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  1. It's been months since I wrote in this forum I can't take it anymore.. We've got a lot of evidences which we can conclude that they are REAL
  2. Finally, done reading 10 pages in this forum it's been a week not reading in this forum.... I really miss you all... I was wondering where they get the pic of simba? (the left one)
  3. Jessica and PSJ also knew way back 2017 at the Tommy Hilfiger event. (Correct me if I'm mistaken) Sorry I'm not active this past few days because it's already school days (i think I'm the youngest here) this forum is my inspiration everyday life thank you for keeping this forum active!
  4. I know this is awkward to ask for a (new) fan of both PSJ and PMY..... How did you guys knew about the day they debut? (I know it seems like I am fake fan )
  5. Maybe I'm little late to say HAPPY 1000 PAGESSSSSSS EVERYONE!!!! I was kinda busy this past few days and I really love to read all your opinions and also those who share some scenes in dvd.. Thank you so much for those who shared and will share (dvd) in the future and also thank you for those who keep this thread active... I hope this thread will continue be active until the last dvd disc and few more years ppc might announce the good news for us shippers!! Hwaiting everyone!!
  6. Thank you @twoparkcouple for feeding us some dvd scenes please continue to feed us like me who is less fortunate LOL
  8. Gosh, the zipper thing made me delurke and I just can't help it to reply this forum Can anyone tell me the user acc in Twitter about the zipper thingy In JTBC, zipper, and MontBlanc we trust
  9. I know is it not about ppc but I just hope ppc will never be caught I just want to share this and I'll be back being a lurker again lol
  10. I read some pps in Twitter they said that Delpiel (which is also a close friend of pmy) also went to watch the Divine fury. Does anyone knows here who is Delpiel?
  11. Or maybe she reads in our thread about the dvd cut and she is going to abandon the labit ship and decide to ship again to ppc LOL
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