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  1. Guys, I’m so addicted to this show it’s surprising the heck out of me, every day I wait for subs on YouTube and because they uploaded one episode a day with English that’s all i can watch for now. I’m on episode 23 and each episode it’s getting better. Now I have a dilemma to watch it raw and then subs or continue waiting for subs each day lol
  2. @nasaan ka Alex? I do agree that having ambition is great for development. I would just have to say that we can agree to disagree because there’s no way I want to see him become a antagonist, plenty of characters for that lol
  3. I’m really enjoying this drama so far and the three main leads story development each unique in their own way. This might be a unpopular opinion but I don’t personally see why people need the feel to compare Ji Ye and Asule they are different in their own way, I don’t like the fact that some people want Ji Ye to become more ambitious and greedy so that later YR would like Asule. I personally like Ji Ye and YR together it’s different and refreshing. The main lead doesn’t need to always fall in love or get the girl to be great. Let’s just all enjoy the show ☺️
  4. Hi guys, I just finished watching episode 1 on YouTube with subtitles and so far I like the costumes, acting and storyline. The story needs to pick up a little in order to really get us hooked but of course i just watched the first episode. It does remind me of Eternal love. I tried to watch episode 2 on YouTube but there are so many blanks on the subtitles I don’t see the point in watching if they ain’t gonna subtitle everything. If anyone knows where i can watch it with good subtitles let me know plz
  5. Hi Guys, Its been awhile since I have gotten obsessed on watching a drama. I had waited for this drama to air for ages and now that I have watched up to episode 7, it has exceeded my expectations. I’m in love with the main leads and the storyline so far. The only pain that I have is waiting for subtitles from Viki can take up to a whole day ( don’t get me wrong I appreciate their work but I’m just so inpatient to wait lol). I hope we can find someone else who will also sub this show soon. I’m just waiting for 8,9 and 10 to get subbed now
  6. I have watched many dramas and always came to Soompi to look at what others are saying about my favourite dramas. Therefore, this thread was no different from the rest expected that I couldn’t take not joing the thread or making an account anyway. After the amazing chemistry of our couple and episode 12 I couldn’t hold on anymore i needed to make an account. I’m happy to finally join this thread it was a beautiful episode and the KISS killed me better late then never. Hello everyone
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