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  1. @Andzek CXX is only a cameo/ guest starring (客串) for upcoming Republican drama “Love in a fallen city.” So, I don’t think he will have that many scenes. CXX’s role is the brother of the main lead Ethan Ryan. “Zhejiang New talent” production company is the one that produces all three dramas GBMP, LinFC, wind the world. The two dramas don’t have same writers or directors.
  2. I checked baidu in Chinese for this drama and I cannot find CXX's name attached to any characters. May be he is just a cameo with a scene or two only. This "love in a fallen city" is produced by same company as GBMP and a lot of suporting actors like Pei Jao, Xunde Wang (second crown prince, Taiwan actor Kingkong Wang), min yue, Yong niang, General Gao from GBMP are in there. FBB owns many shares in this new talent production company and it is also production company behind her currently shelved "wind the world" drama where PXR has a role. CXX's Chinese ghost story film is remade of 1987 version and in ancient chinese setting. They only took 25 days to film and I hope it won't look bad.
  3. I guess angry fans’ complaints about the editing and cut scenes (the power of weibo highly searched topic 热搜) reached to the original writer, Fei Wo Si Quan. http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/03/goodbye-my-princess-fans-and-author.html?m=1
  4. I think these scenes just haven’t been shown yet. They should be in the episodes on Monday. @jewelsc @gsmith I won’t take literally for “three life times fated to meet and suffers” mentioned by the monk. This “three life times” should not be taken like real three life times as in "eternal love" drama. Chinese idioms usually mention couples who met, fell in love and get married have three life times of destiny. It is a figurative way of saying for their destiny of meeting but not really fated to be together till old age. Although they lost their memories of what happened in Xi Liang and Danchi by jumping into river of forgetfulness, it is the same life as they’re the same 9th princess XF and 5th prince LCY. The kiss scene seems interrupted because they put in LCY's flashbacks. I think the director and editor want to create (1) a suspense in audience mind asking “is LCY going to remember the past now?” without thinking the viewers these days already know about when he is going to remember through novel spoilers (2) they want to be consistent with previous scenes portrayal of LCY getting extreme headaches whenever he became physically and emotionally close to XF though he gets better with time. Since this is the very first close intimate scene after memory loss, they want to make sure he has this reaction because of triggered blurred memories. In the novel, these triggered feelings of LCY weren’t mentioned as it was only told from XF’s perspectives. XF didn’t have those triggered headaches but just dreams both in novel and drama. I hope this will help you guys forgive the director and editor a little
  5. eastern palace (Dong Gong) novel has huge fan base since published online on 2011. There has been many fan MVs with scenes from previous dramas with famous actors and actresses on youtube and chinese platforms. Since GMP's leads having great chemistry, acting not bad and flow of drama is good even with addition and changes in plot, of course, it will be more popular online than the Legends. However, the Legends is broadcasted on TV in addition to online. PXR is signed under Fan Bing Bing's management's company and that's why she is in Legend of Ba Qing. The Legend of Ba Qing might not see the light for a long time as its both leads having run-in with laws. Although Gavin Gao's scenes were reshot with Li Chen and were going to be digitally substituted, not sure FBB is allowed to come back to the screen yet.
  6. ep 40 is not the end. The total episode is 52. I believe the drama will show till LCY growing old as very beginning of one of the MV trailer, there is an old man’s back walking across the desert by himself with a walking staff. There is also a shot LCY’s old self submerging himself in water (river of forgetfulness) posted in this thread.
  7. I think you may be right. The drama might show LCY got drunk over his guilt of slapping XF and his hurt feelings of XF’s words, not because of Sese’s demotion and house arrest. The novel is written from XF’s persepective ONLY (except for the epilogue after XF died) and XF thought LCY got drunk for Sese and got sick after. Another thing is I’m not really sure whether the drama will show LCY planned and used Sese to destroy Zhào clan from the beginning like in the novel. So far, it has shown only that LCY’s mom and maternal Gu clan were destroyed because of empress and Gao family and Zhào family wasn’t involved like in the novel. Zhào family and Gao family also didn’t get along. LCY might have used Sese for her family’s military support and now to protect XF in pretense of favoring Sese only but so far I’m not sure he planned all this to destroy Zhào clan. I don’t think the drama will make LCY this bad! He might say he wasn’t that in love with Sese like he acted though he likes her. I think even if drama showed Sese and her family got punished because of their own wicked plannings (like her brother arrested and killed third Gao son for his own personal grudges and Sese killed Xu Niang then blamed it on XF) not because of LCY’s plans to destroy Zhào family, XF will still remember her involvement/ being used in her maternal clan getting destroyed and her grandfather’s death. Thus, she will feel guilty everyday by staying with LCY.
  8. In the novel, LCY got sick after getting drunk 3-4 days in a row since Sisi was demoted and house-arrested for three months. However, it was shown he got sick in preview ep 37. His eunuch SE, asking XF to visit LCY to stop him drinking as he was drinking non-stop after coming back from empress palace, happened in later part of ep 39 preview. That’s why I said the drama created two events from one event in the novel. I don’t consider the scene where LCY and XF were locked up and LCY was given aphrodisiac in soup as drunk scene. He was just hot being given spring drug, not drunk. It is shown in beginning of preview ep 39. I’m not sure whether there will be another “bed fight scene” when XF visit drunken LCY. However, it was mentioned separately from sick scene, locked up in room scene and stabbed scene. The gif scene people on youtube are critiquing for making serious scene become funny is definitely NOT LCY’s recovery scene after being stabbed by assassin. I guess we will see it is “aphrodisiac locked-up scene” or not on Thursday @pad-hari @churasan The assassination attempt is for LCY not for XF. It happened that XF was in LCY’s room. The assassins and LCY were fighting, XF got in the way, he pushed her away and he got stabbed.
  9. @Andzek @enigmatic_zephy I’m not sure the scene below is after LCY was stabbed by assassin in covering for XF. The leads have a few “fight on the bed” scenes. From the preview, the writers might have separated LCY getting really drunk and then being sick into two separate events happened at different times. The drunken state happened in ep 39 (but before getting stabbed) later than he being sick in ep 37. So, may be this scene is one of those fight scenes on the bed before getting stabbed.
  10. I think the drama will change XF jumping off cliff to “jumping off the city gate tower” after helping Atu push out of border city’s gate door before it was closed by LCY’s order. However, Atu who was already outside the city gate will use her body to cushion against XF’s fall. Thus, XF won’t die but escape from Li Dynasty. She will then try to go back to western Liang by riding a horse and LCY caught up to her. Then, she will try to slash her neck with sword. I think the drama is creating the two events happening at two different places and times to create more dialogues between the leads. In the novel, there was no interaction or dialogues between them after she jumped off the cliff saying “forget me Gu Xiao Wu” and stabbing herself after Atu’s death. I think the guy is XF’s oldest brother who was standing next to her father when LCY and General Gao first went to western Liang Palace to ask for marriage alliance in ep 2. The woman who was bathing when emperor came in was the daughter of prime minister Gao who is also empress’ cousin. Empress was telling emperor that she was helping her cousin to be in good health before the cousin served the emperor as she was sickly since young while telling Gao family that she already arranged the consummation. (I explained the scheme and reasoning of empress and prime minister Gao in details in my previous post on page 18). The emperor went to this new Gao mei ran place to create discord between the empress and Gao family as he knows Gao family wants their own prince from Gao daughter and empress wants to prevent that to keep her place as empress and later as empress dowager (when LCY became emperor).
  11. @roli You can read the entire novel in Chinese at the link below. https://www.kanunu8.com/files/yqxs/201104/2585/62137.html Novel in English (translation incomplete only up to Ch 25)... http://fantasybooksforever.blogspot.com/2016/02/translations.html?m=1
  12. youtube version of MV sung by the leads in case if can't watch youku version...
  13. Hello!!! Same here! I saw a few posts asking to translate for previews, summarize new episodes or explain imperial customs but didn’t get answered for a couple of days and just trying to be helpful .... I like the chemistry between the main leads, CXX’s acting as LCY and overall flow of the drama but I feel each episode is shorter than normal after taking out opening, closing and highlight from previous episode (May be cuz web drama).
  14. The maid is from queen's palace, thus part of the main palace not part of Dong gong (crown prince’s palace) and she belongs to the emperor. Since the queen allows her to take care of CP, I guess the drama makes it ok. However, in fedual era, it is not ok and CP is not supposed to sleep at queen’s palace or bed any maids from main palace. The timeline in drama is very different from the book and so far, it has been able to manage not to allow LCY to consummate with Zhao Sese by the queen punishing her half a month not allowing CP visiting her for letting CP stay at her palace during wedding night, and then her three months kneeling and praying in front of shrine for making CP bring her to Buddha's festival in XF's place. Her three months’ punishment is not up yet, but the palace maid now being pregnant. Sese will be involved in losing the child, being demoted to commoner and CP not being allowed to visit her for some time again. The novel is different in that all these current events happen after three years of their marriage and it would be for sure Sese and LCY already consummated.
  15. Yes, it is the same maid (It is just this actress looks a bit different with different hairstyles and camera angle). She is pregnant with the child of one of the palace guard officers (the one whom Atu stabbed chopsticks into his palm at Mielo's liquor store in ep.29). The queen decided to trick her pregnancy as LCY's to have a prince she could control in the future... (1) her uncle (and cousins, prime minister Gao family) sent his daughter into palace to be imperial concubine (the woman who danced during imperial family dinner in ep 31) and pushing her to force/arrange emperor to sleep with this Gao concubine. When her cousin (2nd Gao son who is minister of work) came to give her Quanyin statue, she told her maid that Gao family can create a prince out of thin air as long as emperor sleeps with their Gao concubine (since Gao family is only power left in court, basically they can say concubine is pregnant even if she is not, and bring in a male child to be their puppet prince). They would prefer to support that child and own daughter instead of the niece (current queen) and her adopted son (LCY, current crown prince). (2) She felt that LCY has strayed away from her and she is afraid that he would not listen to her in the future. (3) Having LCY’s son and the mother who would listen to her (palace maid had to obey her since both she, the child, her lover, her family and his family would be killed if Dept of palace affairs found out about her pregnancy. Basically, palace maids are emperor’s property and they cannot sleep with any other men even princes without given permission by the emperor. Of course, crown prince has control over maids of his Dong Gong palace), would be advantageous for queen in the future if LCY got killed by Gao family or if she wants to get rid of LCY in the future. The throne will go to crown prince’s son over younger prince in the event of CP passing before inheriting the throne especially CP’s son is older than younger prince. I guess, the drama writers try to paint less bad LCY to appease viewers by not making him sleep with another woman and kill his own child in his path for revenge and power. Actually, drama LCY is already way better and very considerate of XF’s feelings even in feudal era since he wanted to take XF somewhere away from Danchi before the war so that she personally didn’t witness and hear about the war. It was unfortunate that second prince decided to advance the date of attack to coincide with XF’s wedding (second prince didn’t know it was wedding of LCY and XF) and LCY had to lead Pei Zhao frontline troop to gain military merits. Even before he left from Danchi's tribe to join PZ, he asked Mr. Chai's subordinates to take away XF from Danchi's camp. However, those people only ended up detaining XF and Atu, leading her to escape to witness he slaying her grandfather. If he knew she was still in Danchi's camp, he would have decided not to kill the grandfather.
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