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  1. bases on trailer ep 17 my theory hyena did jump herself not to suicide, that high will get you big injury but not dead instantly, to make her father know that she is his daughter, but at the hospital her father choose another patient to icu, kjs dont know yet about hyena real identity, but kjs mom's know about hyena already, maybe kjs mom's who told hyena to jump... i dont know lah
  2. source Ep. 14 Rating: 15.8% (+2.5%) *highest rating out of all episodes so far Original Post: SKY Castle ending scene zoomed in picture there's someone in the back comments 1. Hul 2. Ah richard simmons scary ㅠ 3. Hul for real there was someone 4. I think it's a staff 5. Hul...... But why do I feel like it's Kwak Mihyang 6. It's a man 7. It looks like a guy.. Original Post: new SKY Castle theory.woojoo (It's just my theory) He was studying supposedly but somehow his expression didn't look good His mom knocked and you can hear the sound of him hiding a knife His other hand looks awkward, no? It seems like he's hiding a knife There's a theory that talks about how even though Woojoo looks bright and happy, he's actually depressed and likes to harm himself... (Woojoo's We All Lie) If Hyena is really dead, then this will trigger it again and we might hear Woojoo's story ㅇㅇ For those who are curious, you can hear the knife sound at the 38th minute note: WILD
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