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  1. Those dialogues ML said weren't incoherent speech.Thanks for reminding me.I remembered the rabbit one but had forgotten this one.I was very excited to see epi 70 and 71.Waiting for the action tommorow.
  2. What can the wife of a disgraced official who is imprisoned for murder,corruption do in a world dominated by men? She can be domineering to the point of getting her way to see her husband in prison and make sure at least he is not denied basic comforts to live his days... She can bang the Dengwa drums to let the officials know and the words spread around city of how vicious the accusers have been to the young couple...Now people have an access to two sides of the story even if emperor refuses to hear it... She can unmask the assassin who is out to kill her and the new born son. Can tell her husband to find a better way to tide over their troubles instead of asking for a seperation. Can pretend to be shocked and disoriented as a wronged wife to throw her enemies off-gaurd. She can do a lot even without being powerful..Why wouldn't the Empress Dowager try to rid herself off this annoying thorn called Minglan? She has great potential to cause significant roadblock to ED's plan of action...
  3. That prison conversation was so good..Oozing love and warmth... Brought GTY to tears.I couldn't get enough of it.
  4. I thought so too about empress and ML's conversation...If GTY and Prince Huan had really fallen out with the king would they play chess in the prison surrounded by guards? Wouldn't the emperor be further infuriated when news traveled to him?
  5. The empress didn't put a blind eye watching her in epi 70 and 71 made me think so.She was thoughtful and caring towards ML and GTY she addresses him as Zhounghai..Yet her words were harsh to ML..She sat on her knees to help ML stand up..We were not shown the conversation as Empress asked maids to leave...When ML came out of the place she was shocked..she laughed and cried..said things which didn't seem coherent...ML is a person who keeps her composure why suddenly behave like that? Very unlike her to act in such a precarious situation.
  6. The interesting thing was he anticipated but didn't do much to give them a tough fight...He also didn't confide in ML of his thoughts but Prince Huan. The emperor is man who believes in radical ideas..He wanted to cultivate grains in an unknown,unsuitable indoor enviornment..He is a very patient man who toiled in his endeavor..Yet his words and actions incourt is one of impatience...You are right the writer/s like toying with their audience. Isn't the official who pleaded with Madam Wang her son?
  7. Dialogues and cinematography.So.many interesting nuances...I liked the scene between empress and ML after she wakes up from the fainting spell post drumming the justice drums..Her concern for Zhounghai,ML..thoughtful and filled with care...Yet her words were harsh as a whiplash.Actions and words at odds with each other.Nice execution.
  8. Well put.Dramas will deviate from doing actual historical presentations most of the time or else it's difficult to give us eye pleasing scenery,moments... If they followed Northen Song dynasty depiction of women to the T...they would have to show foot binding of women..it started in this era..then we wouldn't have had polo matches or ML running brandishing a sword. Some of my most enjoyable moments of the drama would have disappeared...There are other instances that I know from the study of Song era as not being an exact depiction..it's ok..it is a drama to help me relax and enjoy after all.
  9. I hope we do get a sweet ending for Shitou and Xiatao too. It was the so nice to see old friends of ML,aunt, Danju visiting during her son's ceremony...
  10. Is this specific to northen song dynasty? If ML is third level that is a grade lower I presume than Qin and Madam Wang.So how is her clothes allowed to be more decorative? As I understand the imperial family and high ranking officials were allowed to were silk ..Others would dress in hemp...For commoners it was black or blue simple dressing..Using of colors was barred except by royalty and high ranking officials. So if we go by that then ML's attire has to be on the austere side....Here it is not so..Her dress in fact stands out more.. Thanks @leeza77 for posting this.My question got answered. TV audiences are enjoying the way the story has progressed.
  11. I went back to look at the dress code of the petitioning ladies.. Madam Wang wore a red robe with an elaborate golden ornamental headgear fit to be a crown..Madam Qin wore a darkish blue robe with modest embroidery and a golden ornamental headgear which was less regal compared to Sr.Ms.Wang. ML was in a blue robe which had birds embroidered on it generously.Her head gear too was blue with the bird theme...Medival European clans used animals as symbols in family crest.Don't know if that is the case with Gu clan hence the aviary display. The men's offical dresscode followed a pattern of hierarchy/nobility/ranking..women attire was a costume designer's delight...Wish there was a more methodical way to understand the hierarchy difference on woman's attire.
  12. How is the story of minglan faring among TV audiences? Are they also critical of historical discrepancies in costume,props,screenplay?Just curious since in some countries TV audiences aren't too mindful about these matters.
  13. Oh yes! The women in this drama shine on their own merit good or evil doesn't matter.They do it in a patriarchal society with elan.A force to reckon with for the men folk. The best part for me is how it moves towards the ending.It might be an unpopular view but I kinda like it.It reaffirms how a novel if written in that era would have ended.It would give the last word to men.Even if they remain in the background for household/inner palace matters,when it comes to important matters of nation,governance they triumph...All the evil yet smart women banded together but they still walked in the trap laid out for them without figuring it out. In the end ML solves the issues at home as GTY battles outside...The roles demarcated with clarity... Similar to what happened in the confiscated farmstead..When ML was in a tight spot he came and solved it with great insight....just like his wife did earlier.
  14. What you mentioned can also be the reason for her hysterical laughter.Not sure on symbolism.Madam Wang also wore a headgear while petitioning as well as Madam Qin.Though the latter's one was different.
  15. She is concubine Feng...Who became a martial arts expert while wearing the costume resembling the dark lord from star wars. I believe empress was forced to reveal the plot to ML's continued advocating for her husband.Don't see why she would laugh like that and throw the headgear..
  16. I will try to rephrase what I wanted to convey.Humans are complex.Enviornment,parental/ other people influence,things read, observed... plays a part in shaping a person.Each thing is like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle...Untill all the pieces are tied the complete picture won't emerge. Which piece is more important is difficult to say.The input pieces for each person might be similar but the output (final picture which emerges)is always different. For ex.RL,HL are siblings being exposed to same enviornment,parents etc., yet their belief system is different..Therefore how they respond to similar situation is also different. CB ,QH both place lot of significance on righteousness as a characteristic trait but the way it manifests in each is different.Though the exposure on conventions,expectations,study of it would be similar. Similarly ML loves,respects as well as discusses things with grandma...But when it comes to acting in a situation she will not always adhere to grandma's thought process even if she is aware of them..Grandma doesn't believe in a tooth for a tooth approach therefore she was out of the loop for CL's issue...The poisoning case was different..She was the victim hence her wishes would take precedence..ML would acqueisce and she did. That's what my understanding has been from the character potrayals in the series... I didn't consider Daniang as evil.She has a petty,selfish attitude... SH too has that..But none of the children had that parental influence even when exposed to it. To sum it up it is not about disregarding parental influence but it might not be an overriding factor to make a decision on many occasions.
  17. We are splitting hairs trying to crack the plot .Gran and granddaughter are a lovely duo.I love their banter about love sickness when they miss each other. Kitchen politics has moved to palace politicking.We should have a poll on eve of ending- Who plots better the women or men?
  18. I am still on the fence about grandma being moral compass.The way she was kept in the dark about ML's scheming and the girl's steadfast refusal to divulge.I think it's her own belief system that she uses as her compass.If she feels an advise is reasonable she might adhere/in corporate but it's not gauranteed. She went with granny's advise on Aunt Kang because the old lady was the victim.Old Madam Sheng's views take precedence in her own matter.
  19. ML is dangerous even with granny by her side.She made CL die a painful death by withholding medicinal supply to her severe wounds..Was ready to kill older Ms.Kang only to be persuaded by old Madam Sheng to withdraw.As you rightly said the show does display human nature quite well.Even antagonists are given the humane touch.The protagonist also carry deep flaws. No one is painted unrealistically white.Even righteous CB doesn't escape.
  20. Villainy is never entirely product of an era..it also has an element of human nature that indulges in it.Even if a person has a good upbringing they can turn to a life of crime.Molan and Aunt Kang are not product of neglect in the era.Contrarily they were treated better and received preferential treatment than their male siblings.
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