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  1. Daebak! I've seen lots of crime drama, but this is the most impressive, well-written, anticipated drama I've ever seen! Now it's about to end, i have a lot to say. 1. I guess i know the reason this drama has low ratings. One, they compete with The Last Empress, which is the buzz drama in korea right now. Second, this drama theme is dark, which takes a lot for the audiences to accept. 2. I am impressed with all of you. Most of your guesses came true haha. You all could be detectives alongside JH lol! 3. In what episode that imply JH is an abuse victim? I watched every episode every week, but I can't seem to recall JH has a past with abuse. 4. Did you guys see YTJ's expression when JH saw his tablet' wallpaper of the lighthouse? He was like "Yea, the place you killed my brother is my wallpaper. So what?" Like he wasn't even afraid that JH saw the wallpaper. 5. You might not agree with me, i might sound crazy here, but i kind of root for Red Cry. I know it was wrong to kill people, but world without these nasty abusers would be more peaceful, for the victims especially. And it's sad to know some criminals could escape law and live in freedom. (OMG, i might get a message from Red Cry anytime) 6. I still have doubt that YTJ is Red Cry. Remember when WK asked him if he has urge to kill abusers? His reply was, "I'm a doctor. I've seen a lot of worse people. If i have an urge to kill them, how can i do my job?". If he was telling the truth, he must have another accomplice. But if he was telling a lie, he is indeed someone who has prepare himself to any questions. 7. Don't you guys find it attention-worthy that kim sun-ah keep asking the director for season 2? Like there's more stories to tell even after the drama ends. I guess we're going to see an open ending next week, maybe. Or a cliffhanger. Imagine, JH caught the guy and all, then suddenly there's another murder, and the drama ends lol 8. Soo Young, even until now is still a mysterious character. I'm hoping to know her story too. Season 2? 9. You guys were talking about the dancing ballerina. I've seen it too before. If I'm not mistaken, I've seen the ballerina in a victim house, I don't remember either it was Bit Na or the girl that her mom opened up a restaurant. 10. I feel like Red Cry is not an individual, but rather a persona. Do you remember the Razorhead website? They have four "judges" in it, namely H1 to H4, if i remember correctly. What if after YTJ was caught for his crimes as Red Cry (assuming he's the real RC), other person will take over Red Cry's role?
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