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  1. I would like to say whoever does the cuts and edits for the previews in terms of what is being said and done, has done a horrible job. It’s so confusing and misleading in so many ways. I thought for episode 8 trailer something was going to happen between the leads finally and look how that turned out. The preview for episode 9 doesn’t even make sense to me, I don’t get what they’re trying to show us. At this point, I rather not see anymore previews and just watch the show as it airs. That way we wouldn’t have any expectations and if something good happened we would be happy. A preview is suppose to tell us which direction the story is going, these previews just leave us with more questions.
  2. The only way this drama can make it up to me and do it justice. 1) lots of kiss scenes (Ideally two good ones) 2) more scenes between the leads 3) more scenes of puppy as well. lol
  3. I will usually just look at the comments in here most of the time but after today’s episode, I have to write out my frustration. I’m so disappointed again with this episode. We’’re nearly half way through the drama and still no real character development for the leads or any real heartfelt connection between them. It’s such a shame because I enjoy the bts moments between the leads and there is so much chemistry. We don’t know about the male leads backstory or FL family background. They wasting so much time with secondary characters at this point. I do like the drama overall but it needs to pick up. Guys, how is the leads suppose to come together without the break up happening ML didn’t see his girlfriend with the boss or the kiss so I wonder how he will sway towards our girl if he is this devoted lol. On the bright side I love puppy (i feel more connection to him cus of how he treats our girl) and FL. If the same thing continues next week episodes I will drop the drama and come back at the end cus this waiting is killing me. I want something to develop at this point.
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