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  1. Well I originally asked itt whether this was a love triangle show and you said no which is why I started watching I assumed you had read whatever this is based off and knew.
  2. As in who they end up with isn't my main issue with love triangle shows it's just the journey to the end when the writers try and cater to both sides i.e. when it becomes obvious they want a back and forth so characters start doing stupid out of character things to push it one way and than the other to feed the triangle rather than the main story. That's when I usually start dropping these kinds of shows. Manufactured, out of character drama for the sake of a love triangle to pander to "ships" as they get popular is my biggest pet hate with kdramas.
  3. I've watched up to episode 10 and I feel like a love triangle seems very likely even if it's unrequited it feels like it'll play a big part - am I missing something
  4. Yeah this show has lost me and I'm now just waiting for it to end to hear if it gets any better and is worth a watch - other than production values nothing stands out or is unique in this show and the plot holes make it very hard to get into and root for people. I don't want to compare it to Iris because there are only some similarities, but it's weaknesses are glaringly obvious when you do.
  5. I enjoyed those first two episodes - definitely has my interest. As expected it was a very plot driven first two episodes to get the story going but looking forward to finding out about the two leads and getting some character development. For the ML feel like we only know his mom has cancer and that's h'e''s moving offices to presumably care for her. I've seen him in the film Shoot my Heart and he was very good. The painting the ML sees when he goes into the missing guys house (ep 1 or 2 I've forgotten) and says there's something wrong with it, did he infer something from it in that scene or do we think it's something they'll come back to? Could't tell if I missed something there but just fell odd for them to point it out. A very small thing that I'm hoping is just a case of getting used to it - the FL's speech I find a bit off and it's distracting, she sounds childlike and I can't tell if it's for her character or just how the actress speaks The body she finds is probably the worker that set himself on fire that they're looking for.
  6. That was a better episode but I really wish the ML would get some more colour to his character in the coming episodes and it would have been better for the story imo to have some of these flashbacks in earlier episodes. I sort of miss how older shows used to do these dramas - with the first 3-5 episodes solely focusing on the characters growing up so you're really into the characters by the time all the big events come along
  7. Picked this up recently and it has got me hooked Currently on episode 12 and a bit disappointed the princess already knows his true identity as I feel like potential storylines would be better if she didn't, but will trust the writing and see where it goes.
  8. Good post - I agree with all of it. I like Woo Do Hwan and Jang Hyuk so I'm hoping the show doesn't fall flat and the writing picks up. The point about the too much happening without giving the characters and story to breathe is spot on, it feels like one big scene after another with some exposition inbetween given half the effort and time as the battle scenes. We're still pretty early on but the start has definitely dampened the expectations I had for the show
  9. I don't know what to make of this show so far - I love the action scenes and the production values, the long tracking shot in the first battle in episode 3 was awesome, but the most important part of any show that will keep you coming back is the story and characters and I'm not enamoured with those aspects at the moment. Don't like any of the characters so far or the development we've seen - the second lead is just too straight forward at the moment and the main lead is coming across as a bit of a gary stu though there's obviously plenty of time for this to change. Really wish they had fleshed the story and characters out more before giving us all these big battle scenes as it is overpowering the most important aspects of the show and making them stick out as lacking for me (with the issue being the characters and the story are not bringing anything new so far). Vagabond has this exact same issue for me and it has led to me just not being bothered to watch the episodes as soon as they're available, only to kill some time if there's nothing else on. Happy to see Jang hyuk though - Chuno still remains one of my favourite shows. Also for such a big production I'm surprised about how quiet this thread is
  10. Enjoyed the start but a bit annoyed at Woo Do Hwan's character so far - I've seen him in a few things before and enjoy his acting so naturally want to root for him so I'm biased but so far he has been such a generic 2nd lead. Few acts of kindness then being a douchebag. Feel like he has already done so many unlikeable things and then he'll probably have a jealousy arc as the ML and FL are already in love? Wish they would make him selfless over that but I very much doubt it. If anything they'll probably make him lie to her or something along those lines so he can get with her making him a bigger richard simmons. I can see where they probably want to go with him but they did not make him anywhere near sympathetic enough to justify half the things he did, especially when you put it aside the story we have from the ML already. Feel like they'll try and justify his acts/make him more sympathetic as the show goes on but he's already reaching un-rootable after two episodes for me. A lifelong friend but literally ruins everything in the space of a week for his own benefit. I think I might struggle to enjoy this one if he continues being such a richard simmons as I struggle to enjoy shows where actors I like play a generic jealous/douchey second lead characters, especially as I wasn't exactly enamoured with the ML when I watched him in Still 17
  11. You'' find me near the start of this thread being so hyped about this show but the start has been so disappointing. Obvious plotholes, the FL being both annoying and just dumb (how is she any kind of agent), LSG overacting as he always does especially with his constant shouting (I feel like he has been doing this for years, how has he not realised?), cringe characters (the female assassin). It's currently a much worse version of Iris with no Lee Byung-hun to carry it. Kill It and now this. Not a good year for action dramas.
  12. I enjoyed the first two eps enough but why in episode 2 when they're checking the CCTV would they not look for the footage of him chasing after the guy? The FL saw him chasing after him so if they couldn't find the footage she could surely confirm it had been tampered with or confirm it was the guy And am I going crazy or did he get stabbed in the leg when they're fighting in the car but is fine running after people a few days later I'm not expecting massive amounts of realism, especially with this kind of story, but obvious oversights completely take me out the story, even more so when they've spent so much time and money presumably to refine it. Glad it's on Netflix.
  13. Wait i thought the ML was going to be an assassin or an agent of some sort - he's a stuntman? What does this mean for hand to hand combat scenes
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