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  1. Ending was great... everything started in cuba... but love started in the playground. Just like the garden in cuba. it starts and ends there. wow. Cant wait to watch it later with subs. thank you for all who did the recaps and screencaps. see yah around soompi
  2. I know! I feel you too dragging... cant believe CSH has turned her heart into stone! Cmon... let it all go already..
  3. I think... CSH will have a change of heart. They will agree to give more time for each other to adjust. Thus the scenes in the preview... i hope im wrong. I just wanted the first 10minutes for them to patch things up then create more memories...
  4. Why do i have this feeling that something will happen in the bookstore... 1. CSH might recrive a call/text either from KJH's mother or JMJ or even her father 2. Someone might come up to her 3. Or anything!!!! Like someone has been rushed to the hospital or something. Ahahahaha vague thoughts. Just to veer away from what she is thinking and changes her mind or make her forget that she is comtemplating to part ways. Arghhhhh anything can happen! And its too bad there's no preview!!!!
  5. I think they wont break up remember what they promised when they had a date in the open field about good memories? Also when CSH went to Sokcho and they were talking in the restaurant CSH promised it wont happen again...then apologized for not thinking of the good memories and saw KJH as weak I was stuck at page 311!!! Arghhhh
  6. So this is where CSH said in the preview that he learned from WS... Is she going to do the same for KJH?!?!!!!! Waaaahhhhhhhhh she will free KJH from all the trouble?!?! I hope im wrong
  7. This should make her guilty and confess. Her heart shouldve melted by now when KJH told her thatshe only love her and CSH
  8. A very different CSH from the first few episodes. She's letting her emotions out!!!!! Awwwww
  9. Will she be the one hospitalized??? Hmmmm... I remembered someone posted about them shooting at a hospital
  10. Go chinggu... Update us!!!! Wee wee thanks in advance!!! Go chinggu... Update us!!!! Wee wee thanks in advance!!!
  11. Please chinggus... Thank you in advance for recap and screencaps... Arghhhhh... Excited to see what's in store in ep14. Finish it up guys. We would want the last 2 to be happy ahahaha...
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