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  1. For those looking for the RAW eps before they come out on Viki: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAqDX_XjLlvhjY0eDqHpVQw this channel has them but all TV version.
  2. YouTube has up to ep 40 raw, but that's the TV version I think. I just watch all versions to get the whole story. And rewatch on Viki when translated.
  3. If I remember correctly he was being forced to marry someone. I might be wrong but i think i heard that in the ep when GTY was heading back to the capital after fighting the war. he was talking to the emperor's son about how the emperor was arranging marriage for someone.
  4. I know right! I sat there grinning the entire scene. and the scene after that when they walk back with him laughing super loud and Molan almost lost it she had to cracked the nut with her hand scaring her mother in law hahahahaha epic scene
  5. Yes I noticed that too, and in the scene at HL's house where GTY approached ML to explain his scheme, he also said that because of his previous behaviour and the way people saw him ML's grandmother would never agree. And even if ML's father wanted to agree with the marriage grandmother has too strong a character and would block the marriage. GTY is very aware of his image to the outside world. What I think is even more interesting is the fact that he schemed all of this while fighting the war. He explained to ML that he bought the freedom of the cousin of the He guy and had her family trafficked through his river trafficker friends to get them to the capital fast. That way the He family would be delayed in securing the wedding and he had time to fight the war without worrying about losing ML. Really this is genius beyond genius.
  6. He went all out to show all those people how successful he is now and how good a life ML is going to get. Also I heard that they used this wedding as their wedding in real life. xD I can't help but like him. he is perfect for ML
  7. Yes when she asked him how he knew he said, how wouldn't I know and then she said you organised it. and he explained how. at least that's what I understood with my little knowledge of mandarin
  8. he is such a douchebag. like bro you already lost, let it go. And how would that look for the Sheng family is GTY all of a sudden cancelled the wedding. QH is really a selfish spoilt child.
  9. Guys, Episode 25 is just amazing. Just watched it without subs but even then GTY rescuing ML and their interaction really set the scene for a great match. Can't wait to see how this will play out.
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