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  1. I watched the finale and cried a river. I was especially wowed by the superb acting in the last confrontation between XF and LCY. It's hard to believe that PXR and CXX are rather newbie actors, their acting professionalism is no joke. The BTS really showed that they gave them all for these roles. CXX got all the attention in the finale and he really deserves it but I also want to shout out to PXR for portraying such a lovable and tragic female character. I've never fallen so hard for a female lead! I was a fan of the novel and PXR IS Xiao Feng, if not more realistic and relatable than what I imagined about her. I was so moved in XF's last scene, especially when they showed the flashbacks of her young and happy days after her stirring speech. I suddenly thought to myself "Ah, she grew up this much through the episodes. XF, despite heartbreaks and tragedy, is still able to love and share the love. She has really grown up to become a princess we can all be proud about". The details and subtlety in her acting are just amazing. On a superficial side, I don't know many actresses can still look this beautiful when they cry. I was literally fangirling whenever XF cries, how can you not love her? I hope to see PXR in another great project where she can showcase her acting potentials. After watching many BTS, I think I also have to give credit to the director Li Mu Ge for his attention to acting details and guidance for the young actresses and actors. I wonder if he was the one who decided to shoot real horse riding scenes and use real landscapes for West Liang scenes. If true, this proves his dedication to ensure high production quality which helps elevate the drama to a new level of genuineness. The sole reason I decided to follow this drama after the first episode was because I saw that the cast can actually ride horses across the grassland LOL. I thought, if they spent this much effort to have the cast learn how to ride real horses, the other departments wouldn't be too bad. And I wasn't disappointed! I will definitely keep an eye on his future projects. Sending many to the production team! Thank you!
  2. I read the novel years ago and already kind of know where we're going into in the last 4 episodes but I'm not ready to let go of our babies XF and LCY yet. Unlike the immortal couple in Ash of Love who can redeem themselves and find happy ever after in their next reincarnation, this couple is mortal and their pain remains with them for as long as they're alive. But I would like to point out that it is NOT really the immortality that diverges their love fate. Xu Feng and Jin Mi find their happy ending because Xu Feng recognizes the many wrongdoings that he commits against Jin Mi and decides to let go of the past, the power, as well as all the hatred and revenge that can get in the way of their relationship. LCY and Xiao Feng can't because LCY will not and cannot let go of his vengeance because it's the responsibility that he has to shoulder and he decides to prioritize it above others. I really like that they let XF know that LCY kills her grandpa before their marriage in the drama. This shows that their love is not viable regardless of how chances LCY is given to go back and fix his mistakes. After the water from the River of Oblivion gifts LCY and XF a fleeting glimpse of fresh restart and after XF decides to leave the past behind to step into their marriage, it is LCY's decision to methodically hurt Xiao Feng (even for the sake of protecting her from political forces, there's no deny that that he intentionally hurts her in multiple occasions). It's also the posessiveness in his characteristics that he goes on killing anyone who dares to set her free from him. When he forces XF watching him killing GJ, he also voluntarily gives up the very last chance for them to be together. There's no hope for LCY. No matter how many times they drink the water from the River of Oblivion, if LCY is still LCY who wouldn't let go of a thing in his life, their love is hopeless. After so much contemplation, it's just so heartbreaking for me to finally accept this fact . After Ash of Love, this drama is the next one that successfully captures my heart and will remain high in the list of "Must Rewatch" (I already replayed 2x on so many episodes). I basically live with OSTs and FMV these days, I'm not so ready to move on!!! Highly recommend Youtube channel of Nana Chou, she has an excellent collection of OSTs and instrumental BGM. They're just too beautiful and soulful .
  3. This. I watched this scene in episode 47 and couldn't believe my eyes, for a second I thought I experienced amnesia because there's no way I could forget such an *important* scene. I had to go back to double check the bed fighting scene in ep 38 to confirm that I'm not crazy. Haha, no need to say I replayed this scene non stop LOL.
  4. Thank you! I also feel the same! I believe that this is because the writing was loosing gas toward this end. It has been doing a good job at justifying everything LCY did and making him a relatable jerk (ok, I know it's twisted but this is how I feel lol). Production team, since you've tried so hard, why can't you spend a little more effort to wrap up this character nicely??? It feels as if he transformed into a monster overnight without a warning. I'm just pure angry now, I can't help feeling betrayed because of what they turned his character into in the last 8 episodes. There's rumor that they will have 2 endings, one that follows the book and one as fanservice. Personally, I don't think any HE will work after all the tragedies and pain LCY caused to XF. Poor our XF, I hope they'll give LCY his due karma at the end.
  5. OMG I can't believe that the show is over! The last 2 months of my life were filled with touching, exciting, lovely, and contemplating moments of TSOML. I agree with @nichiwoohee that ML was overshadowed by many other characters throughout the drama. I live far from home and speak to my mom weekly on the phone, and you know what? I talked about TSOML all the time whenever I called her. First about Grandma, I was deeply touched by her who, despite all the suffering caused by her husband, chose to stay as a widow for the Sheng family and who with her big heart took in ML when she lost her mom at young age. I was then appalled by GTY's step mother who blamed everyone and hurt everyone for her self inflicted misery. Their contrast showed me how perspectives and world view make a whole difference in one's happiness. In order to find contentment, you have to feel and fill it from the inside, not the other way around. Then let's talk about GTY. He's one of the most interesting male lead I have ever come across. He's hot headed but also incredibly shrewd. He's jaded by injustice and dissimulation but does let it stop him from seeing the goodness and giving out his heart to other people. He could have been resentful but he overcame it by focusing on current happiness. He is manipulative but also generous and self-sacrificing. He failed many times but he also carried himself up and kept moving forward. He's many complex layers of bad and good and lovely and annoying GTY. Such a refreshing character, I just can't help falling and cheering for him every time he pops up in the drama. Props to the writer and FSF, thanks to them GTY in the drama is better fleshed out and more relatable than the novel. I have seen FSF in 4 dramas, his acting is not bad but somewhat one dimensional. This is his best performance so far. I was also intrigued by Liniang and Molan. They represent ambitious women who try all they can to cheat the social hierarchy. In a different setup, women with this ambition and brightness are the main leads' materials who will end up with happily ever after. All the women in this drama schemed and manipulated someone, either their family, their underlings, or their higher-ups. Some got what they wanted, like Minglan, Zhang lady, and grandma; some lost miserably, like Liniang and Molan. I think what destroys them was that along the way searching for their happiness, they decided to abandon humanity and self-esteem. Molan at the end of the fighting scene with her husband cried in despair asking why she followed everything her mom did but still failed. Although I was unhappy that she didn't face her due punishment after all of her the horribly wrongdoings, her soliloquy was admittedly very memorable to me. It reminds me that it's not wrong to fight for your wellbeing but it's immoral to achieve it by hurting and fooling innocent people. Regardless of how well calculated your schemes are, people will know if your intention is genuine. It still doesn't make sense to me that Molan was accepted into Sheng family after all that, but I guess it's more painful for her to spend whole her life failing and suffering while everyone she hates is happy and well-lived. At the end, Molan has no real family because she never truly loves one. I just want to say thank you thank you to the whole production team. TSOML is of course not perfect adaption from the novel but still a great example of adaption done right. They managed to blow a new life into the previously successful book materials and showed that adaptation can also its own standing and can be valued as an individual piece of storytelling. TSOML now holds a special place in my heart and will be in my list of Must-Rewatch.
  6. Yesss. I noticed it too. ML was calmly listening to the girl and lost it when she heard Auntie Kang planned to hurt GTY. Yay!!!!
  7. I was always wondering how women can become unbearable psychos like Maniang, Big Madam, and Aunty Kang. I still don't understand Maniang (maybe she's a natural psycho lol) but think I can sympathize a little bit with Big Madam and Aunty Kang here. Failure to receive care and love from their husband obviously contributes greatly to their psycho characteristics and directly influences their "everyone has wronged me" view. But this definitely shouldn't be the excuse for them to project their unhappiness to everyone around them. It's just so wrong and so... pathetic. The actress who plays Big Madam did her role great justice in the raining scene at the worshipping room. I can feel her bitterness, disillusionment, dispair and discontent with her marriage. I mean she's definitely to blame for her wicked business, she shouldn't bottle up her emotions for all those year, put on the fake virtuous mask and eventually turn herself into a monster. But I can't help wonder whether we would have been like her if we were in her shoes. Maybe this is why I feel her evilness is more "reasonable" compared to that of Aunt Kang who hates just anyone because they won't let her have her way.
  8. Thanks for enlightening us with the historical background here. From my exposure to historical dramas, I'm kind of understand QH's job description. I think this job perfectly fits his characteristics (bookworm, dogmatic, stubborn). People doing this job were notoriously taken advantage as the weapon by political fractions to attack the other side. I think the writer was brilliant to assign this job for QH hehe.
  9. I can tell that you're from ZYL's fandom but I have to disagree here, this kind of blind appraisal only hurts your idol and causes unnecessary fan war. I admit that I was awed by his outstanding performance in Guardian but I haven't felt the same thing here. His bright and charming appearance doesn't work well with GTY who is jaded by injustice throughout his upbringing and who climbed up the social ladder with his military merits. It also doesn't help ZYL that QH is a boring and pathetic character. However, the fact that we've spent hours of discussing QH and his sad life appeared to me that ZYL did a good job, I would say they cast the right people who make us feel exactly how we should.
  10. I was dying at ED's "Buy 1 get 1" comment. It's so hilarious, but so true. The emperor really hits the jackpot with GTY, but I think he starts to get skeptical about GTY and his son. The emperor didn't want to be crowned initially but it's GTY and his son who really pushed him forward. I think deep down inside the emperor feels uneasy because he gets the crown thanks to his son. I can see foresee that the ED will take advantage of this conflict to gain her power dominance. She already had people around the emperor "unintentionally" suggesting him of how capable the prince and GTY are. Hard time is coming!
  11. In the novel, aunty Kang promised her sister that she would help Wang Ruofu to deteriorate grandma's health so that she can regain full household authority. However, Aunty Kang's real plan was to poison grandma with very potent drug so that she can use grandma's death to blackmail Wang Ruofu for money. This lady is a vicious snake, she doesn't only want power from ML and GTY but also money from the Sheng family. Luckily, grandma only took a small bit of the poison so she survived but her health greatly suffered afterward. That's why ML went crazy.
  12. The confrontation scene between QH and ML was terrific. I was clapping hands like crazy when ML stomped out in anger but ran back to shake QH out of his dellusion. think her words summed up pretty much everything people have been discussing here. Rough translation: ML: You are the baby of Qi family but I'm just a lone soul. Luckily, he (my husband) is a considerate guy. Have you ever thought of what could have happened to me if he were a petty and vicious guy? My life could have been ruined because of your action. QH: But...but I just did what was good for you. ML: Then it has to be considered as good by me first! Good by your book doesn't count! (Later, ML to XT: The little Duke is such a big cry baby. He just does whatever he feels like.) I have never had a bit of sympathy towards QH, way before QTY proved himself a worthy contender for ML's husband because I'm a supporter of ML from the start. QH's actions, intentionally or not, have always caused harm to ML, from gifting her precious stationary to publicly expressing his affection to ML and making unrealistic promises. And I agree with the comment above that people of this kind are even worse than the villains, because we can't hate them but they're not exactly innocent either. Such an annoying character.
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