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  1. As said in my post, those are my crazy thoughts and I believe that this is a shipping thread for HB/JW and PSH/HJ, so I'm connecting the dots with a shipping/delusional heart. With the foregoing, and with @Kasmicgiving them 0.5% chance (anything is possible in the future, right?), I'm here as well. So let's share info and ideas to let this ship sail even for just a while considering what their great tandem in MoA has given us.
  2. Hi everyone! It’s my first time posting at soompi. I’ve been lurking at MOA thread for a long time and I’m so happy that we now have a shipping thread for Hyun Bin/Jin Woo and Park Shin Hye/Hee Joo. With the recent news, I can’t help but delurk. I know some of you don’t want to ship them because of the fact that PSH has a boyfriend in real life. And when some did ship them, they thought the ship sank fast when the rumors about Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin traveling in the US broke out. But here’s my takeaway with those fact and rumors. PSH has a boyfriend but NOT A HUSBAND. So anything is possible in the future. Am I right??? Their chemistry is so good. Their eye contact with each other, their bantering, their facial expressions and gestures on and off cam are very palpable that you can’t help but ship them or their characters at the very least. And how about the KISS? Can you feel it? Can you feel their emotions and the spark? I did. Some can argue that it is because they are good actor and actress but I’ve been watching a lot of korean, chinese, taiwanese, japanese and thai dramas with kissing scenes too, however, what I felt watching that kiss is different. The feels... is on another level. For me, it’s the most meaningful, most beautifully shot and most affectionate KISSING SCENE I’ve watched. (I believe HB and PSH kissed a lot filming that scene because of the different angles that needs to be taken to create the 1st kiss of JW and HJ magnificently) Regarding the rumor, when I read the article, I felt sad but you know what, when I saw the IG update of PSH, I’m grinning and smiling ear to ear. Here’s why? The rumors said that HB and SYJ is traveling in the US together, with the parents of SYJ. But both of their agencies denied the rumors and stated the fact that the parents of SYJ is in Korea. In the latest IG update of PSH, she is in Hawaii, right? And Hawaii is in USA, right? And PSH is traveling with whom? With her PARENTS. Traveling where? In the USA. And who’s traveling in the USA also? Hyun Bin. And who's been rumored traveling in the US with parents of the girl? Hyun Bin. Now, I’m quite delusional thinking that maybe, they have mistaken PSH as SYJ based on the facts that I’ve mentioned. OMG! MoA got me crazy now or should I say it's JW &HJ or HB & PSH fault. This is a shipping thread right? I hope I am welcome to share my crazy thoughts.
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