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  1. Um... right now, they don't know if GTY will have a good future (we know since it's only drama), if you live in that time, you wont choose GTY either (at this moment), bad reputation, expelled from his family, has 2 kids with bad women, not future job, and he is rough, that's why during the argument, ML said I won't marry you, I better become a nun or monk. And we can't blame QH's mum, as a mother she wants his precious son to have a good wife with similar status level (not a gold digger like manniang) and ML's status failed her
  2. I think ML do have deep feeling for QH, she just can't say anything since any anwers will be untrue (say no but she do like him, say yes but she know it'll never happen) so she just keep her feeling to herself
  3. I saw funny thing somewhere from the net, people said second brother (WRJ) looks the same like second uncle (FSF) so it makes them confused why this person's name always changing (they dont realise that they are 2 different person)
  4. I really like this drama, the story is so realistic that can apply to real life (not a cinderella story when the maid gets the prince easily living in lala land) and the cast is perfect (can't imagine if ZYL swap role with FSF, ZYL suits as a gentle person and FSF as a rough and rebellious one). Daylight and Zhang Kaizhou done a beautiful job ♡
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