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  1. I almost gave up during ep 2, but actually, this is not a bad drama, just a common costume c-drama, although the acting not superb but not bad either, I'm now on ep 6
  2. Hhmm..... wonder which situation is better? loved by husband but not mother in law or loved by mother in law but not husband?
  3. The people who dropped this drama just because ML is not GTY's first, possibly ZLY's fans and the people who dropped this drama IF QH become ML's hubby (not GTY), possible FSF's fans, if you get what I mean peace guys
  4. I couldn't agree more but after all GTY is the first lead, the script won't failed him, ML has to end up with heroic type of person.
  5. If irc, he didn't straight ask his mom after the lantern and the dinner thing. The convo between him and his father leads to that, and he didn't say who is the girl, mom already knows it, my apologize if I remembered incorrectly. He indeed has the intention to bring this matter up to his parent. I agree about the comment, we can't compared apple and orange, like GTY and QH, they are very different, GTY is street smart, more cunning, quick thinking, but QH is book smart, sheltered, naive, so like others said, they do/react differently base on each personality.
  6. Does anyone know other website beside viki?, I'm still at ep 25 since the eng subs this time is quite slow, thanks
  7. I agree if QH become the lead, I won't be in this thread, because I won't watching this drama since I don't like that type of Cinderella story. "GTY is the lead so the favour is on him", I don't know why it become changing the lead, maybe I don't use the correct word to describe it. About QH helped ML at polo match, I agree, he didn't think before jumped in, that is his character at that time, I guess, he just want to help (without thinking the consequences). He just want to show to ML that he always be there for her (this is just my interpretation and try to put myself in QH's shoes). And about people will call him sissy, my apologies, I just wrote what I think it might happen (if ML lost and it made her very sad, I imagine people will say like, QH can/should help her) I shouldn't put word in other people's mouth, my bad.
  8. I understood your opinion, I'll have to say, the script (story, book or drama) make QH like this and GTY like that, because we are watching drama, people made the story (it might be different if this is in a real world, real people, no one knows the future) and only in drama we know the end story that QH is not suitable for ML, because the script choose GTY for ML, if they chose QH, they can easily changed his story eg: his mother finally chose her son's happiness over family security, GTY got kill during war (since he's in army), etc And if QH didn't help ML and no one will judge him?, in previous comment, many people call him sissy, no backbone, etc, I believe, people will judge him eventually. And when he said, I played for you, it's understandable since he's trying to win her heart, he made sure that ML knows his intention, it's because of her not YR
  9. His acting superb , you should watch it, but the eng sub a bit slow
  10. But if QH didn't help ML at the polo match and ML lost (YR lost her mother's hairpin) then people gonna criticize QH for being a chicken (can't stand up and help ML in need) and people gonna say, this is nothing compared dealing with your mum and you still can't do anything, etc, so this drama favour GTY for ML, no matter how many sacrifice QH made for ML, it always end up zero, but no matter how bad GTY is, he always get/achieve something so he can be the perfect match for ML
  11. Maybe ML never see GTY more than big bro at this time or still haven't moved on from QH or she just keep grandma's suggestion (dr He) in her mind
  12. @nnnju I agree with you, crazy fanatic fans are scary, I saw people got into nasty fight (in the chat), name calling, swearing, etc because the crazy fan got offended for something stupid (no one even said something bad about that actor/actress, they just overly sensitive) so I'm happy in this forum, everyone are nice and open minded
  13. I watch ep 25 raw, eventho I don't understand at all but I love how GTY secretly follow/protect ML, grandma and their crew, I just remember the quote "love is not what you say, love is what you do", time to move my ship
  14. Thank you guys for all the explanation, I think I should stop reading spoilers and comments from the book, just stick to the drama so I wont have the idea of comparing between the story from drama and from the (partially) book and I have to learn to kill my curiosity
  15. I haven't read the book yet, I just read from the comments (from the book) people post in this thread, like manniang character, she's not a gold digger, she just want GTY's love for herself and nothing to do with status and wealth
  16. I feel the way to potraying the characters, the book one is much better than the drama adaptation, like quite unique and not so common.
  17. I'll ship ML with the person ML loves, so as up to the current episodes, I'll ship her with QH, please don't hate me GTY/ML shipper, I haven't reach that far yet
  18. Until ep 22, only QH shows his love to ML and it's very cute so I can't wait until GTY and QH fight for ML and shower her with their loves, double cute
  19. Gah.... ML made me cry , she wants to be with QH, she still have some hope since she keep remembering what QH (said) told her, even grandma is very upset to QH's mum, it's heartbreaking (i'm up to ep 22)
  20. Does anyone know why manniang only took her son (not both or none) when she run away? is it because the son isn't GTY biological son? or she has another motive? she cried in the bedroom and suddenly she stopped like she got lightbulb idea then the scene was cut
  21. Thank you to all of you in this thread, I really enjoy discussing this drama with you guy, no one easily get offended and everyone are very nice ♡
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