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  1. I know this is late but I just want to say I perfectly understand the fact that there is tongfang and how the guys in this era aren't that pure. However I just ignore this facts like how I ignore other relastic details to try and enjoy the show. Well that's that carry on with the topic.
  2. Yes I said he better off dying than living at the end only to suffer. Let me explain my side. From what others said, they say that in the end he live a bachelor life after two unsuccessful marriage. That is why for me it is way better for him to at least be known as that guy who help the ML or the world than that passionate guy who can't move on. See, you you either die a Hero or live long enough to see yourself called a Villain. XD At least in the end, the ML and the Male Lead had a happy ending from their despair beginning. But what about QH? I beg to differ and say that he also fight hard. He may not chose the riskist route but he still fought. Yes now he will live the consequence and that's why for me it is way better to die than experiencing such thing. It may be a coward route but it is the route we can at least say he will die in peace. Just because others is suffering way more doesn't mean he isn't. At least ML and GTY had someone to lean on during their darkest time, but what about him? (This next paragraph is not specifically for you) Also stop saying this character is written well and that. Every character is written well. Just that the drama might have screw some a bit.
  3. First off, I am sorry for not quoting the post I am replying to -I forgot. XD For the person who said about what SL ending might be, for me it's better he died honourably as a SL. It is much better than him having to watch someone he love in someone else arms tbh. As for the how this could be like those cliche k-drama I know right. Though I say I would would rather watch that than watching a not pure guy winning a pure girl. I honestly feel depress, probably if I just read the novel, I will just complain how I hate the character of ml and not even talk about the SL as I only see him as the ML's bro. But his acting is so good that it just makes you feel depress seeing those longing eyes that you know will never be fix. *I fell for the trap, and so I can only blame myself* As of today, I will only watch the end. Not found of stories that will just make my heart hurt and whail in pain. Though I will keep on following this thread to get updated as to what is happening. I also like how @goldenfingers pointed out the difference between QH in the drama and the novel and point out as to why this is how he act.
  4. Is that true? Lol. Ship whoever you want. Look at me, knowing my ship is drowning I just ship whoever I see like Changbei and GTY. XD I am so depressed.
  5. Oh fellow QHxMinglan shippers? I do not even know what I saw that made me ship them (probably the good acting of the two people?) Since on the novel, I juat saw them as brother and sister. I doubt that since a lot are saying how Minglan will make sure to clear the lines. Though I wish she would as the only way the ship will continue if she will be daring enough to ignore all odds just to follow her heart.
  6. That feeling when you know they would not end up together yet you still fall for the trap. XD I am too hopless romantic for my own good.
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