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  1. Did you guys get to read director's extended interview about how he chose Somin as his first choice for an actress to portray as Kangsoon? Also how he mention Jiseok's perfectionism? What he said about Jiseok got to my theory about his method acting. He is more of method actor who acts on realism. He had to immerse himself into the world of narcissism and trauma in attempt to understand and bring out the feelings out of it. Off screen, he seems to be scary according to director. If he said Jiseok is scary, it is what Jiseok is trying to garner that particular image. He is putting two things in Yoobaek. Yoobaek's charm is his looks and cool mannerism. However, he entered into world of narcissism and trauma, it had taken toll on his private world, his inner self. It slowly destroying him every step of the way until to its boiling point. Jiseok was too immersed in his role off screen when the director mentioned his eating habits and how hard working he had to maintain his body he embarrassingly said had to give "flower" image. He became quite scary. I think it is what Jiseok had to achieve in doing for his role. The thing is that, narcissistic Yoobaek is human like all of us. But because of his circumstance happened in his private world, he had nowhere to find comfort. It hides behind his sadness. Sadness became anger, then anger became rudeness. The city/public was his world. It defined him. It judged him. However when he went to island, the island/public gives different perspectives. It changed him. Jiseok did so well to bring us to his journey to understand him better. It teaches us to look into ones soul not outer image. This kind of acting-- if they chose very difficult role, it will take toll on them off screen too. Jared Leto said when he prepared for the role as Joker, he had to do something crazy or lock himself up to understand the mind and mannerism of how Joker became that kind of particular person. Joker was also like all of us, a human. Heath Ledger did similar. He is well known method actor. It affects a lot off screen too. It takes time to overcome it. Each of us are human but circumstances can change us; good or bad. Jiseok portrayed Yoobaek who was pure heart from beginning, was raised and defined by the public as idol. He started at the very young age. There was no one near his heart to protect him. His painful past had created a wall between the public and himself. The director said Jiseok really worked very hard to build this role. I saw latest post from his stylist or his team that Jiseok was quite sick or getting stressed out from the weather or diet in middle of shooting. Looking at from what he wore, it was after his first confession, and brought Kangsoon to Seoul to get to know more about him. He was not feeling too well. It was amazing that he and his casts maintain their attitude throughout. I think Somin is more of working very hard physically. Emotionally- Kangsoon is very similar to her minus country accent. It was okay for her. She had to work extra hard to learn something new to maintain the authenticity of satoori accent. But she had to go through long distance due to running man shooting (she even went to HK for 2 days for running man), shedding image, and severe weather condition. However, I think Jiseok suffered and gave up more than anyone combined. He had to suffer psychologically, mentally, and physically. Jiseok immersion into his Yoobaek role takes a lot of physical toll- diet, image, mannerism, anger, pain, and severe weather conditions. He took hiatus from Problematic Man for that. Even though he took hiatus but he really gave up a lot for the role. He shed tears at the end feeling that he failed everyone because of the low ratings. I wanted to hug him and tell him that he did far more amazing job. He touched my heart through his realism acting as yoobaek before and even after when kangsoon made him such sweetest and most gentle soul. Yoobaek also teaches us how we could respect woman. The way he treated and love kangsoon is so pure and heartfelt. Jiseok nailed it so well. Gosh, I was so touched with his tremendous dedication. The director explained how he had gone through. His team posted of him tired and getting massage from his staff to look for his health. He is such an amazing and hardest working actor. A fine and high quality actor. So really lets try really hard to continue to make best comments to get them to get awards for their hard work and quality acting they deserves soo much. Recommend to friends and don't give up. DVD survey won't be successful because of the timing, not because of the quality of the drama. It takes time. Their competition was so severe. Continue to post and spread the words about the drama. It is amazing and good quality. I can't stop saying that! =) And I would like to see somin and jiseok in melodrama with no restrictions with kissing scenes. Maybe add some comedic chops. But lots of love between them. Somin is very caring and jiseok is very sweet. It makes their chemistry very pure and heartfelt.
  2. https://www.soompi.com/article/1220405wpp/kim-jung-hyun-step-drama-time-due-health-concerns That article about this actor-- is quite similar to the reference from TOP STAR YOOBAEK. It is very interesting way for us to see how we see the situation, and finally the actor explained his situation few days after getting bad rap on his behaviour during the press conference. It is very interesting to look at. A lot of netizens are really hard and judgmental on everyone's outer image.TIME is actually a good drama but it pays the price to be part of it, and act it well. It is thriller romance. AND also to add, Somin was offered the role for main lead in TIME as this actor's love interest. She turned it down then eventually accepted Top Star Yoobaek offer. Somin would have gotten more popularity from TIME for MBC but she opts for TVN's Yoobaek. I think she made the right choice even though Yoobaek suffered from low ratings. It needs time to get everyone's attention. Top Star Yoobaek is also very aesthetic drama. It could be better if the drama is longer more than 11 episodes. We went through so much with angst, pain, and sadness. We wanted to see more of the healing part, the reconciliation, and how a man like yoobaek treats a strong woman like Kangsoon. It teaches us to be stronger, kinder, less judgemental, and more lovely. It has way to warm the hearts of the audience/viewers. The is the beauty part of the drama. They could be unlucky, but it is one of the most moving drama I've watched. I love their chemistry too much. =)
  3. The article is cute. By the way, it would be nice if you make comments on it. The comments are awful there calling her fake. It would be nice if you could make comment to watch the drama or commenting about her choices.
  4. Your prediction is right. However, somin is making jiseok question her or call her. If she chose the latter, jiseok will call her why she is so ruthless again! First choosing madol and now Someone else beside jiseok! Somin is being weird. She has all the schemes inside. It kind of drove jiseok crazy. Hehe
  5. Jiseok has a lot of passion for acting. He has to be full integrated into their role and be in their role. He also have to worry about physical appearance and mannerism. Jiseok to me, seems to enjoy as method actor. He seems to enjoy acting on realism. Since Top Star Yoo Baek is a comedy rom com, he made exaggeration of it. He was totally into extreme narcissism- how the viewers look at him. It is easily to judge others. Instead of hating him, we just find hard to watch him going through that kind of mannerism. it looks so real, and it is what we see people outside. We tend to forget the matters of inner soul. Then later on, it comes from his point of view. His acting changed-- to show more emotion as we entered his world of private pain. Our perspective of him also changed. It brings us to his eyes, heart, and soul as we were carried into his journey. Jiseok in a way, seem not to mind second lead role. It is better than other small roles. I believe it depends on a project quality. He gives 100 percent to his acting skills. It is hard to pick a right project just for you. Jiseok may have been well aware to pick a very difficult project with Top Star Yoobaek. It asked for more method acting on narcissism and trauma. It is a lot of work on physical appearance, acting on emotions, and stress as male lead for ratings. He felt so responsible for low ratings. He cried at the end with mixed feelings. He had worked so hard with everyone, and felt that he led everyone down as male lead. It is a beautiful drama and it is so much better with him in it especially with Somin. It is actually a good drama despite low ratings. He enjoyed working with quality actors and team. They all worked so hard for him. Everyone works hard for main lead. It is a tremendous pressure. If you are second lead, you tend to do what you can do it and make it work. I believe he wanted to take a break from that for awhile until he finds good project he would like to act in main lead one day. Top Star Yoobaek seems to taken to his heart. He is famous for second lead not because he is not popular. Second lead ask for more acting skills to challenge the main lead. It is easier to act as a villain than to be protagonist. He doesn't seem to like to be heroic all the time. He chose a lot of anti hero characters. Yoobaek is anti hero- he is narcissistic top star but has flaws. At the end, it shows more humane but more heartfelt grounded yoobaek with heart of gold. Jiseok is famous for bring warmth to his second lead because of how he put his work 100 percent. Oh Hae Young- one of his best character acting to show off his comedic acting. But the chemistry with his love interest has a lot of mix feelings. It has no chemistry but it is a lot of comedy. I really enjoy his interactions with his love interest. They work well together but their chemistry is not as good as the leads. But they stand out. It depends on projects he chose, and he will work 100 percent in it. I think Jiseok wanted to take a break from main lead because it takes a lot of work physically, mentally, and well being. It is a lot of pressure. 20th century girl and boy-- it shows more of character acting- because he created such a sweet character with sense of love and longing. It is a nice drama over all. He shows a lot of romantic gestures there. It is like watching real Jiseok on his dating life. It is very warm but quite common. He stands out a lot for being sweet and affectionate. He is great in it but I do think he wanted to do more. However, after Top Star, his sight will set higher for bigger but good drama or movie projects. Actors have to keep moving forward to pick up the project to make a living. So second lead or main lead or any small projects unless it is good and potential for him to put his work towards to. Something he could act. He may want to take a break from romance and take action movies or etc. Sometimes he needs a change. Somin, in other hand, seems to choose mostly romantic drama. Top Star is her first rom com. One percent of anything is more of romance. Not so much of a comedy. It has some comedic scenes. But it is more of light hearted romance. I think Somin found comedy as her forte because of Running Man. Acting in Top Star confirms it. She has ability to create chemistry with anyone. I like her with Jiseok because they are similar. Their potentials shines more brightly together. Somin is more of character actor but with Jiseok, she has immersed into method acting as Kangsoon- she did both character and method acting to build Kangsoon's charms. Somin has innate talent to build charms, but with Jiseok, her acting became more refined and more method like when she had immerse into a role as country girl with manly mannerisms. Their aura seems to be same. Somin tries to work around Jiseok's acting, and she did amazing job on it. That is what Somin's famous for in Running Man. She creates chemistry with Kwangsoo, Jaesuk, Haha, and Jong Kook. She creates different chemistry depending on each person. She has love and sisterly chemistry with Kwangsoo, challenged Jaesuk so many times, being cute with HaHa, and being master of skits with Jong Kook. With Jiseok, Somin met her male version of her.
  6. The thing is that, despite tough shooting between the island and the city according to their schedule, I think they may have another way to handle the shooting schedule. They may spend little time in Island and more time in Seoul for shooting since Kangsoon has moved on to city to pursue her studies. I heard after the ending of the shooting, the island will begin to do renovation and development. SO if they have season two, the accommodation will be readily available. Season 2 will be a challenge due to location and weather. A budget posed a problem too since they have to provide travel and accommodation for whole team, casts, and staffs. However you mention about being curious about their next projects, I was more interested seeing them working again together in the future. They have the best and great combination in terms of chemistry and acting. They have very similar persona when it comes to comedy, drama, romance, and even variety. I am very curious to see them in variety together. They have same persona, and I felt it would be chaotic, fun, and funny. I believe the low ratings does not reflect their drama quality. It has to do with time slot and severe competition. The thing is that, even though there is competition, they did well in rerun and viewing online. The budget, location, and long distance travel were taking toll on them, and shortening the number of episodes. However, it is very good quality drama with best acting, chemistry, and plot. The drama has a lot of meaningful message: Yoobaek- overcoming his trauma- through love and truth about him have set him free Kangsoon- overcome her fear to step out of comfort zone to become a woman she wants to become. Madol- to be free from unrequited love- his actions and wisdom have made him a better man but happier than ever when he met his true love. I would like to see more in Season two- to provide us more development on their growth. I am looking forward to see continuation of Jiseok and Somin's chemistry, Kangsoon becoming Seoul woman, Madol's growing relationship with Haewon, Yoobaek's reconciliation with his mom, and many more. The first one is Island life and the second one could be about life in Seoul. It will pose a lot of challenge for Kangsoon to provide a plot or twist. Some netizens and I like how the drama make it like a healing journey, and growth of character. A lot of comments said that this drama gave them sense of healing. It is rare kind to find in any other drama. The thing is that, the last two episodes is too much to crammed and rushed. We would like to extend little more to give us breather and glimpse of Kangsoon's experience in Seoul and Yoobaek's protectiveness over her in a strange world. Somin will continue to shoot with Running Man. I think she will agree with one drama offer and others will be mostly running man and small projects. She seems to be picky to do a big project. She dropped several offers. Jiseok will continue with Problematic Man. I think he will accept more offers since he showed a lot of great acting in top star yoobaek. I think he may get movie offer. I don't know it will be another male lead. He will be like second lead again to take a break. It is a lot of work to be first lead. In top Star, he had to a lot of work to make it more visible pleasing to bring popularity. He worked so hard. I actually like the the quality of Top Star Yoobaek. It has so many meaningful message behind it. And i really enjoyed Jiseok and Somin chemistry. They have so much to give. Even though they may not have season two, I would love to see them work together again or star their variety as guests. The huge part of the drama is the chemistry of Jiseok and Somin. They showed all acting skills from comedy to romance to drama. They are realistic, fun to watch, and lovely.
  7. Well... to think about top star yoobaek, the plot and twist will be hard to think about but there are things we would like to see that will come to contribute to build a plot.... click hidden content to see the list of things that could be possible for Yoobaek 2. Jiseok is very kind and affectionate guy. He is very very very considerate of Somin in his interview. He denied the dating rumour with somin out of consideration whether they are dating someone else or not. They are not there to talk about their dating news. They want people to focus on their drama not their personal life. However, his emotions and interactions with Somin tells me how he felt comfortable around her without realising that he could have a lot of interest in her. He is working on separating himself from Yoobaek and Somin from Kangsoon. It is quite too early for us shippers. =) I really hope we are able to resolve with leadership for DVD survey. They said the comments by netizens will make a big difference. So any of you have Korean friends-- give them heads up to send them comments as possible. =) I hope for the best! Analog Romance-- pure love-- cutting off most of the kisses-- I would throw potatoes too. That is probably reason why the ratings were low. Viewers are not really that innocent. Haha. I saw that viewership went up when Jiseok and Somin kiss. The first two was a bait. Then small peck. And whole another long angst. Kangsoon's rejection on Yoobaek. It started to tire out the viewers to wait until episode 9 for the beautiful kiss but to be blocked by sunlight. I was like really trying to feel the heart fluttering kiss. It was so good but there comes sunlight-- oh dear. The BTS shows better view of their deep kiss. It was so good! Oh dear. It gets better in episode 10 but it was brutal one week wait. We don't even know whether they would kiss. And it was a surprise! Then episode 11-- viewers know and want to see pure love and kisses of Soon-baek coupele. It is kind of rushed to cram everything in one episode. I hope to see the proposal kiss longer. They cut it too short. The thing is that, they would have been voted for best kiss at least despite low ratings. Somin and Jiseok did a great job to build the chemistry to fulfil what the director wants, so much for cutting kissing scenes to make it more like pure love. I think it is mixed up with the idea of pure love versus true love. They did an amazing job. Viewers can feel it even though they kept on giving us kiss baits! =) So much hope for Yoobaek 2. However, I would rather to see Jiseok and Somin in another drama where they have director who does not cut off or ask them to tone down their long kiss scenes!!! haha. Jiseok mentioned that he and Somin had to balance the intensity of kiss versus what the director ask them to do. You can really tell the sky park kiss, proposal kiss, and attic kiss-- is more of them two. The director choose the angle (mostly showing their backs), covered with window and went outside. Hehe. However, the kisses are intense despite what the director really ask for. I wish the director would give us better angle. But it is all shooting at their backs mostly. Jiseok and Somin had to use a lot of hand movements while we tried to look at their kisses. We saw good grasp of their kiss. It is really good but could have been better if we can see more of it. =)
  8. The interview might disappoint the shippers.... Click the hidden contents after you read the interview... it is my opinion and theory. =)
  9. Episode 5- it is exactly same as the first episode- it dawn on me that Yoobaek is a tortured or tragic pure soul that was covered with so many thorns and misunderstandings. It is most moving and turning point. The island life helped him realise the pain of others so he could heal himself. He actually has a good heart earlier on. He put up the wall consciously. He was so careful and calculating. Now in episode five, we entered his world; his private world- a private pain no one could imagine. It is filled with betrayal (fans poisoned him), misunderstanding (his mom), and mourning (death of his father). Het was so lonely. Everyone misunderstood him making him even more sad. He hid it with anger and rudeness. The thing is that, the public build him that way. What do we want from the celebrities or anyone under spotlight? They couldn't be themselves. The public want someone handsome, smart, or anyone with perfect image. If there is flaw, they will be scorned. The CEO realised first but too late. Namjoo became instrumental later on. His mother was the instrumental and fated to hurt him but it is a painful fate and destiny for yoobaek to understand love and healing through Oh Kangsoon and the Island people. Kangsoon was bind to him with painful fate. Their true love requires a lot of sacrifice, realisation, and pain. It makes them love each other even more with happiness. It gives you deep thought about how we judge others, and we should look into inner soul rather than outer image. Jiseok painfully and masterfully showed the difference. It is one of the most powerful message that shocked me to the core when we entered into his eyes, his heart, and his soul. We saw his pain, his mother, and hurting himself. His cries, his way of hiding pain that no one could see. He masked it with anger. That was heartbreaking. Because I experienced that. I have to deal with that with my deafness. People always look and judge me by my speech, my intelligence, and all kinds of things. It became my stigma. They tried to define me. I had high and lows. I had a good and supportive parents but they tend to worry all the time. I had to go to mainstream school for being only deaf around. I was struggling but I learned to put the walls around me to protect myself. No matter how people think of me, I had to pretend to see them have good views on me. I spend a lot of growing up trying to prove everyone wrong. I didn't have time or forgot to do what I really love to do or what I really love. I was a bright bubbly girl who turned into aloof. I am not trying to share my pity story, but it is such a lonely world to try to plan your life around. Yoobaek was so alone to plan everything. I don't have Yoobaek's great heart and talents that he did all of these things to provide and protect his mom. HIs wall of privacy is to protect his mom. He didn't want the public to think badly of his mom. So he hid it all, and it just made it worse and worse. He is such a great soul and met a great yet charming soul, Oh Kangsoon. Kangsoon also gained something from Yoobaek. The diary of her exam entrance was one of the source of her fear and pain. She became braver, and stronger with Yoobaek as her safe harbour in harsh world. She was able to get through and make some friends who appreciates her tastes and mannerism. Kangsoon and Yoobaek shines more brightly together more than apart. Not only Kangsoon saved him, everyone saved him in both places; Seoul and Island: Grandma and Kangsoon lost their love ones (Kangsoon's parents)- Grandma was the one who didn't give up Yoobaek. She just give love and care for someone since it is a small island. Seeing new people excites her. She may have seen him as her son she lost long time ago. She is just like many other mothers- all about tough love, and not giving up. Madol- unrequited love- letting Kangsoon go and treating Yoobaek with respect (Namjoo is big part of it) Madol saved both Yoobaek and Kangsoon when he decided to let her go. CEO- gave up his life and gambled everything for Yoobaek's success. Took place of his father who passed away. Namjoo- his competitor but later on became the person who understood him the most and the only one who knows the truth about him. Dongman- the kid gave wise lessons to Yoobaek to win his true love. DM experienced the love of his parents, he saw that in Yoobaek and Kangsoon. Many more.. everyone is symbolic to his life, his heart, and his soul. It is a great and healing drama. I felt that ending is too rushed. I wish they could give us more kiss between Yoobaek and Kangsoon. All of their kisses are too short or covered with sunlight or etc. Their kisses are so sweet, romantic, and even heart fluttering. Their chemistry makes them best partners. In real life, Jiseok is like male version of Somin. I thought they are exactly the same. I'd like to see them to work together again. They are so much fun to watch together. I think the drama didn't deserve the low ratings. It has to do with time slot. A lot of Koreans posted in IG that they were watching Yoobaek on following day or during reruns. The reruns and viewing online is higher than showing live. The drama is touching and wholesome. I wish the last episode will show us now he will bring Grandma to visit his mom, and ask her to move with her to island so his mom can heal and support herself in island. His mother already suffered enough. So it will allow Kangsoon and Yoobaek to continue to chase after their big dreams together. I wish they show us their wedding- country style meets seoul elite. =) I wanted to see his mom's reaction to meet a country girl with weird accent and charming demeanour to be impressed but sort of confused. She really doesn't seem to be type a guy like Yoobaek will fall his heels over and get swept over. It will be cute and funny. Grandma will be scrambling whole lots of eggs for Yoobaek in their apartment when she comes to visit him in Seoul. The ending is bit rushed for me. I wish they would walk hand in hand after clubbing overnight that they will walk towards the sunlight to catch the boat to Island. Then give us a long kiss in the boat on the way to island. =) So we could let them go. I think their kisses are really beautiful but too short. =( They have a great chemistry and comedic chops. It is best quality drama in terms of plot, deep message behind, great cast, and most of all the chemistry of Jiseok and Somin. I couldn't believe their chemistry is so good.
  10. I am so happy that you felt the same way I did. I was dying here too. Wah!!! I love love love Jiseok-Somin pair and their chemistry. I cannot cannot cannot believe that they no longer have any more episodes. Made me so sad. Season two will be wonderful but I wish they could ADD more episodes-- More about yoobaek's reconciliation with his mom along with Grandma and Kangsoon. I wanted to see the wedding of Yoobaek and Kangsoon to see them falling in love even more than ever. I wanted to see how Yoobaek respects Kangsoon and loves everything about her. I love how they bicker. I love how Kangsoon loves Yoobaek for who he really is, and she is making him realise it. Yoobaek's journey is very close to my heart. I have struggled a lot with my deafness and moving all over the place. I have a lot of emotional instability dealing with situation. It took me a long time to heal myself because of what happened in the past. That is why it is a very special drama. When he talked and acknowledged people from the village, it is a powerful and heartfelt message. The whole drama focus on inner soul, not outer image. The beginning of drama talked about the viewer point of view. It was very difficult to watch. Jiseok did a great job to embody the great exaggeration of narcissism behaviour. It is we see others around us especially celebrities or anyone under spotlight. Jiseok did a great job of portraying in that point of view. He is such a fine fine fine and great actor. They continue his behaviour from Seoul to the Island. He still continue to behave the same way but what is big difference is how the island people see him for the first time. They started to see his rude behaviour but they always see through it. They look at his strengths: his looks and what he wears. His personality is more like oddity or out of the world to them. Island people don't really judge but they tend to meddle other people's business. Kangsoon in a way is most judgemental comparing to island people. The older ones are more kinder and gentler to Yoobaek's behaviour. They treated him like their own son. The village mindset is like a whole family. Everyone helped to raise one another. That goes same for Kangsoon and Madol's father. He raised her as his own. Like you mention around episode 5- it is now coming from Yoobaek's point of view, his private world; his private pain. I was shocked to the core. It is same as the first episode when he got himself in trouble with speeding and being shirtless. And pissed off at people in award ceremony who is trying to help him. It is exactly the same but the story is different. We were carried through Yoobaek's eyes, his past and his present. Now we understood what happened. The CEO realised the root of his pain too late. We were carried to the journey through his eyes, his heart, and his soul. Because of knowing what happened with his mother, he is actually the most purest soul with heart covered with thorns filled with misunderstandings and pain. His mother did betray him, but later on with Kangsoon, he started to realise that his mom just lost her husband. Yoobaek is busy working. She was very lonely and fell in love with someone who destroyed her. He started to understand more but his mom still hurts him so much. It is just his fate for his mom to hurt him so Kangsoon is fated to love and heal his heart. It makes his relationship with Kangsoon more special and more meaningful that binds them together. It is a special fate and destiny that brought them together. It is to me that Yoobaek has a very pure soul. There are many hints of it. When DC told Yoobaek that the manager left to care for his mom in hospital. Yoobaek face soften and told DC to let manager stay with his mom and not to mind him. He began to try to visit his mom with hope reconciliation and remembering her birthday. Another hint, Yoobaek made Kangsoon look into his eyes. He may have thought that he has a lovely or handsome stare. However, psychologically, eyes are the doorway to one's soul. Kangsoon was so deeply under spell when she looked into his eyes. Kangsoon has ironclad will and determination. But she has soft spots for goodness. She even notice Yoobaek unconsciously dropped his wall of tough exterior self. She even asked him about that. She started to get to know him more. The Kimbap story-- she knew something's wrong and it does not make him a bad person. There is something that broke his heart. However it lead them to bicker all the time without trying to admit their feelings for each other. It was whole hilarious level. I love that part about the drama. They are so funny to make all kinds of excuses especially Yoobaek. Kangsoon always questions him and he made excuses. Madol is a very interesting character. He is perfect in the beginning and even more perfect in the end. In between, his flaw started to show. It was not very flattering of him trying to force on Kingston's feelings to manipulate to his own to make her believe rather than realise about love. Madol also have very pure heart. He just too naive. He saw Yoobaek crestfallen face when he thought they were getting married. In that way, Madol realised the true love. Yoobaek and Kangsoon showed their pain of being apart and making decision to make others happy. Madol decided to save Kangsoon by letting her go to save Yoobaek. Because if Yoobaek dies, Kangsoon's world will be crushed. She would never ever know how to love again, even towards Madol. She will give up marriage and become spinster. He realised that Yoobaek is her other half. He felt the pains of her cries at the sea looking for the man she loves. Namjoo was instrumental part of helping Madol to make a decision. He didn't know Yoobaek too well until he heard the truth. He started to see Yoobaek a new light. In return, Yoobaek took Madol as an example of a great gentleman when Madol told them not to mind him and he approves of their relationship. He is willing to be friends with Yoobaek for Kangsoon's sake. It sent Madol free from unrequited love. His heart is free already and when he met the doctor, his heart was so free to find his true love and true happiness. Kangsoon doesn't deserve Madol. He doesn't deserve to have someone who is forced to love him even though he confessed to her. I love the healing journey Kangsoon and Yoobaek which covered the last two episodes. I felt it is too rushed. It is the best part of the drama. I love the part when Kangsoon held Yoobaek's hands to comfort him from the pain in the past that cause him to become so angry and sad. She said something that is true about yoobaek all along. He is a great person even from the beginning. She respects him even more and falling in love with him even more. Their primitive attraction is amazing icing to a cake. It was so far the most romantic couple I have ever loved. I really love the chemistry of two great and tender souls of Kim Jiseok and Jeon Somin. Jiseok is a great actor with great sense of humour and warm heart. He is so outgoing and so affectionate. He is so bright and talkative. He is really smart. He called himself psycho but cute. And I felt that he met his match or female version of him; Jeon Somin. Somin's personality was shown in Running man. She was so bright, brave, and funny. She is very witty and very poetic. She loves arts, poem, and creative stuff. She is even crazy. Running man consider her as their show's psycho. She has warm and affectionate personality and demeanour. You can see that how she treated Kwangsoo. She is so warm and so sweet. She loves to talk. I was like, what it would be like to have them together as a couple. They nailed it on and off screen in top star yoobaek. Their chemistry makes them great partners. I really like to see them together again in future dramas or variety together. I love top Star Yoobaek because of them, and the healing journey that is very close to my heart. I hope they will extend the drama. Season two is a must.
  11. If the DVD demand made it, we should see unlimited stuff of kisses and chemistry of Jiseok and Somin. They are so funny in BTS.
  12. Wow. this is wonderful thread. I couldn't get over with Top Star Yoobaek. I really love his acting in it. I have watched his previous dramas, and I always felt that he deserves better. I am watching Top Star Yoobaek again. I just couldn't get over with Soon-baek or Ji-min chemistry. i love their chemistry that balance with all kinds of genre in online. It is a wonderful drama I have ever watched for a long time. I hope Jiseok and Somin will work together to create something more meaningful than ever. I hope to see Yoobaek part 2. They have so much healing to show. I love and was inspired by this amazing drama. Please support the DVD survey to increase the demand for DVD and season 2! =) Spread the word!
  13. Someone is right about Frame analogy of TOP Star Yoobaek. During the end of Island shooting, the cast and the team made hand symbol of a frame that symbolises the drama throughout. I am begging TVN to give us correct English subs. It makes the drama even more beautiful and special.
  14. I thought we should be consistently promote DVD for Yoobaek for awhile. I really tried for other drama I really like: Ssam My Way. It has similar feel of Top Star Yoobaek. I hope we could work it out to bring more fans to ask for DVD survey for TOP Star Yoobaek. I think Korean viewers are still watching the reruns or watching online. So it hasn't brought into full effect. Same with international audience who tends to be frustrated with bad subtitles. So the timing is terrible. So in IG, they are constantly putting up pictures especially the kiss part. Hopefully we can build more fans for Yoobaek. It is such a good drama and I wanted to see more of their BTS! It means accepted-- Please don't go yet. =)
  15. I was in Shanghai for work for almost a week. Couldn't respond in thread due to limited amount of time and also couldn't use Facebook to make comments. I have so many things to say! There are things I wanted to comment but I am kind of tired of trying to respond some of the comments. So i just go by memory. Sorry if I couldn't tag you in it. =) Someone mention about their filming and inconsistency between on screen and off screen. I also can tell which part they film on the same day. I do think they film the island the whole time then in Seoul whole time instead of going back and forth. Towards end, they go back to island to finish some parts then end filming in Seoul. Here is what I found: Jiseok wearing Versace robe-- He did with Namjoo (Heojun) bed scene. Somin took picture with him in her IG. I also think she was waiting for him to finish so they could so scenes together-- see her hair tied at the back- i believe it is when Yoobaek tried to kiss Kangsoon but she told him to start slow. That goes same thing when Yoobaek told Kangsoon about his mom when he was looking at the painting. I also notice when Kangsoon proposed by Madol and Yoobaek tried to remove the ring. Look at Yoobaek on rooftop. Look at his shoes and socks. It is also same at the last episode 11- when Yoobaek caught Kangsoon dancing and singing. He only change the top- his pants, socks, and shoes remain the same when he was proposing kangsoon on rooftop. Kangsoon was proposed by Madol also changed her top to white sweater with pink jacket. Her jeans remains the same. I also notice that the kiss in Sky Park-- negative ten degree below zero is Kangsoon and Yoobaek's last day of filming together. Yoobaek had to film last one in suit alone at night. I believe most of episode 11 scenes were made before their frozen kiss in Sky Park. I also realise that their kiss has become more intense in Sky Park when it was supposed to be their second kiss. The Sky Park kiss is really intense and i could see saliva. So they got used to it and kissed so well. The longest kiss- i think it was their first long kiss. I was like looking that it may be first french kiss. It is all reversed. I think the long intense kiss after Kangsoon confessed to demand more kiss is quite dry comparing to Sky Kiss. Order of their kisses: Daejik Island- Prince Charming confession-- with fireworks and yellow flowers. Yoobaek kiss Kangsoon after she made funny dance- before Yoobaek made delivery. Longest and intense kiss after Kangsoon demand physical contacts and more kisses. Kangsoon kiss after she asked Yoobaek to get married Yoobaek proposed to Kangsoon kiss Sky Park Kiss (their second intense kiss) I noticed Sky Park kiss is their last one- you see they were still wearing same outfit, and said it is their last shooting. I have so much to say. I was impressed with overall script on each characters. They have their flaws and their own story. It is about Yoobaek but his whole life had changed by each of these characters. He has always have been a good man with pure heart covered with thorns. Each of the characters in the village have healed his wounds so he could be more of himself. They did make him better but it was him all along that it is what he wants to be. Kangsoon freed him. She didn't really make him a better person which he always have been. He just needed love, which is the last key and piece of puzzle to open his world to the world to know how kind and lovely he is. Kangsoon gave him a partnership and he also gave her strength to face the challenge she made excuses to live in content life in the island. Yoobaek's award speech is very moving and heart fluttering. I do believe he could even express his love for his mom after everything has been revealed. He is really an exceptional guy. His example made Kangsoon to become more brave with him around her. They are very good and too good for each other. The most moving part of the last episode is when Kangsoon told Yoobaek why she wants to study and put marriage on hold. The way she talked about the stars and lights that will shine together more brightly when they are together. It is how she felt with Yoobaek. It made him so happy. It had complemented in his speech. Kangsoon is his safe harbour, and the whole village has been his light. Modal is very much part of Yoobaek's growth of how he let Kangsoon go and treated the situation with very respect. I cannot believe the drama has come to end. I cannot even believe at all that it doesn't have good ratings. I really want to see it in DVD. I wanted to see season two. I wanted Yoobaek and Kangsoon together to give us more glimpse of their healing journey. I wanted to see the character's growth. I wanted to see Madol falling in love with right person who can give him whole world, whole heart. I have to say despite its low ratings, it is best drama I have ever watched. I just cannot believe how I was right that Jiseok and Somin's chemistry is very electrifying and sensational. I am not fully invested in Somin's chemistry with Sangyeob when they were in running man. I just don't know why. I don't have same mindset as everyone. I like Jiseok a lot. He is actually male version of Somin. The two are so much alike. I am actually Somin's fan when she came to Running man. She really surprise me a lot. I enjoyed her chemistry with Kwangsoo. I was die hard Kwangmin fan. Their chemistry is so much fun to watch. I couldn't believe that Kwangsoo has been dating someone else all along. I actually jumped the ship to Somin -Jiseok ship few weeks before Kwangsoo announced his dating news with Lee Subin. I just thought Jiseok is a better match for Somin in my opinion. I wasn't very surprise with their great partnership and chemistry in Top Star Yoobaek. The drama is wonderful to watch. I also saw Sangyeob's acting in new level. He is a great actor. Madol is his memorable character. He is a real competition to Yoobaek. I felt the episode 11 is bit rushed to wrap it up. I wanted to see the wedding of kangsoon and yoobaek! I didn't like the ending too much to send them off. I wish I could watch them walking hands to hands towards the sunset then give us long kiss there. They are bright like sunrise but beautiful like sunset. I couldn't let them go. I hope we can continue to talk in thread. TVN made a mistake putting them in late in night slot and not giving us good english subs. This is so far the best drama with quality acting ability. It is award worthy especially Kim Jiseok. I love Soonbaek Couple. I couldn't let them go. I hope to see them again in sequel or another drama. Their chemistry is memorable and lovely. I am still under the spell of their great magic. However, about the mystery mountain man, care to enlighten me about his character? It remains more mysterious.
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