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  1. I'm grinning as I type this. Thanks for the invite I haven't watched too many kdramas/their bts, do they differ from other OTPs (I've seen HPL's and they are also absolutely delicious )
  2. I was thinking exactly the same. He didnt close the door, either, did he?? They were flimsy and I wondered when they were going to be interrupted (VP-DJ-like). I guess PD is letting our imaginations run wild
  3. Someone needs to research KYK red-ears #pervymodemuch as I saw a few and shall take note during my rewatch. I have some ear issues(?) since I first watched Goblin late last year and was having a red-ear field day in HPL.
  4. I think Dom told GH that the earrings were real, during the choosing red sweater scene? Did she threw it after the Fake Veronica revelation? I obviously don't understand/speak/read any korean/hangul
  5. All the cheese dripping and cringe-ness (there were quiet a few) went unnoticed if you put the correct pretty face and pout to say 'em
  6. As I said earlier, I need to get a life. Butbutbut her NG takes are the cutest (and I don't know how to share it). Tsk tsk. I can't insert the screenshot. Go see oprah_mk IG p/s please let me know if I'm not supposed to do this Added: those on pervy mode should see her insta story. There's a much coveted backside view of yours truly there. And there goes my workday today
  7. This is what we call priorities. Please note that I do not dare to open any of the hidden contents today for the sake of my sanity (in front of other human)
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