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  1. @bebebisous33 Yup. Thanks....Thanks also for your detailed explanations and illustrations... Enjoyed reading them. They made me love the drama more... Very grateful also to all of you guys in this forum for the live recaps, breathtaking pictures and in depth discussions every episode. I’m an SHK fan and one of those who raise their eyebrows because of her odd pairing with PBG but after the first episode I’m hooked already...
  2. Hi everyone! Been a lurker in Soompi for the longest time. ENCOUNTER made me logged in and post a comment for the first time. Just wanna ask... the intro of ENCOUNTER before episode 1 started was CHS Walking in a garden with paintings displayed in the walkways. I happened to observed it after rewatching episode 1 for the nth time that she stopped by a certain painting and gazed at it, then episode 1 starts... Does anyone noticed it also?
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