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  1. @seoseo If you're trying to destroy this ship, you can freely leave. I've read in other forum, they are complaining about your post please respect and be careful on what you post. If you can't do that please leave
  2. Is there another of him wearing that scarf which there is something in his neck? I can't stop my delulu mind
  3. @twoparkcouple if you have any trivias about ppc please do share, cause I want to fill my investigation board about ppc about all the coincidence
  4. I would like to ask if there's an article about the 700m of psj house and I've also read in this thread around 463 page that he also live in 200m
  5. I actually watched wwwsk in ABS-CBN (a Filipino broadcast media) and after watching the first episode I was totally hooked by the drama and from that I watched all day bts scenes, their interviews, and k-ent news. When I watched a drama I always think it is just purely acting but when I watched wwwsk I don't find as an acting but a real couple who is acting for the drama
  6. I would like to ask (I know it is not related to ppc) if Encounter get a reward trip from tvn too?
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