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  1. Also, I couldn't write any more for some reason...maybe I wrote too much I'm glad they developed QH and he didn't end up pining for ML all his life. I want to mention that I love the relationship ML has with her granny, Danju and Xiaotao The drama also really demonstrates how life for women can be incredibly harsh. Also a yay for the female friendships! Love positive relationships. The scene where all the people ML helped at the past came to her son's 1-month celebration actually touched me. .Anyways I would add more but my hands are tired lol
  2. Wow, I can't believe it's already done now Anyways I've been wanting to kind of write a 'mini' review here on my overall thoughts on the drama. For my personal rating, it would be around 8.5/10. Despite a few flaws with illogical sequences/writing at times, some off camera angles (mainly in the beginning), and some costume inaccuracies (which didn't really bother me at all), I still thoroughly loved and enjoyed this drama. The ending of episode 73 (Final) finally made me realise why I have had such a connection and a high level of enjoyment. At its heart, the Story of Minglan is mainly about family (loyalty, familial bonds etc.), specifically living the life the best you can and there have been many times where this theme has shone through. For me, I absolutely adore family centred dramas which are kind of slice of life (though drama TSoM wasn't exactly on the latter at times ). The book was more on the slice of life spectrum but I still believe the drama captured some of this essence. I'll just address some of the flaws/things that could have been done better (all in all it was decent enough that it didn't detract much from my personal enjoyment). As I mentioned before costuming was decent but not historically accurate. Sometimes, the music/soundtracks were way reminiscent of Nirvana in Fire's ost/instrumentals Some minor issues with filmography being a bit weird in the earlier episodes. The natural lighting/candles were a hit and miss (I'm pretty neutral here with this one). Some plot events/logic in the third part of the drama which I believe could be executed better e.g. the trial of GTY and the aunty Kang matter. The main character appears too modern at times/modern thinking (this one didn't bother me either but I see why it could be an issue). One of the things that did slightly disappoint me was the fight/discussion between ML and GTY. I dislike the idea that showing love through being emotional/getting jealous/making a scene means that you truly love a person. To be honest, the 'solving' of miscommunication on this matter wasn't exactly explicit. Yes, I do like the couple and that they are able to speak on personal matters with each other and I certainly know that they both love each other dearly. My problem was that the execution of overcoming this obstacle was not done very well/not as impactful as I would have liked. From what I've heard from the novel, I wished that the drama/screenwriters followed the fight/how the couple solved their miscommunication in the novel Since I'm on the topic of the relationship between our two main leads. Apart from my previous grievance, I loved the couple together. I think they had pretty good chemistry with each other and personality wise, they match each other way. What I did like were many times they did tell each other things e.g. on their wedding night (besides the love miscommunication) and support each other unconditionally despite the circumstances. Writing separately about these two characters... ML was quite refreshing to me, she's (most of the time) aware of the difficulties in life and was pragmatic, however, she was willing to always give her whole effort for particular people, this is in regards to QH early at the beginning, justice for her mother, Granny's poisoning case and defending GTY at the end of the drama (plus more but I just listed some key points that stood out of me). At the same, her flaw was that she was not as great at dealing with her own issues but was great at solving other people's issues lol. As for GTY, I'm so glad he does not fall into the trap of being a stoic cold guy trope which I see often in many c-dramas (and k-dramas lol) but instead is funny/more open at times. He is definitely flawed especially if we looked at his past but he has such a big heart for the ones he cares about e.g. ML, his children, Nanny Chang and Shitou. Ahh there are just so many characters to talk about but the majority were developed well. What stood out to me was that the majority had unique personalities and flaws, most of the time their goal wasn't to prevent the main couple to stay apart (but Madame Qin) but rather had their own interests or matters which was more important in life. For example, SH may not appear to be the best father of the year but I believe him to be a decent one especially in regards to the times. He actually did try to look for good marriages in regards to Hualan and Molan. However, his greatest flaws were favouring CL too much that at times he disregarded justice for the others and sometimes looking to preserve the family honour/reputation (I understood this one a bit more because if you think about, one family' member's action can have drastic consequences for all the members). Although these characters are restricted to the times to follow certain philosophies/way of life, ultimately they are human and don't necessarily follow it to a T because we as people are very flawed beings. To me, this was the most realistic/emotionally connecting part of the drama. The acting across the cast was superb especially the older and side characters. All in all the first 2/3 of the drama was more developed (in my opinion) because it had a bigger focus on family life and drama while the last third focused more on the politics (which is decent enough I don't expect it to be like Nirvana in Fire because of different focus/genre). However, this has been one of my favourite c-dramas that I have invested a lot of time in (I drop way too many dramas lol) and I am pleased with the characters, story and incorporation of cultural aspects. One thing for sure, TSoM has definitely left a void in my drama watching Also I have had a lot of fun reading and discussing in this forum. Love all the different perspectives and ideas!
  3. Can I just add to this, it appears she is also feeling lonely well based on her conversation with Hualan on how's she all alone in the inner courtyard. Generally, (before the incident with aunty Kang) I thought Big Madam had a fair bit of power on the house since she has no threat of CL or any other concubines (I know in the book SH has other concubines but we don't really see that in the drama...). All her children are in generally good marriages, the Sheng house is being favoured plus her relationships with Grandmother and SH are respectable/amicable enough (of course before the aunty Kang stuff). In many people's eyes, one could say at this particular moment in her life, she was in a pretty good position (though when CL was around it was different). Despite all this, she feels really lonely and I kind of like how they mentioned it into the drama and it really humanizes her character. That's why she converses so much with her sister Kang who I think exploits these feelings. I was wondering why she kept interacting with her sister when Grandma told her to stop and previously we didn't see aunty Kang a lot prior to Ml's marriage. Still, I'll admit that Big Madam is pretty foolish/stupid @GoldenFlower I find your perspective and insights with the characters really interesting and I wish I could write as well when explaining /analysing them. The Story of Minglan gives a lot of depth to its side characters and it's probably my favourite part of the drama alongside to ML and GTY outmaneuvering those who scheme against them
  4. Is this in episode 59? I'm glad we get back story to the stepmother (Lady Qin?) because I couldn't exactly understand why she was so insistent on harming GTY.
  5. It sounds interesting and I hope it does air in spite of all these new restrictions. I need something good (hopefully) to fill the void after the Story of Minglan is finished.
  6. I'm so glad we got to see CB again and to be honest, I have to completely agree with his advice for GTY Also living for the disapproving facial expressions he is giving GTY
  7. @frenchfan Have to agree, I felt pretty bad for Molan's maid like she just wanted to be free and with her family but noooo Molan and sixth son prevented her from leaving. No win-win situation especially since you'll be the concubine to the husband of your previous mistress and you know she's not nice... Everyone seems to have a hard life especially servants @dito @linhlinh111 it seems to me that this will not be the big argument we were all looking forward too and that they will have another which makes them more open. Since at this point, communication between ML and GTY is not exactly clear in words about their love with each other. Obviously, they show it by their actions, affection and respect for each other. However, I feel like it'll have to be more explicitly spoken for some more development.
  8. No win-win situation either way because I mean in commoner families, people also had concubines and had to work harder/fewer luxuries? Maybe like Rulan mentioned it would be better to be animals like dogs or cats LOL.
  9. Can I also chime in with everyone that Xiaotao and Shitou are so adorable How dare those gossiping women belittle those fried cherries I also when ML was initially polite with QH's wife (Lady Shen?) by saying to ignore the titles of aunty and niece. Then when Lady Shen became a bit passive-aggressive, ML addressed her as a niece in law LOL. Okay, so jokes aside, I really got to appreciate that ML and Lady Shen were frank afterwards. Even though we didn't get to see the whole conversation, it seems Lady Shen was actually open and understanding in being able to listen to ML. Despite being a minor character who I was worried about being the stereotypical catty/jealous woman and previously feeling a bit neutral about, she seems pretty nice. Also, when ML goes to speak to the wife of state uncle (Lady Zhang) and have a heart to heart conversation about life. She too, also a minor character, does not fall under the stereotypical role and I'm loving the more positive representation of women. I think this episode really highlighted the struggles of women (not that others didn't). These two women are actually easier to be more sympathetic towards, have redeeming qualities and their actions are not based on inherently bad morals unlike step-mother and aunty Kang who don't seem to have any from what I've seen As for GTY and ML... they just got to be more honest with each other, especially on GTY's part like personally I really hate it when you're trying to talk to someone but they won't explain it all but expect you to understand. I admit ML can be a little dense with some of her own personal matters like grandma once said but has such deep conversations with others LOL. Communication is key in all relationships and that's all I have to say for now. To me QH, I truly hope he'll be able to move on in a way even though he'll forever love ML.
  10. I'm also excited to see when ML and GTY serve out justice too after all the plotting has happened with stepmother and Aunty Kang. I have a little insight into what happens to Aunty Kang but it looks like, from one of the trailers, stepmother goes a little crazy? The scene where she pushes all the ancestral tablets and is laughing
  11. A bit off topic but I wanted to discuss a bit about the Emperor, ED and palace politics. So I've read in a previous post that GTY pubically asked for leniency for his GU family on purpose as an elaborate scheme. Do you guys still think that is the case that GTY and the prince are scheming to get rid of the ED's power? For me, I'm a little unsure since ED and GTY's stepmother are both scheming against him but I guess that's the norm for the latter Also, what are anyone's thoughts on the current Emperor? To me, he seems a bit eh, this is coming from the fact that he was refusing to become Emperor even though the previous Emperor was in a precarious situation. Anyways, onto the ED, at first she was fine but as we know, she seems to want to hold onto power. Commenting on her conversation with GTY in much earlier episodes, I think she was mentioning how her husband (the previous Emperor) was generous and benevolent and yet GTY seems to be going back on it (something along these lines...I can't exactly remember but you'll get the gist of it). On this point, I do agree especially watching the scene where the palace maid during the rebellion mentioned how the Emperor didn't say anything when she hadn't done her job of getting the tea. Plus the ED also said that he was forgiving (?) towards the palace servants whenever they made a mistake. However, being a kind Emperor doesn't necessarily make you a good ruler. I say this because he was about to make the heir from the Yong (?) family the Emperor supposedly. Yes, the Yong family had lots of power and connections and we didn't get to see much as of them, so I can't have quite an accurate grasp of the personality of the Yong heir. However, what I can say is they did abuse power and justice. For example, they had a noble daughter (I don't know her name) kidnapped, raped and made a mockery in the crowds when she was thrown out simply on the basis that the Yong/third princess wants to marry QH. They refused the other family justice in finding the culprit (for obvious reasons) due to their might, connection and power. Furthermore, they held QH's father captive (QH's mother even begged the ED) and threatened QH with ML and her family's disappearance. QH even laughed when he said something along the lines of what has the world/country become with future rulers like this ... ED seems to have ignored/not known this about the Yong family which she has a lot of support from in the current palace politics. If you read this all, thanks it's quite rambly and disjointed at times but I find it interesting.
  12. Okay so after having watched episode 51, I'm very disappointed with QH. When I was hoping he was actually going to be mature and do his job without acting on his personal feelings...but nope Yes, he was doing his job to an extent which is fair enough (officials must have a clean and respectable background so some complaint was understandable onto GTY) but his conversation later on with GTY says otherwise. The idea that GTY 'betrayed' QH's trust by marrying ML is now a precursor that he will let down/betray the emperor is such a weak argument. Ahhhh what makes me mad is that QH's character development could have been better than this For example, I was pleased when QH prayed for ML's happiness and a good future husband because it showed his maturity (I know he was forced into his marriage with his first wife but he faithfully followed through with it).
  13. One of my favourite aspects of this is a drama is the complexity of the characters. For example, I neither dislike or like GTY’s older brother. It is heavily suggested that he was brainwashed to believe that GTY’s mother was the reason for the death of his own mother and it is understandable why he has animosity. However, I do not condone his unfair treatment of GTY through sabotaging GTY at times because GTY wasn’t even born when this particular situation occurred. I remember ML mentioned in an episode that children shouldn’t have to bear the sins of their parents (even though it does happen) and I have to agree. I’m not sure of the exact lines/episode but feel free to rectify it Likewise, with QH’s wife, I don’t dislike/like her character. I understand why she is unhappy and jealous that QH has someone else in his heart since she was raised with parents who loved each other a lot. Thus, she subconsciously had high and unrealistic expectations with QH. Through investigating the identity of ML and her past with QH, I personally think she made it harder on herself. Also, it appeared that she was about to move on until she found the dolls. But even before that, she gave unnecessary information to the 5th aunt which she understood could be used against ML. Thus, there is nothing wrong with having emotions such as jealousy, anger etc. since it is their emotional reaction. However, there is a difference between having the emotions and actually acting upon it with ill-intentions toward innocent people. I guess this is what makes them interesting and human
  14. A lot of people to be up with all the previews I'm going to be talking about episode 46 and 47ish...I think it's fair enough that QH is being diligent with his work but like many others have said, he seems to be a pawn of the ED. Did anyone else notice when GTY coughed purposely when one of the ministers was about to mention QH was married to the previous princess and her father who was the supposed next emperor? I thought it was nice of GTY as he holds the face of QH I think? Correct me if I'm wrong about this, that was the vibe I was getting at... It was really nice when in a much earlier episode, QH prayed for the happiness for the ML and a sense he let go... Thus, I will be pretty disappointed if QH held grudges which affect his line of work as I think his characterisation will go backwards because again he is not thinking how it will affect ML who he obviously still cares about. However, I don't blame him for keeping the dolls as a keepsake. It's not like he was opening them and admiring them. Although he does not love his current wife, he is respectful enough to her and many marriages were arranged/not for love so I don't understand his wife's logic of investigating his past love when she will be the one hurt and QH is not even bringing up ML.
  15. @leeza77 I know ML deeply cares about GTY and they have plenty of cute and deep moments with each other. Just like how ML looks up to GTY and had wished SH has been more like him. However, I still think ML keeps a barrier to protect herself.
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