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  1. Yes. I heard rumours about her that she is a lesbian. But in the past, she dated Kim Nam Gil. They went to Japan together. So if the rumours were true, she maybe is bisexual?!
  2. Yes. Maybe the drama is airing so they have to deny it. Maybe after MOA ends, we will have a answer. But I believe they’re dating. Song-Song couple were seen travelled three times but they all denied it. So sometimes they deny rumours dont mean it’s wrong
  3. Their movie ended promotion several months ago. And someone saw them on 9th January in LA. I think he/she has a basis to say that. Because both companies confirmed them in LA at that time. No one knows about their schedule and knows that they go to LA. So I think it isn’t a wrong rumour
  4. I think HB is dating SYJ. They were seen together on 190901. 10 January, they denied that rumour. But yesterday was SYJ’s birthday. I dont think she travelled alone and wants to celebrate her birthday alone without anyone. Maybe HB came to LA celebrating her birthday with her. It’s not easy to mistake SYJ and PSH. They dont look alike. Maybe he/she was wrong about them eating with SYJ’s parents. They might be HB’s parents. My ship sank. If HB-PSH werent meant to be together, I hope they will find their true love.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/BkKhrJlAorb/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Hi guys! This is the first time I've written a comment in this topic. ^^. I have a question that do you guys think Shinhye and that dress will appear in next episodes? 'cause I dont think she wore that dress just for travelling and taking pictures.
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