ratings, it was only second to one other show: Live or Die. It got higher than other bigger network shows. 


    The hype was super high for them because of the actors' chemistry and popularity in Goblin. Maybe, that's why people assumed it would get a 10% like Encounter. BUT keep in mind, Encounter had a very popular lead actress from Descendants of the Sun. She is HUGE in Korea. 


    Another way to compare, He is Psychometric is getting a 2% in ratings. Kill It got below 2% recently. So ALL in all, it is doing fine in Korea. It's just that people expected bigger only because of the lead pairing cast....


    As for possible projects, ratings don't matter because it's VERY RARE for actors in Korean dramas to even do 2 shows together as leads. This was a GIFT for us since they did Goblin already....Usually this doesn't happen in KDramas. It's mostly new lead pairings and actors. But if you are referring to individual work projects, LDW already has something lined up. And I'm sure YooInNa will have no problem either with a new project. In fact, both actors had dramas before this that got lower ratings. 

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  4. YS is simple at heart. She isn't the type to want something HUGE or expensive. To me, it seems like her to have a small wedding just with friends and family. She wants to marry her man. I don't think she'd care about how much money was spent on the ceremony/restaurant. 


    In fact, it has been emphasized in the drama that she isn't like a celebrity at all. Very approachable and friendly to everyone. 


    I just really want to see YS and Jung Rok get married! LDW and YooInNa in WEDDING CLOTHING would be a dream come true!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Mydzblue0421 said:

    I think its not a wedding ;( 


    Why not? The tables have white covers like for a wedding....and the decorations look like it. 


    I think the actress who plays YR has finished filming on Tuesday since she made the instagram comment. The rest of the cast will probably still film on Wednesday since no one made any update posts about the end of filming....that's so last minute! Hopefully one day is enough time for the editing team and director to PROPERLY edit episode 16 without just rushing through it. That's our FINALE episode. It better have amazing editing! 


    If they are still filming on Thursday morning...oh boy....I don't want to imagine the editing for ep 16.


    Also, because TYH is SO SUCCESSFUL in China, I wonder why China can't just order a season 2 of it. It certainly has the money to pay for the budget. 


    And TVN is STILL NOT PROMOTING the last 2 episodes. That's so ridiculous!!!!!!!!! We have our finale this week! Where is the promotion????? 

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  6. My honest opinion about the whole instagram LDW drama....is LDW fan accounts need to relax a bit. LDW posted TWO pix of YIN COMFORTING HIM....of course you will get fans asking for them to get married or saying they look cute together. To me, that is not an insult to his acting skills. It's a compliment to their on screen chemistry. It's a romantic comedy series. Its success genuinely depends on the CHEMISTRY between the lead actors to tell a romance that feels REAL. And that is what they are doing. People supporting them just means their chemistry is powerful and transmitting on the screen....


    Yet, one of the LDW fan site instagram page commented that some of those fans are "fake." Which I find judgmental and also unfair. No one has a right to judge who is a real fan or not. And lately, some of the LDW fan accounts are turning me off with their extreme comments against certain fans.....like let people enjoy the series. And then if fans want to move on to another show/actor, then so be it. It's not a big deal.

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  7. 9 hours ago, attriste said:


    I was going to reply @fitzsimmons as well haha. The reason they do this is to manage the script accordingly based on viewer reactions, so even if a drama started filming early generally later episodes are filmed closer and closer to air date. It’s caused a lot of issues within the industry (I remember HYS’s case where she just didn’t turn up as a form of protest), which is why now more (but still not all) dramas are pre-produced. I remember Suspicious Partner and Fight my way wrapped up filming the day of final broadcast itself (I think).. and like, a few hours of sleep for the cast and crew before they all head out to wrap up parties.. so tiring! 


    Hoping the entire production stays well till the end! 


    Are you saying that fan response is taken into consideration for KDramas? Like writers actually change scripts/endings/plots based on viewer response???


    I know The Last Empress made the villain guy more of a lead because fans liked him a lot. So that writer did change a few things. 

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  8. Thanks for responding to my comment, guys. I appreciate it.


    I like having a romance in an action series because it intensifies scenes and the drama. The storylines are more emotional. So I really hope LSG/Suzy's characters have a fully developed romance because without it, it would be a missed opportunity given their already proven chemistry in Gu Family Book. 


    Does this writer usually have happy endings or mostly depressed endings? That's another thing I'm wondering since it is an action series. In those, sometimes, the lead characters get a very sad ending. I prefer happy endings because real life can be tough enough. It's better to see something more hopeful in shows...Any thoughts on this series' possible endgame? 

  9. I know that SSR has gained a lot of fans from The Last Empress....BUT I REALLY hope viewers are not going to start rooting for his character and Suzy's. I really don't want a love triangle or a "changed" ending like Last Empress got with the other good guy lead not even being present in the ending...Based on character descriptions, it does look like HIS character will like Suzy's but her character will like LSG's character....so yeah, there will be stuff happening in this square (another female is supposed to like SSR's character)....


    I adore LSG and Suzy's chemistry so much and have been waiting for a second drama with them since Gu Family Book! I really don't want for the writer to change anything based on fan response. That's another reason why I'm glad filming will be fully done by May. Of course, there is the danger of alternative filming happening later. But I hope they won't do that.....


    SSR is a great actor. But I really didn't understand fans rooting for him and the lead female in the Last Empress....He was so abusive towards her....

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