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  1. Finally... Last episode tomorrow.. Confuse if in real history, after CJ there was a king that get his throne from child, but, I don't think it's Andong Kim still exsist. Hmmmm... Don't have any idea yet right now... I'll just wait till the last episode.
  2. Hahaha.. do you think if this drama wouldn't make us satisfied with the ending? no resolve about the conflict in the palace.. and make a spin-off if we want to know about the real ending. The best ending is director said 'CUT' and the writer said .. I have no idea how to end this movie, so lets take a break for a moment.
  3. So far.. I can conclude (without subs) if CJ not intent to hurt himself and faking his own death. . But, maybe it more BI's plans. Hmm... understand who that spread news about CJ already death and use false corpse. I think its CJ. KJG tell GDE that he was sceptical with that corpse. It seems BI and CJ allies for this scene. They don't let YP known about this because it will make more suspicious, GDE and DE, or KJG's spies everywhere. If both of them also disappear, it will more easily tell everyone if he just faking his death. Just like the attack before, it's both CJ
  4. I think if SY never loves BI from the start. If I don't get wrong storyline she left him that 'night', although they kissed. SY loves CJ from the start, but she felt guilty to choose between her clan or CJ. It become more frustating because CJ hates her. She also known if HJ who loved by CJ because of 'past incident' actually SY who saved CJ. This all make SY jumped into the lake, she wish everyone get their happy end without her.
  5. So.. it's give us a clue if CJ will die (or faking hid death) in this episode.
  6. BI said if only CJ can safe the SB. (deep thinking). Their conversation is not end yet. Does BI just act with CJ for fight each other. Both of them care about SB's safety. BI already rejected by the SB, and what he want only SB's safety. He hates CJ because he think if CJ tried to kill SB. CJ faking his death or he jumping in the end of the cliff that make everyone assume his death. Maybe, after that CJ hide in the villa which he shown to SB. YP angry toward BI. He also angry to SB, because everything happen caused by SB's pregnancy and her safety. I think CJ not exp
  7. Hmm.. and after that.. she will go secretly join CJ or ... find CJ herself. I think it explain her costume when take a pict with BI. I think she don't wanna giving birth a baby without her baby's father with her.
  8. I hope in the last episode there's no conflict again , just a their sweet moment before a clear single ending. Hope only 18, and 19 is enough to solve the conflict between GDE, DE, Andong Kim clan. So we can get a better ending for SB / JBH's mind, he still wanna get back or stay as SB, or something like this. Or... it's all just a dream of JBH about his ancestor.
  9. I don't think its only sweet, but if I'm SB actually I'll be really angry. Because it similar with this is his last wish before his planing to die. He left her without a word or glance back to her. She's pregnat with his baby. And looks like if he don't care anymore with his own life. I think SB also want dad of her baby with her in this time. It also similar if he don't trust her, because he don't share his plan to her. It base on my assumption, cz I don't get the sub yet.
  10. YP threating BI because he knew that BI care with SB. What about a plot twist if BI actually also part of CJ faking death case to take down Grand Empress Dowager. GED wish CJ head soon from BI. And maybe tomorrow is the time for BI kills CJ. And I think CJ that death because the Queen also use the mouring clotes. But... I'm also confuse if the king death why YP still use his uniform as usual. I hope there will be a subtitle soon, so maybe in this episode give a clue for the next episode will be going. I think SB mad also because of CJ notes, and know if he left h
  11. Is it really 40 episodes? Actually, I love the teaser. Hope it will be exceed my expectation. There must be a lot of riddle in the story, so there will be more substance to be discussed.
  12. Think of.. why JBH transfered SB's body. I think Jang Bong Hwan such a player aka playboy in begining of the story. Then this moment he trasfered to Queen's body, so when he in her body, must felt all woman feeling. Start with mens, pregnancy, until giving birth later. So, he'll more respect towards woman. No mater what kind ending for this couple. It must be no Andong Kim clan again. It must be failure of Kim Byeon In if he still in Great Queen Dowager side. Just a little bit confuse why CJ only focus against Great Queen Dowager and her clan, although Queen Dowager al
  13. Pleasee.. I hope single clear ending in the end, I will not accepted 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ending version. Although there's Chinese version..I think it must be different, and maybe all of us known what is the difference. Hmmm I think the most critical episode will be in 18 or 19. There will be a war or some open conflict. And.. SY will help CJ. Can't wait what the writer's will do to make a great ending for everyone.
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